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How to Use Tweet Buttons as a Blogger or Site Owner

Posted on 17 September 2010

The official Tweet Buttons by Twitter has arrived for WordPress bloggers. All you need to do is put in a simple line of coding anywhere in your HTML script or wherever you want the button to appear.

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How to Effectively Hack Windows XP

Posted on 07 September 2010

Many times we set password to protect our computer and the data in it from outsiders and sometimes children and often we we forget the password. So by this way we can reset the password without installing window or by doing something else.

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How to Run a Virtual Office with Free Online Tools

Posted on 03 September 2010

With that recession that had hit the US economy severely, people started downsizing in their companies and looked for methods to cut their costs. At such a situation running a virtual office with free online tools would be the best possible option. So if you’re an entrepreneur deciding to make the leap and launch your startup or a small businesses transitioning to a virtual home office, the seven online tools will help you maximize efficiency while keeping costs low.

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How to Use CTRL+V Paste in Window Command Prompt?

Posted on 29 August 2010

Command Prompt it an essential feature of Microsoft Windows that does not allow you to use the CTRL+V option to paste data which makes it quite irritating. You cannot do the following by using the keyboard easily however, if you use the mouse then it could be possible. The solution for this, as with many Windows shortcomings, is to use a quick AutoHotkey script to enable pasting from the keyboard.

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How To Be An Effective Twitter User

Posted on 25 August 2010

Social media is a powerful marketing tool, if you know how to use it and tackle it. Twitter is an extremely popular way of promoting and marketing blogs or web links. But at the same time it is not very easy to have things done on it. There are certain tips and tricks that you need to be aware of to get your product recognized and followed on Twitter.

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How To Get An Android Device To Be A Wireless Keyboard

Posted on 24 August 2010

Devices that work on Android OS can act as your mouse and keyboard through the help of a third party software such as RemoteDroid. Following a proper setup procedure, you can work on your laptop and PC right through your cell phone. Now this is called innovation!

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How To Install/Run Android OS on Your Laptop or PC

Posted on 24 August 2010

The Android OS is now not limited to cell phones only. You can have it checked out on your personal computers or laptops as well through a flash drive or memory card, provided you follow a proper procedure of downloading and installation.

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How to Test Your Popularity on Twitter

Posted on 22 August 2010

With the advancements in social networking, almost after every other day you get to hear a new name of a site that has recently come up. The leader’s in social networking obviously without any doubt would be Twitter and facebook. However if you wish to find out your popularity level then there is a test developed by the name of TweetLevel which would tell you your popularity.

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How To Find Out Who’s Using Your Wi-Fi Through ZAMZOM TOOL

Posted on 14 August 2010

Wi-Fi is a flexible network, yet at the same time it is also a network full of risks and security issues. You have to be very careful who uses your Wi-Fi and keep track. The Zamzom software utitlity does just that. It helps you track down who is using your Wi-Fi network.

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How To Protect Your Cellphone

Posted on 14 August 2010

Your cell phone is one of your most beloved possessions and it therefore requires an equal amount of care and attention. Do not use it too roughly or you will not be able to get the best services from it. Use it well and it can serve you for a very long time to come.

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