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Customized Computer Casings

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Computers are used by people all over the world. From Personal Computers to Laptops, these machines have facilitated the lives of people who use them. A computer possesses the means to manage and organize the routine and work of any person. Having a computer at home or at workplace is beneficial. Most computers look dull and boring. Computer Casings are available which can make the system look much more attractive and stylish.

Computer Casings – Custom Made

Custom computer cases are present to make the computer system look better. These cases are used by people of all age group. Different drawings can be seen on these computer casings. They range from natural beauty to flames and even high-tech machines. A decorative and attractive computer pulls people towards it. By adding substance to the computer casing, one makes sure they always make the best of any gathering as well.

Customized Casings for Computer System

The entire accessories of the computer can be modified according to the customer requirements. If the computer system is placed in a kitchen, a bright and attractive casing which includes fruits may be placed on the computer system. Different cases are used by different people to reflect their personal style and preference.

Attractive Computer Casings

Several landscapes are present which can be embedded on the computer system casing. Keyboards, Mouse and Monitor are some external devices which can also be designed according to requirements. A professional business company may have their own Logo attached to the computer casing. It must be ordered with the entire equipment.

Unique Computer Casings – Best Options

A very wide variety of computer casings are available. These casings come in several varieties and unique textures. An emerging and popular type of casing is made up of cloth. Tattoos are stitched on the clothing which makes it look unique and very different. Some computer casings which reflect internal parts are also available.

Benefits for Business Owners

Many business owners or individuals are interested in viewing the internal components of a computer system. For such people, very sleek casings are made which are transparent. Some of them may also contain built-in air passages and cooling outlets. Most firms manufacture computer casings for Tower Computers, Mini Towers, Laptops and Mid Towers.

Unique Features of Some Casings

Lighted unit casings can also be used to make the computer system look much more attractive and stylish. Neon-Light Display and L.E.D Light Display is also available for these casings.

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Most Strange Games

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Video games play a very important part in one’s life. These video games give the gamers a chance to experience real life situations and work effectively. Many individuals love gaming as gaming industry is their bread and butter. Games are extremely important and contribute much to the daily lives. However some video games are strange.

Bizarre Video Games – Strange Content

Many video games have been developed which are regarded as unbelievable. However there are some video games which completely surpass the boundaries of being bizarre. Have a look at some of the most bizarre video games of all times. These games have completely redefined the gaming industry with the new theme and gaming play. These games have received criticism by some and appraisal by many.

1. Metal Wolf Chaos – Rogue Politicians

Metal Wolf Chaos is one of the most fantastic yet bizarre video games ever released. The Microsoft made “Metal Wolf Chaos” is available on Xbox and came out in 2004. The theme of the game is unusual and surrounds a couple of politicians and army against one time president Woodrow Wilson. The fictitious storyline is appealing.

2. The Great Giana Sisters – Mario Has Competition

“The Great Giana Sisters” was released on Commodore 64. The video game features three sisters on a hunt. The story of the game is quite similar to “Mario Brothers”. The tagline of the video game made it much more controversial. The Giana Sisters is available to play on the Mobile Phone as well as Nintendo DS.

3. Monster Party – Rock & Roll

NES is the holder of this bizarre video game. “Monster Party” is one game that will definitely enthrall one with the strange story line and mode of action. The video game features many characters through which one has to complete the game. Medusa, Dragons and Grim Reaper are some of the monsters featured in this video game.

4. Penn & Teller’s Smoke and Mirrors

“Penn & Teller’s” was originally intended to release in 1995. The video game was released on Sega Platform. Although a bit outdated, yet it never failed to amaze. The entire game is made up of miniature version of video games. These video games feature the most prolific and famous due of Penn and Teller.

5. Revolution X – When Army Goes Berserk

“Midway” is one of the most famous video game developers. The “Revolution X” was released in the year 1994 and had a complete arcade like game play.  Read the full story

Innovative Technology of Wireless Headset

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There are new discoveries and inventions taking place in world of technology with every passing moment. One such innovation in world of technology is headset. Headset is device comprises of headphones with which you can receive voice and microphone with help of which you can record your voice in device. The wireless headphone headsets are innovative invention in headset device where there are no wires with headset and you do not need to keep your phone holding in your hands. With the help of theses headsets people are free to perform their work during their calls.

Reason For Using Wireless Headsets

Wireless headsets can be used by different people for different reasons some are as follow:

  • One of the biggest reason for which people are looking for wireless headsets is for driving purpose. As mobile phones are not allowed while driving, therefore using wireless headsets for mobile can allow the drivers to drive and make important calls together. They can access calls with one touch system on wireless headsets.
  • Mostly people do not like to sit at one place to make calls. Wireless headsets provide complete freedom for them to do other tasks during their calls.
  • During office work wireless headsets can be beneficial. It will allow they workers to do their manual work with free hands during any conversation or voice related job.

Important Features Of Wireless Headsets

A good wireless handset should posses features like:

  • Most important feature that should be possessed by wireless headset is clarity of sound. They should have ability for reducing noise and reduce echo.
  • Wireless headset should have one touch system for turning device on and volume. 
  • These devices should be comfortable when used. As they can irritate user if not comfortable. 
  • The wireless headset should be compact and should not secure much place while carrying. 

Bluetooth Wireless Headsets

The latest popular technology available in devices of wireless headset is Bluetooth wireless headsets. As we know Bluetooth is used for data transfer. Therefore, in Bluetooth wireless headset Bluetooth technology is used to transfer sound data between devices. Read the full story

Must Have iPad Applications

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The App Store has brought out a bunch of apps for the iPad. While there are many that were already available for the iPhone, they will look much better in the larger iPad. There are many new ones too. The costs are a bit high to what you would usually find in the App Store.

1. News and Social

News and Social

NYT Editor’s Choice:

This app shows you what the ‘New York Times’ looks like on the iPad. It is free. There may be hidden subscription charges.

USA Today:

This app shows you how the ‘USA Today’ looks like on the iPad. This is free but there may be hidden subscription charges.


The Wall Street Journal has launched an app to allow its followers on iPad to read the paper. It is a free app. There may be hidden subscription charges.


This is a really good app. It includes video, image and text content as well. It has an unorthodox design. This is another free app.

NPR for iPad:

This is a digital version of the NPR. There is text and photo news along with the audio. It is a free app.

Popular Science:

The tease at the App Store hints that this is not only a magazine scan. Rather it has been influenced by the amazing concept that surfaces in December. This app costs $5.


This old broadcaster is now on iPad with its very own app. There is all the BBC’s news coverage. This includes print, video and radio.


The app for all of you with a business sense. Your iPad can become a finance terminal with this app. It is free for now.


You can use your Stumble Upon account for simple link sharing and discovery. It is a free app.


The app that lets you save anything that you have come across online in a cleaned-up format for later use. It costs $5.


NewsRack worked great for the iPhone as an RSS reader. The great news is that if you have already paid $5 for the iPhone version, then the iPad download is absolutely free.


Feeddler is a free app that will cover all the basics if you do not want to spend money for a feed reader.

Fluent News:

Some of you might not like the RSS readers. If that is the case, then Fluent is your thing. It will make your daily news to be a little guided into a single interface. This app is free.

Accuweather Cirrus:

The app that will make you an expert weatherperson. It includes prediction and reading. It is free.


Tweet deck worked great with the iPhone. It takes the column-based desktop app, and adapts it to the iPhone’s screen. The end result is in either two column (a portrait) or three column (landscape) modes.


AIM is the AOL’s instant messaging app. It looks pretty stunning. This app is free.


The app that will let you do some serious multi-protocol messaging. That includes Live, Facebook and Yahoo, among others. This app is for $10.

Loopt Pulse:

This app provides localism. Find out what is going on around your sofa, right from your sofa. It is free.

Dash Four:

Foursquare on the iPad might sound like a strange idea now. Yet it won’t seem so strange the next time you are in Starbucks, with your iPad. This app costs $2.


While the Craiglist website is a disaster, the Craigslist iPad app looks great. It is free.

2. Entertainment and Video

Entertainment and Video


An app that provides Netflix streaming over Wi-Fi. You should first have a NetFlix account that costs around $9 a month these days. After that, you can have thousands of brilliant TV shows and movies in your hand. The app is free.

ABC Player:

ABC Player is one of the first TV apps available in the store. It has made a promising start. It provides an amazing slick interface for the ABC video content that is available on their website. This app is free.

Marvel Comics:

An app that turns your iPad into a comic book for real. It provides a free reader but the comics have to be paid for.


iBooks is the Apple’s ebook store. It is the best thing yet for iPad ebooks. There is no competition for now, but Amazon and Barnes will be hoping to change that soon.

NBA Game Time Courtside:

An app that provides you with a full and interactive dashboard for all the basketball games that you watch. It is a joy for all the basketball fans. It is absolutely free.

MLB At Bat:

It is an app that enables you to watch the live games like the iPhone version. The extra bit added is that it simulates the games you are unable to watch due to blackout or licensing issues. There are also statistics at hand. It costs $15.

ESPN ScoreCenter:

For all of you out there who like to eat, drink and sleep sports, this is the app for you. It provides a constant feed of sports information. There are the specific game scores like on the iPhone app, but the iPad app has been enhanced to include scores of columns, frames and panes. If you love sports, it costs a mere $5.

Yahoo Entertainment:

Yahoo Entertainment pulls info from the vast network of Yahoo sites. It has complete TV listings, videos and entertainment news. It has been amazingly designed, and it is free so it is definitely worth a download.


SoundHound is a song recognition app with a difference. It has an immensely fast recognition engine. It does not only ID any music that is playing, but also provides lyrics, charts, music discovery and full playlist playback. The charts are based on what people are Idling and not based on buying statistics. It is for $5.


It is an app that provides song recognition. Still, it will not recognize your own singing voice or humming like SoundHound can. Also, the song recognition ability is not as good. Still, it is a free app so you can try it.


The Pandora’s iPad app is sticking to its basic customized radio feature. It provides artist info along with your playlists. Read the full story

PS3 – Y2K10 BUG

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Recently video gamers had to face a very dreadful 24 hour trial, where they had lost most of their gaming trophies, due to technical error, now widely known as the “Leap Year Flaw” or the “Y2K10” bug. At the beginning of the millennium we heard of the Y2K bug that hit thousands of computers worldwide, but now there is a new bug called the PS3-Y2K10 bug which has left thousands of PS3 consoles paralyzed. On February 28th, 2010 the preSlim PS3 models had to face a technical glitch that left the systems useless. Let’s see how did this glitch actually happen.

A PS3 system has two separate clocks; as system clock and a OS clock. The culprit here was the internal system clock that insisted of 2010 being a leap year (this happened due to a programming error) and because of this the date flashed back to December 31st 1999.

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Army Of Two: The 40th Day; Review

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I was thinking that I’ll never buy the sequel of ‘Army of Two’ after playing the original part of Army of Two. That part sold very well, and this is the reason that it got my attention and I wanted to write about that. But you can’t say that Assassin’s Creed 2 good than Assassin’s Creed, but there is surely a solid improvement in core co-op action idea, there is a great enhancement that while playing the game, you will experience the real strength of two-man fighting force.

In addition to all that there is a lot of attractiveness. The two man Salem and Rios, ‘Army of two’. In the new part of the 40th day you will have to decide according to “moral choices”. There is a great balance of dark humor, when you’ll face the tough time and a feel that “Am I really seeing this?”And this increases you tension in the game about the surrounding happenings.

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Assassin’s Creed; Review

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Experience what you were not imagining that you can experience ever in Gaming!

Assassin’s Creed stunned everyone after its release, its storyline its game play and all the unique features it introduced to the players. When playing Assassin’s Creed you’ll get a feeling that all this happening in real, a real environment with tension and suspense get a lot of your attention and you will be fully involved in the game.

Assassin's Creed Pc Game

But the whole gameplay is based on a scheme that everything is in some fluid surrounding, as it was the requirement of the story, doctors were inspecting protagonists past memory. This game is full of actions very beautifully created, protagonist walks in the streets, can climb roofs and run on the roof tops, the controls are so good and the feeling of controlling the protagonists is so calm that he is fully under your control.


The story is great and very different, a unique concept is introduced, and I’ll not tell you the story, because you’ll not like me to disclose the surprises, when you’ll play the game will enjoy it with all the surprises.

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Best Selling Video Games

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Now a days, there is a lot of competition between games and gaming consoles, but very few games can beat the records are regarded as best sellers. There is the list of few consoles games beating records.

Console is the device in which these games can be played are also called Consoles. Most popular consoles are Play station3, Xbox 360, PSP, Wii , etc.

Super Mario Bros. 3

(NES – 18 million copies sold)

Super Mario Bros.3 is a fifth game in mario sequel, and it was first released in Japan in 1988 and later in U.S. and Europe. Super Mario Bros. 3 is a two dimensional plateform game in which the player controls the Hero of the game, Mario or Luigi, from the 3rd person perspective. The gameplay is same as its sequels. Read the full story

Courier: Initial Details of Microsoft’s Secret Tablet

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It seems that the whole world is holding its breath for the Apple tablet. But it might be possible that we’ve all been dreaming about the wrong device. This is Courier, which is Microsoft’s astonishing take on tablet.

Courier is in the “late prototype” stage of development

Courier is a real device, and what we have heard about it is that it’s in the “late prototype” stage of development. It’s not a tablet, rather than that it’s a booklet. The dual 7-inch (or so) screens are multitouch, and they are designed for writing, flicking and drawing with a stylus, in addition to fingers.

It has camera in back cover

They’re connected by a hinge by which a single iPhone-esque home button is held. Along the rim of one of the screens, Statuses, like wireless signal and battery life, are displayed.

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