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Top 10 Multiplayer Video Games 2011

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If you and your girlfriend, both are a fond of video games but not find any game to compete with each other and enjoy the extreme pleasure. Then, you have to seriously consider this list of multiplayer games with attractive interfaces:

1. The Pixeljunk Series

Pixeljunk have a series of retro-like games with latest graphical environment. It includes different games in one platform like Pixeljunk Monsters, Pixeljunk Shooter, Pixeljunk Eden and Pixeljunk Racers. You have to stop and shoot monsters and also build hurdles in the way of monsters to save your village from them. This game is available for PS3 PlayStation Network.

2. Little Big Planet

This game is a bit expensive for PS3 PlayStation but it provides maximum pleasure for four players at a time. You can also play this game online and enjoy its maximum levels.

3. New Super Mario

This game is simply a very addicting, hilarious and crazy game for the people of all ages. It have very attractive interface and can be played by four players at a time.

4. Dinner Dash

This game was created for personal computers but as it got the popularity, it is now also available for Xbox 360 and PlayStation PS3. It is very affordable game. In this game, you have to run a restaurant in both co-operative and competitive modes.

5. Peggle/Peggle Nights

In this game, you have to bounce a ball at different pegs to acquire the highest points and levels. For multiplayer mode, you have to compete with other players for highest points. This game is available for PC, PlayStation PS3 and Xbox 360.

6. Modern Warfare 2

This is a very interesting shooting game just like call of Duty. It is available for PlayStation PS3 and Xbox 360. Its most amazing thing is that you can set different difficulty levels for all the players in multiplayer mode.

7. LEGO Adventure Series

This series is the franchise of different popular games. It includes Lego Indiana jones, Lego Star Wars, Lego Batman and other adventuress games. It is made to play on all platforms.

8. Sonic Genesis Collection

Sonic Genesis Collection provides you extreme old-school fun, which you can enjoy with your girlfriend. This series have a dozen of games which will give you an extreme pleasure. It is available for PlayStation PS3 and Xbox 360.

9. Critter Crunch

When you want to feel the cute pleasure in your PlayStation PS3, then go for Critter Crunch. This is a screen battle game in which different cute animals appear and you have to make pairs and simply split them.

10. Music-centric games

This collection of Musical games includes Rock Band, Guitar Hero, and other small musical games. All of these games are available for all platforms.

Mafia 2 Download for Your PC PS3 and Xbox 360

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Mafia II will be released on this 24th of August in the North America, 26th of August in Australia and 27th of August internationally.  This game will surely increase the reputation of developers. It is for the platform of Xbox 360, PC, and PlayStation system 3 (PS3). As Mafia II is the best action adventure game to play on your PC, PS3 or Xbox360. Mafia II can be directly downloaded to your PC or PlayStation Plus. You got yourself a best way to spend some time.

Mafia II

Mafia II, From the award winning developers of Mafia comes Mafia II, 2k Czesh take players more interest in underworld of a mafia. This is the game about the underworld of a fictitious late 1940′s scenario and the son of a poor migrated person from Italy to America and his son Vito, who was trying to save his Dream of America. Vito set up the Organized Crime to escape the life of poverty. Vito’s life is around the crime world. He knows the risks of his lifestyle which he is living. But for money, he is great to ignore.

Mafia II Modes

The game has spans of two eras. In Mafia II demo gamers dive into the “Buzzsaw” level, a time considered the birth of cool, which is during the summer of the 50′s.

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