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Strong Reasons Why you should not install SezWho Plugin

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Bloggers struggling for traffic often opt for Entre Card and install the widget on side bar. Now SezWho and Entre Card have joined hands and launched a WordPress plugin that offer incentives for commenting on other people’s blogs.

The whole concept of Entre Card is so bizarre that it is being termed by Google and Alexa as spam. Alexa does not count Entre Card Droppers as visitors to your blog. There are also inside reports that Google is going to drop ranking of blogs using Entre Card for traffic. It has already stopped counting SezWho / Comment Luv  links as valid back links for Google Page Rank. They are considering this Just fully so as companies basically thrive on blogger’s greed for traffic & popularity. They do bring traffic and comments but if you think for a moment about quality of traffic it brings. you will right away stop using the both. Its just not worth it. Apparent benefits are so little to justify the hidden costs. In fact the whole idea is lame. Read the full story