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10 Plugins To Improve Your WordPress Blog Experience

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WordPress is a blog publishing application that is used by millions of people worldwide. It started off as a mere platform for writing stuff, but now is a full fledged business tool, that has more than half of the world’s blogs depending on it. It offers many plugins and widgets that can be downloaded for making the blogs look attractive.

There is one problem here. These plugins affect the performance of our blogs. They make it slow by bloating the blogs. We need to make our blogs user-friendly so that many peoply can read it without having any problem.

TOP 10 Plugins for WordPress:
Many of us download free plugins for our site. But these make our site work slow thus less people visit our site and read blogs. Here are the top 10 wordpress plugins that you can download to your wordpress blog and let your readers enjoy reading blogs, without affecting the speed of the blog.

1) Light Box 2:

  • This effective plugin helps in overlaying images by using Colorbox.
  • You can view clear and large images without opening the picture on a new tab.
  • You can also auto-lightbox all the images. Read the full story

How to configure Window live writer for WordPress blogs?

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Windows live writer is an important tool that is used by almost every blogger for the purpose of blogging.

Step by Step Guide

Following is a step by step guide on how to configure windows live writer for your wordpress blog.

Step 1:

First of all you have to enable XML-RPC publishing option in your wordpress blog. You can find it under Writing> remote publishing.

Step 2:

Now you have to open Windows Live writer, then you have to click on Blogs and then click on Add blog account.

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11 iphone apps for Web Designer

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As a web designer you must be aware of the fact that things are changing at a fast pace. What is in high demand one day is not on the other. But there is one “new” technology that is growing bigger and bigger in popularity each and every day and that is the iPhone and its apps.

iphone applications

This development is appreciated by all as it can make our lives as web designers much easier than before. The list that I have provided below is just eleven good apps among thousands. You should feel free to comment with your favorite iPhone app for web designers.


If you have a WordPress blog then this app is great and if you are not having any then you are suggested to get one now as it is an excellent way to showcase your work. With the WordPress iPhone app you are able to write posts, manage comments and upload pictures on the go.  As many bloggers are well known of the fact that often your best ideas for articles come whilst on the move.


Download WORDPRESS for iPhone


Do you think it is difficult to stay in control of the accounting? If yes then you will probably like the Mint iPhone app.

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