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How to Update Your PSP Firmware

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Are you interested in playing games without homebrew or want new features in your PSP? For this you all have to update firmware of PSP.An exclusively upgrade firmware introduce by Sony for PSP. But you have to upgrade your device yourself.Here we are telling you some steps to upgrade your device. Before updating, make sure that battery of the device is not low and don’t do it if your are working in homebrew.

1. Need a wireless internet connection

wireless internet

Direct download to the PSP over Wi-Fi.Go to the home screen of PSP and then click on to the”Network Update”. There comes a new window to set your WLAN settings. Click on to the “Scan” and give accession to PSP to discover network automatically.”Network Update” should be emphasized. Then click on to “X” button. PSP will save configuration as your new access profile appears.

2. Select connection

Express your desire connection for use and click on to the “X” button.PSP will connect to the internet and tell you if there is any update available.

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Blackberry Bold 9700, The Stylish Business Phone

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Blackberry phones are famous for their superior performance delivery, together with great looks and top quality business apps. Blackberry Bold 9700 is the one the best Blackberry phones in the market offering some excellent features.

Almost all network service providers such as Vodafone, 3, Orange, T- Mobile, and O2 are offering the phone under contract deals, together with some exciting offers like free gifts, free texts or calling minutes, discounts, free insurance etc.

Having a 2.4 inch, 65K TFT screen, the display quality of the 9700 is extremely high. The phone boasts a user friendly full QWERTY keyboard, and a touch-sensitive optical track pad for trouble-free navigation.

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How To Improve Your Wireless Connection?

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Although wireless networks are very useful, they can easily be impaired by several physical and networking issues, some of which can be easily resolved to provide more effective service.

As we all know, wireless networks rely on radio waves, thus the things which can disrupt over-the-air television, or radio reception can also cause problems with wireless.

Here are some troubleshooting tips to help you solve issues with your wireless networks.

1. First of all, change your physical location relevant to the router. The closer you are to it, the better, as the wireless signals get weaker with distance. However, it might be difficult to this when you are at a public hotspot, as it will be difficult to tell where the router is. In such cases, walk around the space you are in, watching your wireless signal meter and locate a spot where the signal is strong.

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Samsung i8910 World’s 1st HD Video recording Mobile Phone

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Brilliantly designed by Samsung, the i8910 is a latest 3G phone, with stunning touch screen and easy to use communication features.

The 3.7’’ wide coloured, touch screen enables the user to view the high resolution screen in horizontal as well vertical mode.

The screen also has the accelerometer sensor, Proximity sensor for auto turn-off and Scratch-resistant surface. Black in colour, the handset measures 123x59x12.9mm and weighs only 148 gms.

The dimensions make it easy to hold and use. It also comes with 8GB/16GB storage, 256 MB RAM and expandable memory card slot.

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Nokia N900

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You can now enjoy fast application processing and multitasking on a live dashboard using the Nokia N900. The high speed wireless broadband connection allows you to browse smoothly. You can also personalize your own desktop on the touch screen.

Nokia N900 is more than just a phone, it is also a computer. You can chat with regular voice calls, internet calls, instant messages and SMS. Now share your location, mood and status updates easily and check your emails on the go.

The wide screen enables you to take great pictures and videos, using the 5 megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss optics. Tag photos, share them online or store them in the massive 32 GB internal memory.

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DynaTAC to iPhone: A History of Wireless Phones

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If you have been around for a while, you are a witness to the fastest evolution of technology in history. Wireless Phones (also called mobile phones and cell phones) are no exception to this statement. Since 1983 ,they changing shape so fast that it is breathtaking to watch to advancements. If someone slept all the time from 1980′s to this day, It would be very difficult for him to recognize most of the stuff around him. He sure will be unable to tell the use of an iPhone.  It is indeed very hard to find a similarity between a Motorola DynaTAC 8000X( from 1983) and Apple’s iPhone(2007).

Wireless technology behind the wireless phone also evolved from 1G to 3G over time. According to techbiz.blog.com

wireless technology evolution

First generation of cellphones (1G) used analog signal transmission technique for communication between mobile and base stations. FDMA (Frequency Division Multiple Access) was the de facto protocol for distributing available frequency band among concurrent users. 1G cellphones were predated by mobile radio telephone technology (usually considered as 0G). Both 0G and 1G supported basic voice communication only.
2G introduced digital signal transmission technique along with TDMA (Time Division Multiple Access) and CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) protocols. 2G needs much more careful consideration in order to understand the cellphone convergence as the two most prominent standards groups in worldwide cellular arena today – GSMA and CDG – have their roots here.

We have collected below some of very important milestones in history of wireless phone evolution.

Motorola DynaTAC 8000X  (1983)

The Motorola DynaTAC 8000X started the wireless communication revolution. It was also know as “brick” phone. suffered mostly from low battery life and signal loss issues.

First Wireless PhoneMotorola DynaTAC 8000X

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