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Apple iPad OR iFree

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Now you are going to amazed after listening that there is a competition starting between iPad and iFree Tablet, yea soon this is going to release and it is expected that it will give iPad a tough time too, but don’t get the idea that I am against Apple iPad, I like it with all its features. I am only giving you information about a new iFree tablet as you should make a better choice. Apple will face the same competition as it faced when released iPhone in the market.


If iFree Tablet is ready to show itself in the market then there is no forecasting can be done about which will get success. iFree Tablet development credit goes to EATCO Group from the Universidad de Cordoba. This product is pocket friendly and it costs low than Apple’s iPad which is raging from $499 – $829 USD and iFree ranges from 300Euro – 400 Euro.

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How To Carry Your Mobile Causing Least Radiation Harm?

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By now, we all are aware of the fact that mobile phones generate electromagnetic radiation, which can prove to be harmful.

wireless phone

However, thinking of living your life without your cell may seem impossible for many. What do you do then? In this article I will discuss how the mobile phone causes harm to humans and some tips to help you decrease the effects caused by mobile phone.

How Does It Happen?

When the mobile phone is being used, it transfers the radio waves to the base station. These radio waves will also be absorbed by people, more or less. These radio waves are basically mobile phone radiations.

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Beyond iPhone: Top 10 Concept Phones

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Yes! there is life beyond iPhone. Companies in wireless phone business are hiring, some of the brightest minds on the planet, to create an ideal phone for ever growing wireless market. Internet is full of concept phone designs, some of which may never see the daylight and will die in labs. But there will be few, who will prevail and shape the future of wireless industry.

Wireless phones have become more than mere devices to communicate. Today, humans wear them and they are as much as part of our personality as our cloths, car and house. Wireless phones are sometimes indicative of our social and economic status. Especially to strangers, they give away a lot about us…

As promised, I am listing here top 10 concept wireless phones which I would like to see in the market as soon as possible..

  1. Nokia 888

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DynaTAC to iPhone: A History of Wireless Phones

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If you have been around for a while, you are a witness to the fastest evolution of technology in history. Wireless Phones (also called mobile phones and cell phones) are no exception to this statement. Since 1983 ,they changing shape so fast that it is breathtaking to watch to advancements. If someone slept all the time from 1980′s to this day, It would be very difficult for him to recognize most of the stuff around him. He sure will be unable to tell the use of an iPhone.  It is indeed very hard to find a similarity between a Motorola DynaTAC 8000X( from 1983) and Apple’s iPhone(2007).

Wireless technology behind the wireless phone also evolved from 1G to 3G over time. According to techbiz.blog.com

wireless technology evolution

First generation of cellphones (1G) used analog signal transmission technique for communication between mobile and base stations. FDMA (Frequency Division Multiple Access) was the de facto protocol for distributing available frequency band among concurrent users. 1G cellphones were predated by mobile radio telephone technology (usually considered as 0G). Both 0G and 1G supported basic voice communication only.
2G introduced digital signal transmission technique along with TDMA (Time Division Multiple Access) and CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) protocols. 2G needs much more careful consideration in order to understand the cellphone convergence as the two most prominent standards groups in worldwide cellular arena today – GSMA and CDG – have their roots here.

We have collected below some of very important milestones in history of wireless phone evolution.

Motorola DynaTAC 8000X  (1983)

The Motorola DynaTAC 8000X started the wireless communication revolution. It was also know as “brick” phone. suffered mostly from low battery life and signal loss issues.

First Wireless PhoneMotorola DynaTAC 8000X

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