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Best Free Android Widgets

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If you are Android user then you must have knowledge about what you can do with your Android. There is a great number of free applications and widgets that are available for Android phones. You can make most of these widgets and can turn your Android into a complete pocket PC for you. Following are some free widgets for Android.

1. Power Widget

This widget works wonders, as it allows you to move from one application to other in quick time. It allows you to toggle among wifi, GPS, Bluetooth, screen brightness and sync.

2. Scoreboard Application Widget

This is wonderful and useful widgets if you are a sport geek and want to have sport news in your palm. It is an official application that is released by Google. Via this application widget you get the latest news and scores of your favorite team during the game. You can also scroll through different teams to view the dates and history of their previous and upcoming match dates and history.

3. Facebook Widget

Who doesn’t use Facebook? Off course everyone upon the earth is a Facebook user and if you have Android then this widget is perfect for your Android phone. Via this widget you can change your pictures, set updates and reply to messages in quick time. This application works efficiently, so you can rely on it for Facebooking.

4. Android Agenda Widget

This widget is available in two views i.e. medium and large. It is a useful and efficient way to get access to your expected appointments. It also allows you to extract data from multiple calendars instead of only the native Android Calendar application.

5. Fox News Widget

Everybody wants to keep a close eye on what is going on around the world, so this widget is perfect for getting latest news updates. It has an auto-refresh button that minimizes your work.

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Google App Inventor:Era of the Citizen Programmer Arrived.

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For all the ways that Google has changed the world over the past decade, could it be that Google’s most transformative achievement is just getting underway?

It may sport an almost absurdly minimal user interface (a hallmark of Google apps and web services,) but this simplicity masks its extraordinary power and utility. Simply put, the Google App Inventor allows even the most novice programmers to create fairly robust and powerful Android applications.

To be fair, there have been WYSIWYG development environments before Google App Inventor. A big part of Window’s success can be explained by their Visual Basic platform. However, it’s clear that Google has surpassed Microsoft in the ease of use department, by eschewing their somewhat hamfisted WYSIWYG/code editor combo, in favor of an entirely drag and drop interface.

How the Google App Inventor Works

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In our test run, we were up and writing apps in seconds. The App Inventor seems to do an extraordinary job of masking the inherent complexity and difficulty of developing sophisticated mobile applications, while still providing the user with the ability to tap into the powerful capabilities of the Android platform. Read the full story

Top 10 Best Music Android Apps

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Android introducing large number of apps for android lovers and many lovers want to enjoy music on their mobile phone such as android phones. So in this article I arrange top ten android apps for music, I hope you will like it.

01: Pandora-an enduring genres music app

Pandora is one of the best android app for music and very entreating for the android user. Through this app you can create radio stations for your favorite songs as well as for your favorite artist.

02: Rhapsody Read the full story

Top 10 Best Android Themes

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n this modern age of technology with the introducing of android phones by HTC, Motorola and many other, mobile phone operating system suggests android to be the future of mobile operating system. So here in this article I arrange top ten best android widgets which are must in your collection. I hope you will like it.

01: Android Little Big Planet Theme

Top 10 Best Android Widgets

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Android introducing various nice widgets and large number of people like these widgets. So in this article I arrange top ten beautiful widgets, I hope you will like it and let me reply your favorite widgets in your comments.

01: HTC Weather and Clock Widget:

HTC weather and clock is one of the best android widgets which allows user to interface with the favorite weather forecast site is another nice feature of this widget. It is best weather and clock widget for android.

HTC weather and clock widget

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini Review

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Just as the name depicts, Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 mini is a smaller version of the Xperia X10. But it is not like what Nokia did with the N97 mini. Sony Ericsson has made some huge changes, making the X10 mini one of the tiniest handsets that have come out till now.

However, smaller size does have its disadvantages as well. The screen of X10 mini is quite small, just 2.55 inches with QVGA resolution. But the image quality has not been compromised, making the display seem great together with the capacitive touch technology. The software has also been transformed making it easy to use on a screen that small.
The 5MP camera also has autofocus and an LED flash, and gives good results.

LG Cookie Plus GS500 Preview

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After the successful release of the affordable LG Cookie KP500, which has been the fastest selling cell phone from the manufacturer, LG has introduced its successor, the LG Cookie Plus GS500 with a refreshed overall look and just a few differences in terms of specifications, but the difference are quite big.

The new Cookie Plus comes with 3G, 3.5mm jack and microUSB port, with more significant changes related to its interface and functionality.


Although being made of plastic, the LG Cookie Plus GS500 is pleasant to touch just like the KP500. The overall look has been improved and the phone is more attractive than its predecessor.

The Samsung Genoa C3510 Mobile Phone

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If you are a big fan of touch screen mobile phones, but couldn’t afford one till now, then here’s one mobile phone that will surely attract you.

samsung c3510 genoa

Samsung C3510 mobile phone, also known as the Corby Pop, is a cheaper version of the Corby S3650, having almost identical features and hardware specifications, except for its lower graded camera.


If you don’t look too deeply, then both the devices look alike. In case of the Genoa C3510, you do not have the option to change the overall color using replaceable panels, which is possible to do with the Corby.

The Samsung Genoa C3510 comes with a 2.8-inch touch-sensitive screen, having a QVGA resolution that utilizes capacitive technology.

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Samsung Lindy M5650 Review

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Samsung latest series, the Corby line-up that has been designed specifically for teens and youngsters has been quite a success so far. Kids and teens make up a market niche that is quite difficult to please, making the Corby range one of the most rapidly changing cell phone families today, with the rapid addition of new models having diverse extra features.

samsung lindy

Although the Samsung Lindy M5650 is not a member of the Corby family, the overall design of the device is quite similar to that of the Corby S3650.


The Samsung Lindy M5650 comes with a 2.8-inch capacitive screen, having QVGA resolution and has great sensitivity making typing using the screen keyboard quite easy. The physical buttons are equally great and are easy to press.

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Samsung Corby S3650 Review

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The Samsung Corby S3650 attracts many with its diverse range of colors, creating an enjoyable color contrast against the buttons located on either side.

Apart from the one that comes in the box, you can additionally purchase a panel according to your own liking.

The Samsung Corby has a capacitive 2.8 inch display. The device is quite compact, designed specifically for kids and youngsters. The good thing about it is that although its an affordable phone, it doesn’t feel cheap in your hand.

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