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VOIP Technology a Revolution

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VOIP stands for “Voice Over Internet Protocol”. VOIP is a revolutionary technology with ability to revamp global Phone systems altogether. VOIP software allows you to make telephone like calls over Internet. VOIP software gives your Internet connection the ability to make cheap calls.

Features of VOIP Software

VOIP software has strengthened the web based PBX system. It possesses advance calling features. Features include: Conference call, Call forwarding, Voice Mail and Auto attendant. VOIP software can be adequately used in both Industries and your home.

User friendly Software

VOIP software is very user friendly software. Technology is also equipped with other applications like VOIP Billing Software. Its virtues include flexible costumer care, order management and billing services. VOIP software has potential of handling trouble tickets and resolution of billing related issues.

VOIP Billing Software

VOIP billing software provides multi tier pricing and commission plans. This type of program enhances ability to bill costumers and keep track of their billing history. Payment can be received through bank drafts, and Telephone bills. Program provides many features to handle price issues related to consumers. It helps in resolution of issues related to commission from representatives.

VOIP Software an Alternative

Telecom companies should consider using VOIP billing software as an alternative. It has ability to conduct million of calls. It has no limitations apart from issues related to hardware configuration variances. Rate tables are provided to carry out any variation in rates as per need. In this way users can be charged in different ways. The program has ability to handle multiple accounts. Read the full story

Blogging Offers Endless Possibilites

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The World Wide Web continues to offer different ways for individuals to express themselves. There are abundant opportunities for advertising, communicating, presenting, and sharing information on the web. The way that this is done has changed tremendously as the internet has evolved along with the demands and concerns of those that build and maintain websites.

Web hosting is different from the early stages, and a lot of this has to do with blogging. The blog revolution has taken off in leaps and bounds, and there is no sign of a decline in this phenomenon. A major attraction that has fueled the blog craze is the fact that many blogs are free.

WordPress, for example, is one of the most popular blog spots on the web. It has overshadowed many of the other blogging sites because there are so many advantages that come with the word press blogs. The site actually offers both free and premium blog space, but the free blogs are obviously the ones that most people sign up for.

Blogs are continuing to gain an even wider following as more people look for ways to express themselves on the web. The smart phones and iPad are just a few of the technological advancements that allow people to follow others on the web. Web surfers are always looking for some random blog to add to their list of favorite sites to search. Read the full story

Why DNS Propagation Takes So Long?

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After getting your domain name registered, paying off to your web host to get hosting for your website, and uploading your website on the web server, its time to view the final shape of your website. If you cannot view your website after all this hard work then does it mean it that you are missing something or is it just something with DNS propagation?

dns propogation

Understanding DNS Propagation

Before understanding the DNS propagation, you should be aware of the working of DNS. A master DNS is created by your web hosting provider in the event when you set your website up with it. This Master DNS is recorded in the Domain Name Server of your web hosting provider. The company which registers your domain name contacts to the DNS server of your web hosting provider. Your domain name registrar does it as the master authority of your domain which you have registered with it.

How Your Website is Being Searched?

When an outsider source searches your website, it first switches to the registration database in order to find out about the DNS authority of your website. After then that it goes to the DNS sever of your web hosting service provider in order to find out the IP address of your website’s domain name. From this IP address, this outsider source locates your website and can view your website.

Caching the DNS Records

The only problem with this searching process is that when your website is searched on internet by an outside source, the search process is catalyzed, as every ISP caches it DNS records to display your website in quick time. Read the full story

6 Tips on How to Buy Web Hosting

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This is a guide for those people that would like to buy web hosting, but they don’t know if the company is a fraud/scam. Following are 6 tips that will teach you that how you can spot fraud/scam hosts or hosts that will probably have huge downtime. Here I have also provided few of those questions that you could ask the host before you buy hosting services.

So let us start with

Tip # 1: Always read the TOS

Before you purchase any web hosting, read the TOS. Make sure that it is OK to host what you are intending to host and that there is no sneaky clauses in which they have mentioned that they could use to terminate you for no reason. If your in doubt about something, then before purchasing you must ask the host.

Tip # 2: Unlimited does not exist

You will see that there are many hosts that offer unlimited space/unlimited bandwidth.

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Ourweb.net Celebrates 20-year Anniversary in Web Design and Hosting

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Ourweb.net is celebrating 20 years of excellence in Web Design and Hosting.

Ourweb.net is a web hosting and web design service that is owned by William Banks III. There are over 50 clients of ourweb that are dispersed throughout the United States.

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1&1 Web Hosting Now with Unlimited Traffic

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1&1 Internet, Inc., which is the world’s largest Web host by known servers, has has now removed all traffic limits on its Web hosting. Now its customers can have an unlimited volume of data available for page impressions, downloads and uploads of files for all 1&1 hosting packages. Now flexibility is offered by 1&1 for shared hosting solutions that are commonly reserved for users of dedicated servers.

What the customers will get?

Typically traffic volume typically grows in proportion to the sites popularity. Now, customers that own any shared hosting, eShop or combination package (hosting plus eShop) no longer need to worry if they exceed their traffic allowance. Further 1&1 customers will be ensured by this improvement that any website hosted within these packages can continue to function optimally as the site’s popularity grows online.

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Why you should have Web Hosting Packages?

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For your professional website, you need to have secure and reliable web hosting services. If you have the right and effective web hosting packages then it will surfs, update and download your website in the smallest span of time. There are several types of web hosting services that have enough flexibility among them for specific business needs. If you get some knowledge about the required and beneficial web hosting packages then it can help you to get your business on winning path against their competitive.

These different web hosting services that you select are flexible, fast and easy to get setup. The web hosting packages shared hosting on secure and reliable servers of Microsoft Windows 2003 and IIS. Microsoft standards such as ASP, ASP.NET, MSXML and SQL Server are also offered by the web hosting providers. These servers are perfect for any business application. Virus & spam protected email are also included in web hosting services.

Web based Email Packages

Web based email packages are also offered by the web hosting companies having a variety of features including anti-virus, communication tools, email security and many more.

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Easyspace rewards its loyal Twitter following with fantastic offers

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Easyspace, has been making its mark on the world of Twitter, to the delight of many of its customers and new found Twitter followers. Easyspace is one of the largest providers of domain name and web hosting services in the UK.

Easyspace use social channels such as delicious, Reddit and Facebook

While for a number of years now Easyspace has been blogging and various other social channels such as delicious, Reddit and Facebook, has been used by the company. It’s the move to the world of Twitter earlier in the year that has had the biggest reaction.

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Review of Top 10 web hosting Providers

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In this article I have given the review of top 10 web hosting services. You can choose any of them that best suits you.

No 1 – Just Host.com

PRICE: $3.95

SCORE: 100%

DOMAIN: Free 4 Life


DISK SPACE:Unlimited

BANDWIDTH: Unlimited

E-MAIL: Unlimited


No 2 – Fat Cow Green Hosting

PRICE: $4.10

SCORE: 98%



DISK SPACE:Unlimited

BANDWIDTH: Unlimited

E-MAIL: Unlimited


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What do you know about Linux/Unix-based hosting?

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Linux/Unix based hosting means the hosting that is provided on Linux/Unix operating systems platforms. Due to the reason that Linux/Unix is an improved version of Linux/Unix operating system there isn’t much difference between these two types of operating systems. When you are only applying for web hosting companies for web hosting that is based on Linux operating system then it doesn’t matter that on your computer which one you are using as it is commensurable with any operating system.


Some years ago only for professionals Linux operating system was available and if you were not an experienced user then with this OS you had no future. But the situation has changed in the last couple of years. Providers have done their best in order to provide more comfortable and easy atmosphere for users’ web sites administration. if you are the first time user then you will find friendly control panels including Web- interface. And in case if you are an experienced user then you are able to control your site by means of shell.


It has been claimed by experts that Unix-based platform is one of the most reliable ones but it will mainly depend on maintenance stuff professionalism. Thus it does not mean that quality and stability of Linux-based web hosting depend on some sudden system bugs and your web site operating dependability is itself secured by the operating system consistency.

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