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For Older Drivers, Software to Train the Brain

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If as you grow older your driving is getting a bit worse, then I must tell you that it may be due to a natural decline in the brain’s ability to process visual information.

It is believed by few scientists that, as people grow older, their capability to rapidly grasp and act on what their eyes can gradually degrade. And one of the activities that is most affected with this is driving, which is such a task that demands you simultaneously track multiple moving objects, usually at the edge of your field of vision.

Now a software programme has been designed that is both for PCs and Macs. That programme claims that it can "train the brain to think and react faster on the road". It is done by that programme by putting a user through brief, repetitive exercises aimed at bolstering his or her visual-processing prowess.

This software is called DriveSharp, and it is from a San Francisco-based company called Posit Science (positscience.com), by which other brain-training programs are also produced.

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