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5 Best iPhone Cardio Apps

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iPhone is changing the world with its applications. The creators of this phone were genius, they just not created an iPhone they have change the style of living. It is the best gadget that you can use in your daily life. There are so many apps for this phone that you can use them in your daily life.


Exercise is most important for our body. We should do it every morning. It keeps us fit. Apple is having cool apps for Cardio. So, all you Cardio Lover’s Just go and buy an iPhone for yourself, because iPhone is having the greatest collection of Cardio apps for you.

5 Best iPhone Cardio Apps:

1. iHeartRate

iphone apps heart rateIt is a very simple iPhone application which will allow you to keep track of your heart rate. This app will also help you to know the amount of calories that you burn everyday through exercise. You can easily track your heart rate. What you have to do is that just tap your pulse on your iPhone until your heart rate is registered on your phone screen. Once your heart rate is registered, then you can also keep the track the amount of calorie you are burning. Through real time chronograph you can track your workout as well and can find how much energy you have burnt.

2. iTreadmill

iTreadmillThis is a very good application for runners and walkers. It measures the pace and distance. The iTreadmill uses the motion detector of your iPhone and turn the device into a pedometer that counts the number of your steps that you take. This application is outstandingly accurate and you can use it anywhere indoor or out door. With this app you can track your past sessions, and can see whether you have made any progress on daily basis or not.


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Top 5 Android Puzzle Games

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Android is providing the beat games in the market. There are many types of games that are available for android mobiles. Android is also offering some puzzle games for the android users. These games are very famous and are loved by children and youngsters. Out of thousands of android puzzle games, following are the best five android puzzle games.

1. Trivial Pursuit

It is a very famous game and is loved by many android users. This game is especially designed for android. There are different modes of the game. In every mode, the player has to race against the time to complete the puzzle.

Each mode has different level of difficulty. The player can adjust the difficulty level according to the satisfaction. Android mobile phones are also providing knowledgeable games that are related to geography, history and entertainment. This game can be played against the computer.

2. 365 Puzzle Club

It is a game of numbers. You can play this number puzzle game on your android mobile phone. This game is available in three different modes, with different levels of difficulty. This android game provides you a puzzle according to the date of every month.

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Top 30 Free Fast DNS Servers

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There are different problems that occur during browsing the internet. These problems are caused due to several reasons. Some times sites are working properly and fast. But some times there are some problems occur with our servers. Our servers open BSNL and opens DNS servers, so that they can update the server. To solve this problem, you can use DNS server to open any specific website.

DNS meaning

DNS is the abbreviation of Domain Name System. This is a computer language to define any address or URL.

The DNS is in short, defines the address of different websites. For example, if you type any website in the address bar of your browser, it will automatically find the DNS server so that it could connect with the website. Without the DNS server it is not possible to connect to any website. On DNS server demand the server answer that contains an IP address. This IP address actually determines the location of the source.

Use of different DNS, when DNS default is slow

This is a normal problem when domain is moved and ISP banned the server to connect with any website. In such a case you can not view the websites and content of the page.

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The Great Big List of 75 Budgeting Tools

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It is very important to know about the details of your income and expenses. If you want to know about yourpersonal finance, you should keep an eye on your expense records. Define your expenses in bullets and categorize your income according to your expenses. Also try to save some amount of money that you can use in emergency situations. Fix some portion of your income for your expenses and for some saving account.

 Budget and daily expenses

Maintain Your Family Budget

Now it is very simple to maintain a budget for your family because there are many advance software available in the market to support you. With the help of these soft-wares, you can easily manage your expenses. You can also save a lot of amount from your monthly income.

Availability of Such Programs

These programs are easily available in local market in form of CDs and DVDs. These programs are available online on internet and you can download such programs from different websites. Some of these programs are free and some are available on trail period. You can use your credit card as well to purchase these programs.

Supported By

You can use these programs on your home PC. They are accessible on both MAC and windows. These are very easy to use and any one can use them and can manage the monthly income according to the expenses.

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Opera Introduces Mini 5 and Mobile 10 Browsers

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New more efficient, Mini 5 and Mobile 10 mobile web browsers have recently been introduced by Opera. These browsers have been designed especially to compress the data that is sent to a phone, by up to 90 percent. This will not only speed up the brows time, it will also result in lowered bills for pay-by-byte customers.

Both the browsers are now available for free downloads and are compatible with a wide range of mobile phones operating systems, which include Google’s Android and RIM’s BlackBerry.

According to Opera CEO Lars Boilesen, the needs and wants of their 50-million-plus users, have been kept in mind while designing this browser. Great emphases has been made on speed, desktop-like functionality and data savings in the new mobile browsers, making it much easier for everyone to surf, search and socialize on the Web.

Twitter Hacked By ‘Iranian Cyber Army’

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Thursday night, Iranian activists hacked Twitter. The site was down for nearly an hour, leaving millions of people tweetless. Several users, who did log in reported seeing a green flag on the site, the same color that is used by the Iranian opposition movement.

Reportedly, twitter has admitted that its systems were down temporarily, but the problem has now been fixed.

During the Iranian elections earlier this year, the site was used extensively by anti government activists. The US State Department requested twitter, in june, to delay its planned maintenance work which would have resulted in interruption of service due to the crucial role that the site was playing in spreading information about protests.

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5 Tips To Increase Your Followers On Twitter

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The popularity of twitter has made it quite a useful platform to promote your blogs and websites. I previously wrote about 10 ways to use twitter, and said that I would later add more about tips to improve the number of followers. Here is a list of suggestions to increase the number of followers.

1. Leverage Other Profiles

If you already have an existing online profile on some other site, you can use it as a launch pad to get yourself into Twitter. If you have a blog, mention there that you’re using Twitter, in a post and link to it from your profile and contact pages.

Make your presence on twitter known to everyone. Add it to your email signature, business card, mention it in interviews or guest posts that you might do as well. Link all your activities to your Twitter page and do it often.

2. Tweet Often, But Not TOO Often

Greater the number of tweets, greater are the chances that someone on twitter will find your from within Twitter and add you as someone whom they are following. Every time you tweet, it will come on Twitter public timeline, thus increasing your tweet numbers can make you appear more often there.

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10 Ways To Use Twitter

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Twitter is a mass text-messaging service that allows you to send short 140-character updates, or "tweets", to many people at once. They are your "followers." Although it was designed to be read on a cell phone, but most people read it online.

Twitter gives you an insight to several different opinions, events, news, ideas and feedback. You can easily follow thousands of users and enter into conversations taking place among multiple users at any point.

Twitter can also be used as a tool for self-promotion and marketing, by sending out various messages to gain others attention. This involves active user engagement.

Apart from its use as an informational resource and publicity tool, Twitter is also a communication platform for individuals and their personal social networks.

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Top 5 Apps to Make Free Calls From iPhone & iPod Touch

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Due to the new smartphone era, it is now possible to make free local and international calls through VoIP. Although this has given the users great advantage, but unfortunately most people don’t know how to do that.

Here are some of the ways of making free calls from iPhone, iPod Touch, Android, Windows Mobile and Nokia Symbian cell phones.

In order to take full advantage from the capabilities of the gadgets they own, the mobile companies are also trying hard to provide its readers with the information needed. Don’t forget to subscribe to keep yourself updated.

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iPhone Users Report Problems With Software Update

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Many iPhone users are complaining of a software update that has rendered their handsets unusable.

The iPhone 3.1 software update was issued yesterday. Since then, it has caused some handsets to freeze and get stuck in a restore loop. The upgrade wipes out all the content of the device. Moreover, the iPhone gets stuck and cannot be used to make or receive calls. It is also difficult to downgrade the software to the previous 3.0 operating system.

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