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Digital Display Units

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In an ever evolving world, many significant and essential changes are necessary. With time, old and obsolete equipment of technology is being outdated and newer means of communication and entertainment are preferred. Same is the case with display units of computers and television. The latest and widely used units available today are the LCD`s. LCD refers to Liquid Crystal Display and another type is LCD is now available which is expensive.

The Digital Projector Units

Economic digital projectors are available in a very large and diverse variety of brands. Many individuals prefer to these devices as they are very reliable and offer best picture quality. Apart from LCD`s, DLP units are also available. These units are very effective and expensive. They have higher lumen which concentrates light much more and develop a much brighter picture for the individual to see.

How Digital Projectors Work

Units which project the light, emit all information in Pixel. All the information is received from the computer. An economic digital projector is light can focus the light and its content at one spot. Many of these projectors give the consumer the ability to adjust the level of contrast and brightness.

Controlling Yellow Light

Newer and much effective units are available in the market. They are capable of producing high quality images for the consumer. Some devices are equipped with a newer and better mechanism to control Yellow Light. This aspect of Digital Projectors is very wonderful. By controlling the amount of Yellow Light, pictures can be made more gorgeous.

The Correct Accessories for Display Units

When a person is shopping to purchase a digital projector, one must focus upon complete accessories and all tools available for the unit. The right programming for the unit must be checked light the brightness, contrast and resolution display. Remote control, connecting wires and USB Port should also be checked if it is present in the unit.

Specifications and Configurations

The specifications and configurations of the entire unit must be known to avoid confusions or problems. The unit must be according to the requirements of the consumer. Some other accessories can also be purchased for the digital projector unit. An economic digital display unit can also be upgraded by some amendments.

Checking the Unit for Problems

Many websites offer ideal purchase of digital projector units. The user must always check the device for any problems.

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Why Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 is a Failure

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Samsung has just added a new tablet to its lineup for Galaxy Tab Series. Its new edition is called Galaxy Tab 10.1. In my humble opinion, it is a total failure. A disaster for the company and disappointment to fans all over the world.

The design is good, sleek and stylish. But in an attempt to compete with iPad, It made loads of compromises on functionality and usability. It is not a phone and its not a computer as well, so what is it good for? Browsing the internet! Yeah, you can do that on it.samsung-galaxy-tablet-10.1

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 has Flash enabled browser. That’s great. But the good news stops here… For everything else, you need an adapter.  I hate lists but here is my list of things I hate and love about new tablet.

Things I Love about Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

  1. Its Andriod 3.0 HoneyComb
  2. It has WiFi Built-in
  3. It has Flash Support so web browsing is great
  4. It is light-weight
  5. It is slim
  6. It is cheap
  7. It multi-touch

Things I hate about Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

  1. It has short battery Life
  2. Back Camera is 3.0 Mega Pixel and front is 2.0
  3. No GPS
  4. No Mobile Network
  5. No 3G Network , No Edge Connectivity
  6. No USB Port
  7. No SD Card Slot
  8. No HDMI Output
  9. Non Standard Charger Cable 30pin
  10. No Stylus
  11. No TV out Cable

So verdict is out, I have 11 reasons to hate and only 7 to love the new Galaxy Tab 10.1. I will not have it even if someone pass it as a gift to me.

Best iPad Accessories

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When you invested your money to get some gadget or some device you will also use it with care and make it protect. Here are some Best Apple’s iPad Accessories to make it protected or use in the more efficient way and increase your styling point of your device. Apple makes a lot of money from iPad sales, but this is a fact that more money is made by accessories of iPad. There are many manufactures that are selling accessories for Apple products.

Best iPad Accessories

When you need to protect your device the cost of your accessory doesn’t matter. It becomes a more valuable thing than its cost. Accessory of any device also make your device efficient to use.

1. Zagg Invisible Shield for iPad

To avoid scratches use a thin and hard plastic cover all over the body of your iPad. This invisible Shield applies directly to your iPad. It covers a full body of iPad. Its price is about $39.99 for both if you buy frond or back shield it costs $30 for each. This protection cover is origins in the military, use to protect blades of a helicopter from dust and dirt.

2. Bracketron LTM-205-BX iPad desktop stand

We are dealing here with an adjustable desk stand for iPad. Its cost is about $11.39. This desk stand can be adjusting from 0 to 35 degrees. This tool is appropriate if you travel a lot and work often on your device. This stand had an extra grip to hold your iPad. It makes easier to chat with the stand.

3. Fosmon Premium Quality Metal Stylus

Although Apple’s iPad screen is big enough for all finger size, but for the protection of your iPad screen use stylish metal casing and allow a soft rubber to touch your iPad screen, so that iPad screen does not get any scratch during operation. Fosmon Premium is about $2.28 in the market.

4. Macally DUALUSB Charger for iPad

Macally Charger, it is small and very light weight having two USB charging point.

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Apple’s Latest iPad

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Apple Inc, the world’s most prestigious technology company has come up with yet another wondrous device; the Apple iPad. Launched on January 27th 2010, it is a mobile like device, the shape of a tablet that aims to provide users with a whole new experience in web browsing. What makes the iPad unique is its ability to give the user a surfing experience free from all the conventional ads and annoying boxes on the web pages.

The Apple iPad has a touch screen and a flexible user interface that ensures easy operation, along with high security, which means that hacking an Apple iPad is definitely not an easy task.

The New Panasonic Toughbook F8

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The Panasonic Toughbook F8 is the latest talk in town amongst the rough and tough notebooks. Unlike other notebooks, this notebook is ready to handle all the rough and tough lifestyle. This notebook is actually built to suit military needs, which obviously has a demand to be one of the roughest and one of the best. Released on September 25th, 2008 this notebook became one of the most popular rough and tough notebooks to hit the market. It also came as a great help to all those who’s workplace is not a comfortable office, but rather rugged terrains and outdoor stimuli.

The notebook weights around 3.7 pounds and has a stylish magnesium alloy chassis that can endure weight of upto 100 kilograms. Definitely built for military handling. The keyboard is flexible, and also has a spill-resistant system, which means that liquids splashed on the keyboard will be drained out the spill over drainage system placed at the bottom of the notebook. Besides that, if you ever plan to throw the notebook from a three foot height, then your sure to be surprised by its tendency to remain firm and strong.

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8 Reasons Why I hate MacBook Air

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A laptop without CD/DVD drive is like a beautiful girl without boobs. Yes you can have implants for extra $99 but still its nothing like the original. It has a very slow processor, small hard drive, limited configuration options, limited ports, unswappable battery. It ships with 1.6GHz or 1.8GHz Intel Core 2 Duo chip at 800MHz; 2GB of 667MH DDR2 SDRAM; 1.8in, 80GB hard drive (64GB SSD available); 13.3in widescreen display; Mac OS X 10.5; 802.11n; USB 2.0; Micro-DVI; headphone jack; Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR; 1.3kg; 4x325x227mm  & Price is upward from $2500 a piece



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