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Apple iPad OR iFree

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Now you are going to amazed after listening that there is a competition starting between iPad and iFree Tablet, yea soon this is going to release and it is expected that it will give iPad a tough time too, but don’t get the idea that I am against Apple iPad, I like it with all its features. I am only giving you information about a new iFree tablet as you should make a better choice. Apple will face the same competition as it faced when released iPhone in the market.


If iFree Tablet is ready to show itself in the market then there is no forecasting can be done about which will get success. iFree Tablet development credit goes to EATCO Group from the Universidad de Cordoba. This product is pocket friendly and it costs low than Apple’s iPad which is raging from $499 – $829 USD and iFree ranges from 300Euro – 400 Euro.

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Install Window 7 from USB Drive

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Still thinking to change your Netbook or personal computer that has some problem with the Optical Drive and that have old operating system and want one with with the latest with Microsoft Windows 7 Operating System. But hold, now from Microsoft a free USB Download Tool is available that enable you to make you USB flash drive in a bootable drive having the .ISO image.

Download Windows 7 USB/DVD Tool

The USB download tool was not made for netbooks only, but for everyone that want to upgrade their systems to Windows 7.  You only need a 4GB USB flash drive to have a Windows 7 .ISO image. You can also create a bootable DVD from this software. After that you only need to follow the on-screen instructions.

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Run Google Chrome OS From A USB Drive

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Only few days back Google launched the Chrome OS source code. After its launch so many people started downloading this new OS to run it on their virtual machines such as VMWare and Virtual Box.

I succeeded to put together my Google Chrome OS Download in complete shape of Virtual Box appliance. I am glad to tell you people that I taken it a step further and now it can be tried on computer from a USB drive.

Important Things to know before downloading Chrome OS

There are few things about that I should tell you before you people decide to download Chrome OS that its on the very early stages of development, so there is still a lot of stuff that don’t work.

This operating system is very simple in design and its main purpose is to use it on netbook computers. So when you will launch Chrome OS, then you will get a web browser, don’t be surprised for that you gone through all this only for a browser.

Download Requirements

Obviously for downloading it a USB drive is needed. For downloading it a 4GB thumb drive is needed, if you are having any files on your USB drive then make sure to back them up to a safe place because this will erase away all data on your USB drive.

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Damn Small Linux only 50mb

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From 3 years I have been using linux and most of the time Ubuntu or Kubuntu 2 months with suse because of its killer GUI. Today I have found an incredible distro of linux which is just 50mb small and it is free, and in addition to this its open source is called Damn Small Linux. By using LINUX we come across a couple of benefits the key ones are that it is secure, most of them are free, because of more vast developing features they attracts geeks. This distro is too small which makes it easy to carry it any where with you on any media possible boots.


Compared to its small size DSL (Damn Small Linux) is really having a lot of cool options more than what it sounds, it has such capability that you can run it directly from usb drive, cd or dvd, you can easily install it on hard disk and after that it will turn into a Debian base OS and the developer, you can also probably run DSL on Intel 486DX with 16 mb Ram,

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