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Apple iPad OR iFree

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Now you are going to amazed after listening that there is a competition starting between iPad and iFree Tablet, yea soon this is going to release and it is expected that it will give iPad a tough time too, but don’t get the idea that I am against Apple iPad, I like it with all its features. I am only giving you information about a new iFree tablet as you should make a better choice. Apple will face the same competition as it faced when released iPhone in the market.


If iFree Tablet is ready to show itself in the market then there is no forecasting can be done about which will get success. iFree Tablet development credit goes to EATCO Group from the Universidad de Cordoba. This product is pocket friendly and it costs low than Apple’s iPad which is raging from $499 – $829 USD and iFree ranges from 300Euro – 400 Euro.

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Corsair 128GB Flash Voyager – Fastest Thumb-Drive Made so Far

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Once again Corsair is in the news with its new offer – 128GB Flash Voyager GT thumb-drive. This is the fastest thumb-drive made so far.

But our PCs are not yet able to work with it because the manufacturer says that the 32MB/s read and 25.6MB/s write speeds were checked only by the “USB2.0 bus and the operating system overheads”

This futuristic thumb drive is protected by rubber covering for durability and is water-resistant. Its clocks speeds are almost double than any of its rival high-performance drives available out there. It comes with a 10-year warranty. By the end of that warranty you’ll probably find out for yourself whether the proposed limitations on its functioning did really exist or not.

Yes, the Corsair drive is available now but still you’ll need to do some heavy search because there are very few retailers selling it. If you find it you will have to pay a heavy price of $390 for it. Folks loving personal technology will love it to have.


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