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6 Tips on How to Buy Web Hosting

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This is a guide for those people that would like to buy web hosting, but they don’t know if the company is a fraud/scam. Following are 6 tips that will teach you that how you can spot fraud/scam hosts or hosts that will probably have huge downtime. Here I have also provided few of those questions that you could ask the host before you buy hosting services.

So let us start with

Tip # 1: Always read the TOS

Before you purchase any web hosting, read the TOS. Make sure that it is OK to host what you are intending to host and that there is no sneaky clauses in which they have mentioned that they could use to terminate you for no reason. If your in doubt about something, then before purchasing you must ask the host.

Tip # 2: Unlimited does not exist

You will see that there are many hosts that offer unlimited space/unlimited bandwidth.

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Easyspace Upgrade Shared Hosting to Unlimited Bandwidth

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All the shared web hosting packages has now been upgraded by Easyspace to include Unlimited Bandwidth.

This upgrade has brought Easyspace web hosting packages back in line with other popular hosting providers that are providing their services in the UK in terms of bandwidth, and it allows already innovative offerings, such as its Pic N Mix web hosting solution, which is considered to be even more advanced with its features.

While it has been stated by Easyspace that the previous restrictions that were there on bandwidth were actually very generous in the usage that had been allowed by them, it has been admitted by them that the move to unlimited allows its customers to think more creatively about what methods they can use to increase traffic volumes to their own sites, without having any worry of possibly reaching traffic thresholds that was there in the past.

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Run Away & Hide! When A Hosting Company Offer You Unlimited Bandwidth And Disk Space.

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These days “Unlimited packages” being offered by many web hosting companies and web hosting reseller. Be it dedicated server or virtual private server, people are just looking for cheap webhosting.  demand for unmetered bandwidth and unlimited ftp space have become increasingly common. Companies are claiming to provide unlimited disk space and bandwidth. This is just an advertising gimmick.

Bandwidth is the quantity of data that is transferred, from and to your server. Let me do some math. Let’s assume, you have an HTML file that is 60 kilobyte in size. If anybody accesses that file. he will use 60kb of bandwidth in that particular data transfer.

Let’s assume your website gets 100 hits a day. This means 6000kb of bandwidth utilization per day. If we expand it to monthly basis. the total bandwidth required would be 180MB

6000kb * 31 days = 186000kb (roughly 180 MB)

Using the method I mentioned above, anyone can determine their bandwidth requirement. Also you can decide if you need a dedicated server or a virtual private server called vps.  (by the way in webhosting linux is better than windows vps)

Size of your website and it’s popularity are the basic and most important factors that you should keep in mind when choosing a web hosting package. A little website with just a few static HTML pages containing some images can easily fit into a small hosting package that offer 200MB space and 1GB monthly bandwidth. On the other hand, if you have a website that is huge and contains audio and video files and it is visited by thousands of people every day – you must consider a package that is large enough to keep all you files and should allow at least 300GB of monthly bandwidth aka data transfers.

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