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10 Best Things About Ubuntu

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Ubuntu, the stellar new release of the famous Ubuntu Linux distribution has come with 10 new and improved features. Let’s take a look at them.

1)      Gnome 2.30

This is a useful desktop upgrade that promises its fan that they will love it. This is the last release of 2.x gnome in Ubuntu flavor but it is fantastic.

2)      HAL has gone away

Ubuntu 10.04 has stopped depending on the Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL) and has showed up with a ten second boot up time. By removing Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL), the ten second boot up is tested which fans and others report that it works like magic. Read the full story

60 Free Desktop Applications

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Keeping the spirit of Thanksgiving alive, we would like to thank all the brilliant developers for designing some extremely useful applications, that we use everyday .

Thus whether you are in a mood for celebration or not, here is a list of the top web applications, that are no doubt, a feast for our computers!

60 Best, Free Desktop Applications, Web Applications, and Tools

1. Firefox

2. VLC

3. CCleaner

4. Dropbox

5. 7-Zip

6. OpenOffice.org

7. Google Chrome

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7 Useful Things To Do After Installing Ubuntu 9

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1. Install Codecs, Flash, Microsoft Fonts and DVD Playback Stuff

Ubuntu-Restricted-Extras provides you a lot more than your expectations. They offer Adobe Flash to view YouTube videos, Microsoft Core Fonts to view few sites clearly, Java, MP3/M4A/ACC/ETC playback, and RAR extraction. It provides almost all video codec’s that an individual might need including .avi, .divx, .wmv, etc.

All the things mentioned above are not only helpful but also easy to install. To install follow the steps listed below:

  • Open Ubuntu Software Centre
  • Look for for ‘Ubuntu Restricted Extras’
  • Click install or download

2. Install your Graphics Card Drivers

With the help of Ubuntu, accessing graphics card becomes very simple and trouble-free. In order to take advantage of the most recent supported driver just open up the Appearance menu and switch on compiz . This will enable you to download needed drivers for your device that is not installed.

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How to Boot Linux under 5 Seconds

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Arjan Van de Ven and Auke Kok the two Linux developer at Intel’s open Source Center had demonstrated booting Linux system in five seconds. They demonstrated at Asus EEE PC that had a solid state storage both developers beaten the 5 seconds time by loading 2 soft wares Fedora and Moblin. They demonstrated that in front of audience.

Now question is that how they did that? According to Arjan it starts with right attitude, that doesn’t mean booting faster, its only about booting in 5 seconds. Its better to set a time budget for whole system rather than saving seconds here and there and every step of the boot should have to be complete in allocated time.

Nothing can be skipped while booting because Booting means making CPU and disk idle. That 5 second booting time did not include bringing up the network but that includes starting Network Manager. Arjan said that a conventional hard disk in a system take more time for start up, he has run the same load on a ThinkPad which taken 10 second time.

Fedora takes 45 seconds from power on to GNOME Display Manager log in screen. Boot Chart tool gives some details about that. In Boot chart figure 1 of Fedora boot, that figure shows the system is doing some time wasting things. It takes a whole 1-second in starting and checking the loopback device to see if all the network interfaces on the system are loopback. Then 2 seconds to start “send mail”. For that Arjan suggested for the common laptop use case that user can simply run ssmtp server instead of SMTP server, which is used only for outgoing mail.

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33% of Dell netbooks runs Ubuntu Linux

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There was a lot of talk about that how Windows are taking over Linux on netbooks. But when in 2007 Asus launched the Eee PC 701 supported by Xandros Linux that made false all 1st talks about down going of Linux by Windows, now its being proclaimed by open source enthusiasts that finally netbooks will help Linux to make it a mainstream consumer oriented operating system. Computer making companies gets so less cost on making these and for consumers it’s having almost same functionality as they gets from Windows or OS X.

Microsoft Offered Low rate Netbooks

That’s why Microsoft offered netbook makers the ability to license Windows XP on less rates than its normal price because of that now many of mini-laptop running Windows XP for just a few bucks more than Linux model. It was major step taken by Microsoft in market and in result now almost 80% are running Windows XP.

10 Most Common Comments that I heard about my Linux laptop while traveling

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Due to my work I have to travel daily from train. It’s a 50 minutes ride and I am riding train from last 5 years. In that daily 50 minutes train ride I use to read books, sleep or work on my Ubuntu loaded laptop.

10 Best Comments about my Linux laptop

In this long time of daily train riding I had collected few funny comments that I heard so many times. From those here are the 10 best ones that I am sharing here.

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Damn Small Linux only 50mb

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From 3 years I have been using linux and most of the time Ubuntu or Kubuntu 2 months with suse because of its killer GUI. Today I have found an incredible distro of linux which is just 50mb small and it is free, and in addition to this its open source is called Damn Small Linux. By using LINUX we come across a couple of benefits the key ones are that it is secure, most of them are free, because of more vast developing features they attracts geeks. This distro is too small which makes it easy to carry it any where with you on any media possible boots.


Compared to its small size DSL (Damn Small Linux) is really having a lot of cool options more than what it sounds, it has such capability that you can run it directly from usb drive, cd or dvd, you can easily install it on hard disk and after that it will turn into a Debian base OS and the developer, you can also probably run DSL on Intel 486DX with 16 mb Ram,

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How to Install Ubuntu Linux on a USB Flash Drive

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Being able to run Linux straight out of a USB drive is a great way to enjoy the liveCD experience, letting you run Linux from any computer you want. And it saves you from the trouble of carrying a CD along all the time, with your USB drive easily tucked away in your pocket.

Here’s a simple tutorial that shows you how to install Ubuntu on a USB drive. Even though this tutorial uses Ubuntu as its base distribution, you can virtually use any type of Linux liveCD distribution.

What you need

In order to be able to execute this simple tutorial, you will need:

  • Ubuntu liveCD
  • USB drive of at least 1 GB capacity
  • Running Linux operating system.

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List of Free Operating Systems: Download Now!

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There are an increasing number of equipment manufacturers and technology groups that provide operating systems (OS) for free personal and commercial use without any cost or fee. You are sometimes even free to use them, change their source code and redistribute them as well.

Like Anything that comes for free, do not expect fancy printed manuals and CD-ROMs and technical support. Yet you can count on the community that uses these OS to provide you support through chat rooms and forums and mailing lists.

You will also note that the size of these OS range from 1 to 10 GB so if you don’t have decent broadband connection, paying for a DVD/CD-ROM might seem reasonable. Also if you are not that techie, some of these companies offer helpdesk and support contracts, which can be bought at a reasonable price.


FreeDOS aims to be a complete, free, 100% MS-DOS compatible operating system (mostly achieved except Windows compatibility – Windows standard-mode works on FreeDOS, but 386-mode / WfW 3.11 does not.)


These days, there are three main uses for FreeDOS:

  1. Running classic DOS games
  2. Running business software that only supports DOS
  3. Supporting embedded DOS systems, such as a computerized cash register or till

FreeDOS should run on any standard PC, but if you are new to DOS, we recommend you use a PC emulator to install and boot FreeDOS. You can find PC emulators for all computer platforms (Windows, Linux, Mac.) You can even run FreeDOS using a PC emulator written in Java, right in your web browser!

Click here to Download FreeDOS


RxDOS is a fast MS-DOS clone that supports very large disk drives, FAT32 volumes, and Windows 95/98 Long Filenames. its source code is also available free at sourceforge.

Click here to Download RxDOS

React OS

ReactOS is a free, modern operating system based on the design of Windows® XP/2003. Written completely from scratch, it aims to follow the Windows® architecture designed by Microsoft from the hardware level right through to the application level. This is not a Linux based system, and shares none of the unix architecture.

ReactOS 0.3.3ReactOS had its origins in an older project known as FreeWin95. FreeWin95 aimed at being binary compatible with Microsoft® Windows® 95. It was founded by Yannick Majoros around 1996. But the development never took off substantially due to endless talks on design and thoughts of following the NT architecture.

The main goal of the ReactOS project is to provide an operating system which is binary compatible with Windows. Adobe Photoshop 3This will allow your Windows applications and drivers to run as they would on your Windows system. Additionally, the look and feel of the Windows operating system is used, such that people accustomed to the familiar user interface of Windows® would find using ReactOS straightforward. The ultimate goal of ReactOS is to allow you to remove Windows® and install ReactOS without the end user noticing the change.Please bear in mind that ReactOS 0.3.7 is still in alpha stage, meaning it is not feature-complete and is not recommended for everyday use.

Click Here to Download ReactOS


OpenSolarisOpenSolaris is an operating system (OS), an open source project licensed under CDDL, and a community. The project’s goals are innovation, collaboration, and the extension of OpenSolaris technology.OpenSolaris is free, open source, and well-suited for desktops, laptops, servers, and data centers. The quality requirement of OpenSolaris is perhaps best stated as Production Ready All The Time.

OpenSolarisOpenSolaris technical communities maintain kernel and userland consolidations and launch new technology projects. OpenSolaris is developed by communities working in the different projects. Each project focuses on one or more specific areas of the system. The OpenSolaris developer project is sponsored by Sun Microsystems, Inc.

Click here to download OpenSolaris

DarwinDawrwin Apple

Darwin is the UNIX technology-based foundation of Mac OS X. Darwin integrates several technologies. Among the most important aredarwin screenshot 4.4BSD-based operating-system services (built on the Mach 3.0 microkernel), the I/O Kit, networking facilities, and support for multiple integrated file systems. Developers can use Darwin to port UNIX/Linux applications and create kernel extensions.

In addition to being part of Mac OS X, Darwin is a standalone, BSD-based operating system. (BSD, short for Berkeley Software Distribution, is a family of UNIX variants descended from Berkeley’s version of UNIX.)Darwin is also occasionally used to refer to the Darwin Streaming Server, also known as the QuickTime Streaming Server (QTSS).

Click Here to download Darwin


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Tech Blog of The Day: A Hell of a Site

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Sriraminhell.com is home to a promising blogger and young IT Professional Sriram Sridharan. He is related with Cellular Industry. Brief look at his about me section of blog, it revealed that He is inclined to blogging about technology due to his educational background.

Design Factors

At first impression the blog opens quite quickly. It has been decorated with a nice black Web 2.0 theme Which gives it a nice tech feel. You will also notice that It uses blogger as the CMS engine which is not so common among self-hosted blogs.

Comments & Discussions

The Blogger is quite active and responds quickly to comments on his blog and try to engage visitors in order to help them which is also a great plus for this blog.

Niche & Focus

Blog seems to have kept its focus on its main theme.  On positive side, with reviews of other blogs and engaging other blogger’s with guest posts he is moving toward the right direction.

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