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10 Best Things About Ubuntu

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There are so many people who love Ubuntu Linux and there are such people also who really don’t know anything about Linux at all. Here are the 10 best things which make Ubuntu 10.04 worth caring about.

1 – GNOME 2.30

This is the final GNOME release for 2.x before its major up gradation to 3. Of course 3 will be great also, and this will be last time when you will see your favorite 2.x GNOME in Ubuntu flavor. 2.30 GNOME is great as I experienced. As far as GNOME 3 is concerned I think that will succeed where KDE 4 failed in being a useful desktop upgrade right out of the starting gate.

2 – HAL begone!

Ubuntu 10.04 has done away with HAL (Hardware Abstraction Layer) during the boot process. This really boots up within 10 seconds and removal of HAL also drastically speeds up resume-from-suspend times for those of you in laptop land.

3 – Fully open source NVidia driver

Anyone using NVidia graphics card can now take a sigh of happiness because of open source NVidia drivers. As open source NVidia drivers works same as the proprietary drivers.

4 – Social networking integration

The Me Menu, which is built upon the Gwibber framework enables you to interact instantly with social networking sites. It also haves multi-column view so that you can monitor more than one social networks at a time.

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20+ Video Tutorials for Open Source Applications

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There is huge number of open source applications out there; these are for operating systems, word processors, graphics programs and a lot more. But it is a difficult task to find manuals or other documentation beyond what the developers have written. Here we have given more than 20 video tutorials to get you some help for the four of the most popular open source programs out there: Gimp, Linux, Open Office, and Nvu.

Which tutorials are most helpful for you? Here is the answer to your question.

Gimp Video Tutorials

Gimp Tutorial: Pop Art – This tutorial shows how to take a regular photograph and turn it into a graphic piece of pop art.

The User Interface – This tutorial will give you a basic overview of Gimp’s user interface.

How to Change Hair Color – Ever wanted to try out a new hair color without actually dying your hair? Well what you have to do is to take help with this Gimp tutorial and change your hair color in a photo.

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