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Top 10 iPad Apps for Social Networking

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Since social networking has become much of our daily routine, like our morning coffee and our evening hang out. People around the world have different social networks to operate on. Most of us are on more than one. Following are the 6 best apps for social networking that we could find. These are based on productivity, user-friendliness and also on how much they are being used around the globe.

1. The AIM for iPad

The AIM for iPad

It is a solid app for those that primarily use AOL’s messaging service, since you can import them directly. It has some social networking issues, e.g. you can’t re-tweet or reply friends when using the built-in Facebook and Twitter clients. It is rated with 3 stars.

2. Oecoway’s Friendly app

Oecoway’s Friendly app

It is a simple social networking app. It is easy to use and light on the machine. Its main feature is excellent layout. It keeps the social net-worker to his/her rudimentary purpose. It is rated with 3.5 stars.

3. Hootsuite

HootSuite for iPad

HootSuite enables users to build many social network streams on one interface screen. Hootsuite app offers a different feature for all you people who operate on different social networks simultaneously. But it is kind of difficult for people who aren’t good at classifying information. Read the full story

Must Have iPad Applications

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The App Store has brought out a bunch of apps for the iPad. While there are many that were already available for the iPhone, they will look much better in the larger iPad. There are many new ones too. The costs are a bit high to what you would usually find in the App Store.

1. News and Social

News and Social

NYT Editor’s Choice:

This app shows you what the ‘New York Times’ looks like on the iPad. It is free. There may be hidden subscription charges.

USA Today:

This app shows you how the ‘USA Today’ looks like on the iPad. This is free but there may be hidden subscription charges.


The Wall Street Journal has launched an app to allow its followers on iPad to read the paper. It is a free app. There may be hidden subscription charges.


This is a really good app. It includes video, image and text content as well. It has an unorthodox design. This is another free app.

NPR for iPad:

This is a digital version of the NPR. There is text and photo news along with the audio. It is a free app.

Popular Science:

The tease at the App Store hints that this is not only a magazine scan. Rather it has been influenced by the amazing concept that surfaces in December. This app costs $5.


This old broadcaster is now on iPad with its very own app. There is all the BBC’s news coverage. This includes print, video and radio.


The app for all of you with a business sense. Your iPad can become a finance terminal with this app. It is free for now.


You can use your Stumble Upon account for simple link sharing and discovery. It is a free app.


The app that lets you save anything that you have come across online in a cleaned-up format for later use. It costs $5.


NewsRack worked great for the iPhone as an RSS reader. The great news is that if you have already paid $5 for the iPhone version, then the iPad download is absolutely free.


Feeddler is a free app that will cover all the basics if you do not want to spend money for a feed reader.

Fluent News:

Some of you might not like the RSS readers. If that is the case, then Fluent is your thing. It will make your daily news to be a little guided into a single interface. This app is free.

Accuweather Cirrus:

The app that will make you an expert weatherperson. It includes prediction and reading. It is free.


Tweet deck worked great with the iPhone. It takes the column-based desktop app, and adapts it to the iPhone’s screen. The end result is in either two column (a portrait) or three column (landscape) modes.


AIM is the AOL’s instant messaging app. It looks pretty stunning. This app is free.


The app that will let you do some serious multi-protocol messaging. That includes Live, Facebook and Yahoo, among others. This app is for $10.

Loopt Pulse:

This app provides localism. Find out what is going on around your sofa, right from your sofa. It is free.

Dash Four:

Foursquare on the iPad might sound like a strange idea now. Yet it won’t seem so strange the next time you are in Starbucks, with your iPad. This app costs $2.


While the Craiglist website is a disaster, the Craigslist iPad app looks great. It is free.

2. Entertainment and Video

Entertainment and Video


An app that provides Netflix streaming over Wi-Fi. You should first have a NetFlix account that costs around $9 a month these days. After that, you can have thousands of brilliant TV shows and movies in your hand. The app is free.

ABC Player:

ABC Player is one of the first TV apps available in the store. It has made a promising start. It provides an amazing slick interface for the ABC video content that is available on their website. This app is free.

Marvel Comics:

An app that turns your iPad into a comic book for real. It provides a free reader but the comics have to be paid for.


iBooks is the Apple’s ebook store. It is the best thing yet for iPad ebooks. There is no competition for now, but Amazon and Barnes will be hoping to change that soon.

NBA Game Time Courtside:

An app that provides you with a full and interactive dashboard for all the basketball games that you watch. It is a joy for all the basketball fans. It is absolutely free.

MLB At Bat:

It is an app that enables you to watch the live games like the iPhone version. The extra bit added is that it simulates the games you are unable to watch due to blackout or licensing issues. There are also statistics at hand. It costs $15.

ESPN ScoreCenter:

For all of you out there who like to eat, drink and sleep sports, this is the app for you. It provides a constant feed of sports information. There are the specific game scores like on the iPhone app, but the iPad app has been enhanced to include scores of columns, frames and panes. If you love sports, it costs a mere $5.

Yahoo Entertainment:

Yahoo Entertainment pulls info from the vast network of Yahoo sites. It has complete TV listings, videos and entertainment news. It has been amazingly designed, and it is free so it is definitely worth a download.


SoundHound is a song recognition app with a difference. It has an immensely fast recognition engine. It does not only ID any music that is playing, but also provides lyrics, charts, music discovery and full playlist playback. The charts are based on what people are Idling and not based on buying statistics. It is for $5.


It is an app that provides song recognition. Still, it will not recognize your own singing voice or humming like SoundHound can. Also, the song recognition ability is not as good. Still, it is a free app so you can try it.


The Pandora’s iPad app is sticking to its basic customized radio feature. It provides artist info along with your playlists. Read the full story

Best Twitter Apps for Android

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If you are the user of Android and want to install twitter in your Android then you have come to the right place. There is a heap of twitter applications for Android. All of them are offering different types of options and facilities for Twitter users. Following are four best Twitter applications for Android phone.

Davanum Srinivas’ Unofficial Twitter Client for Android

You can enjoy twitter with full freedom via this application that is specially designed for Android 2.2 phone. You can check updates of your twitter account and set your new status message. It offers a user friendly interface which allows you to get easy access to your Twitter account and keep your self engrossed with your Twitter friends. This application is ideal for minimalists and advanced users will demand more features.

1. TwitterDroid

This is a wonderful Android application for Twitter users. This application helps users to set their Twitter account preferences and keep them saved in their Android phones. Twitter users can login on to their Twitter accounts via this application and enjoy chatting with their friends and setting new status messages. This application also shows the expanded twitter updates from the timeline of your friends and it allows you to post a tweet from your timeline. There will be a waiting spinning that appears on the screen when you send and extract tweets. You can refresh your tweets. Apart from these features, it catches the connection errors and displays alert.

2. Trak for Android

Trak is an advanced Android application for twitter. It is much better than its counterpart applications. It is a type of a location based technology that is merged with Twitter. This application uses GPS in order to broadcast the location of its Android user along with the tweets they do.

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Best iPhone Apps for Librarians

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It is always very difficult to manage libraries, manually. Library work is considered to be the hardest mind job. To make it easy for the librarians, iPhone introduces many iPhone applications for librarians. iPhone mobiles are very friendly in use. Any one can use and understand its working very easily. So such applications that are used in libraries are loved by librarians.

Best five iPhone Applications for Librarians

iPhone Applications for Librarians

There are several iPhone applications that are easily available for the iPhone users. Some of these applications are especially designed for librarians to make their work easy. iPhone applications maker experts focus on these applications according to the librarian’s work. These applications help librarians in their work and they can easily manage their complex libraries. Out of hundreds librarian iPhone applications, following are the best five applications that are easy to use and are more useful for librarians.

1. Remember the Milk

This is the best iPhone application for those people who work in libraries. This iPhone application provides you an option to maintain a list of different books. You can change or edit this list, any time when you want. This iPhone application provides you an option to fix the alerts and reminders on different contents of lists. This will make your work easier and fast. You can also protect yourself from the burden of papers and other lists available in hard copies. If you want to forward your collections and list to your seniors or other students, this application provides you an option to email any list available in your iPhone.

2. Photon

This application is very good for librarians and other member that work in libraries. You can develop different pictures and can upload them on different social sites. So there is no need to have a separate camera and uploading software.

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Sony Ericsson Vivaz Review

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Sony Ericsson Vivaz phone is the second handset from the communicational entertainment series of the manufacturer, Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 being the first one.

Being nicknamed as the Kurara, the Vivaz is a high-end smartphone running on the Symbian S60 5th Edition OS. It is a compact phone, featuring a 3.2-inch display screen with light weight. Along with this, the Vivaz features Wi-Fi with DLNA, GPS, accelerometer and HSDPA, and comes with 720MHz processor and OpenGL ES 2.0 support to add on to the deal.


Being second in the line, the outer appearance of the Vivaz continues with the similar style that was introduced by the Xperia X10. The handset looks graceful and up to date, while the diverse, transparent sides give its design a youthful appeal.

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Twitter Hacked By ‘Iranian Cyber Army’

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Thursday night, Iranian activists hacked Twitter. The site was down for nearly an hour, leaving millions of people tweetless. Several users, who did log in reported seeing a green flag on the site, the same color that is used by the Iranian opposition movement.

Reportedly, twitter has admitted that its systems were down temporarily, but the problem has now been fixed.

During the Iranian elections earlier this year, the site was used extensively by anti government activists. The US State Department requested twitter, in june, to delay its planned maintenance work which would have resulted in interruption of service due to the crucial role that the site was playing in spreading information about protests.

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5 Tips To Increase Your Followers On Twitter

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The popularity of twitter has made it quite a useful platform to promote your blogs and websites. I previously wrote about 10 ways to use twitter, and said that I would later add more about tips to improve the number of followers. Here is a list of suggestions to increase the number of followers.

1. Leverage Other Profiles

If you already have an existing online profile on some other site, you can use it as a launch pad to get yourself into Twitter. If you have a blog, mention there that you’re using Twitter, in a post and link to it from your profile and contact pages.

Make your presence on twitter known to everyone. Add it to your email signature, business card, mention it in interviews or guest posts that you might do as well. Link all your activities to your Twitter page and do it often.

2. Tweet Often, But Not TOO Often

Greater the number of tweets, greater are the chances that someone on twitter will find your from within Twitter and add you as someone whom they are following. Every time you tweet, it will come on Twitter public timeline, thus increasing your tweet numbers can make you appear more often there.

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10 Ways To Use Twitter

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Twitter is a mass text-messaging service that allows you to send short 140-character updates, or "tweets", to many people at once. They are your "followers." Although it was designed to be read on a cell phone, but most people read it online.

Twitter gives you an insight to several different opinions, events, news, ideas and feedback. You can easily follow thousands of users and enter into conversations taking place among multiple users at any point.

Twitter can also be used as a tool for self-promotion and marketing, by sending out various messages to gain others attention. This involves active user engagement.

Apart from its use as an informational resource and publicity tool, Twitter is also a communication platform for individuals and their personal social networks.

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