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50 Best Mac Applications

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OK! So you recently bought a Mac OS and you have absolutely no idea what applications to choose for it, considering the hundreds of applications available out there. The MAC platform offers apps that are free of cost and very effective. The problem is the large quantity of apps. This article will provide you with a list of 50 best apps that could be used to enhance the performance of your MAC OS.


If you want your MAC desktop to be cluster free and the wall paper should be seen clearly without the dozens of icon disturbing it, then Camouflage will help you with it. It will keep your desktop free of icons and if you want to find for any icon, double click on the desktop and Camouflage will open a finder window where you can find for your files.


This app allows you to sync your Facebook with the iCal account.


For quick access to menus and applications or installed programs, the HimmelBar provides the best option.

It is a bar displayed on the desktop and searches for files through local, user and network applications. Other applications from the hard disk can be added into this HimmelBar too.

4). Name Changer

If you have a list of files which you want to rename but don’t want to go through the task of doing them one by one, then Name Changer is what you should look at. This software allows you to select all the files that you want to rename easily and quickly.

5). QuickSilver

Have you ever wanted an application that could assemble all your data, music and application on one platform? Then download QuickSilver a free app that can gather all your programs on one platform and you don’t have to browse around to work on the applications.

6). SketchBox

This is an app that you’d love to use. It has beautifully designed sticky notes that reminds you what you have to do and when. The notes will be stuck on your desktop.

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