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How To Secure Your Wireless Network

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Wireless network is very easy and very convenient. It allows you to use internet without any connection of wires or without being connected to the core. But your network can excess more than 300 feet from the router which can allow anyone using wireless in that vicinity to get access from your home network.  It is important that you secure your wireless network and so that it is secured from any unauthorized access to your computer files or internet activity.

This can be dangerous for several reasons. Like:

- Anyone who is connected to your network can get access to your hard drive and online activity and can also get your private information like password   and user name.

- Computers which are connected to your network can easily spread viruses and other dangerous errors which can harm your internet.

- If someone using your connection commits a crime, the activity will be tracked back to your computer.

It’s very important that u take precautions against your wireless network. It would be convenient if you set up a password and username for your connecting network. This way only you can have access to your wireless network.  There are few steps which you follow might help you with setting up a secure network connection.

Change Your SSID:

SSID (service set identifier) is the name of your network. The manufacturer will set up a default identity for your login for the router settings. Choose a unique name which does not reveal your identity at all. Do not use any company’s name, your address or even your name. Just the default logins and passwords the manufacturers also know the default names of different manufacturers.

Disable Broadcasting:

Wireless networks broadcasts it’s SSID in such a way that the networks available in the area can be viewed by any computers within the range. You should be able to disable SSID broadcast on the same page where you where you configure your SSID name.

Protect Your Computer:

It is important that you protect your computer by setting up a password and a user name. You’re router always has a built in firewall, but extra protection is important. Firewalls protect your computers from the hackers by denying suspicious connections.

Following these two, three steps and tips will help you in protecting your network connections.

By taking these precautions your computer will protect you from most common online security threats.