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You Tube Instant – An Inspiration from Google Instant!

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Feross Aboukhadijeh”, who is from Sacramento, California, a 19 year old, talented, student currently at the Stanford University, ended up getting a job request at “YouTube” out of youthful ambition and technical bluster and a bit of luck.

As he tested out “Google Instant”, Google’s new predictive search feature. He was impressed by the feature’s debut, but more inspired.

Feross and Chad

History of Youtube Instant:

“I bet you I can build ‘YouTube Instant’ in an hour”, he said to his roommate, his roommate took him up on the bet and something that started off as a naïve challenge ended up in the birth of YouTube Instant, which was an instant hit!

Youtube Instant Use:

“YouTube Instant” lets people search videos, from a gargantuan YouTube database, in real-time! It lets people type in what they’re looking for, and the engine guesses what that video is.

He spent some more time, the next day, whipping the user interface into shape, and posted his work to his Facebook page, before going to bed that day.

After The New Creation:

The next day the world went wild over his innovation. “When I woke up Friday morning there was craziness,” he said. He found countless emails and messages congratulating him, and a plethora of interview requests, the most notable one being from “Chad Hurley”, the CEO of YouTube, he posted his job offer on Twitter. Feross didn’t believe it at first, and asked if the job offer was on a serious note, but Hurley then sent an e-mail to him to set up a meeting at YouTube’s San Bruno, California, headquarters. The server was flooded by web traffic! Read the full story


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