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Deposit Your Cheque By Using iPhone

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No more time wasting in going bank to deposit a cheque, technology is making your life easy and more easy with every second of clock.cheque-cashing-iphone-app

A new  iPhone application is introduced that will enable a person to  deposit a cheque in his/her account.

In daily routine a person who want to deposit a cheque to his account, he either go into the bank and have follow the procedure with bank agent or deposit it through the bank ATM.

How can we  avail this unique time saving application?

A depositor have to take picture of both sides of the cheque, after taking images these will be sent to the bank for deposit.

Depositor are required to keep their cheque’s original hard copy for further reference.

Only USAA Bank allow its user to use the iPhone application for depositing their cheques.  Hopefully if it worked then other banks will soon join the company.

4 Gadget to Make your Car Smart

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Mobile Computing

They have not rather made KITT – the most heard AI (Artificial Intelligence) added into the automotive star of TV’s Knight Rider but Dashboard Devices are available out there which can allow you to give your normal motorcar a touch of smart abilities with just 2,750-USD ENV-XC.Automobile Dashboar Device This computer is made about a 1.66-GH Intel Core Duo processor, with 1-GB of memory and a 160-GB HD. It links up to an in-dash touch screen that will replace your car radio controllers. It is featuring
a) A DVD-read/write.
b) A USB porthole to plug-in more devices like keyboard for typing emails.
c) A GPS navigation system.
d) WiFi.

It is coming with Windows, but any advanced user can set up the Linux OS rather. And best of all, it can also talk to you. Visit www.dashboarddevices.com

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How to get most out of your iPhone

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Before going to purchase a mess of travel appurtenance to take with yourself in the next big trip, you should have a closer look at your iPhone also. It’s a useful guide:iphone460

1- Before you depart home, email yourself your travel plan, as well as all confirmation e-mails for hotel, attraction, rental-car and other reservations.iphone-gps

2- Use the GPS and the Google Maps app to see your way around.

3- Take snaps of everything you could be held accountable for like a torn carpet in your hotel apartment or a dent on a rental car you hired. Now, you have evidence it was there before you take charge of it. Also capture information like parking levels and trail maps.

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Avoid Getting Fried on Substandard Power Supplies

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A successful network or system administrator is always a single penny-pincher. With the introduction of x86 hardware platform a powerful and customizable computing has become affordable to the people. People can get hundreds of free and open source software costing them zero. However, there comes certain occasions where you should not pinch pennies especially when considering computer power supplies; never be a cheapskate.money

Substandard power supplies will cause trouble on and on for a long time. They will cause certain errors, like slowdowns, lockups and crashes. You may consider them any software problem – one classic indication of a outlandish power supply is random, non-reproducible errors. A weak power supply normally causes self-generated reboots. This things occurs under load, especially when a CPU-intensive application is started or all of the drives are working simultaneously.

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Twitter Status: Twitter is Still Down

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The most renowned and most visited site of micro-blogging Twitter is under a malicious cyber-attack. Twitter system went offline after this attack this Thursday morning, Still while I am writing this story its not working properly and the twitters from all around the world are unable to access it.twitter_hacked_090806_mn

About Twitter’s hacking incident Twitter executive Biz Stone said in an official blog post.

“ Twitter is the target of denial of service attack,”

The denial of service attack is a technique in which hackers bombard a website’s servers with communications requests.

Twitter executive Biz Stone further said that we are defending this attack and will update our blog and will investigate this attack after defending this cyber attack.

15 Add-ons to Improve Your Blog

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Below are some mentioned some quick helping points that can enable you to get more visitor’s attentions, these are free so you can check them easily:

Google talk badge

google-talk-badge-thumb The hopping text box in the content of your web page will make your visitor to be in contact with you, this doesn’t need that the visitor should have an account, only this is done when you are online, alternatively you can get meebo me.

Web to PDF files

pdf-logo-300x300 This is a great chance; this tag can help the visitor get your article downloaded in PDF file format. Also you can rate how much and which article is most downloaded.

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SATA Drives & Storage Servers

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I love SATA hard drives. I like them very much. Though SCSI drives are still sturdiest and most reliable, SATA drives delivers number of advantages. They do not require expensive controllers. These drives include skinny cables, which come in different attractive colors. These cables can be hot-swapped delivering lot of gigabytes. You will see below a quick cost comparison from which I randomly made from different shopping sites:Seagate ST336705LC SCSI 36GB Hard Drive.jpg

Seagate Cheetah 10K.7. 146-GB Hard Drive Ultra-320 SCSI. Price: 266.99-USD
Seagate Barracuda ES.2. Hard Drive. 1TB. SATA-300. Price: 311.99-USD

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Do More With Your Blackberry-Guide For Power Users

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Blackberry is a phone that reveals personality, a lot more is possible to do with blackberry and for it you need to learn few points to make blackberry more productive for yourself.  Some of the main features of blackberry are described here briefly; this can save your time in reading manuals and get to know about the features and the short cuts.  Below are the fantastic operations mentioned that can be held in Blackberry:blackberry-side-slide-keyboard

Close not shut:

if you are surfing internet in browser or playing a game, and you press the end call key, so it doesn’t mean that the application gets close, it just hides from the front view.  If in case many applications are open, it is better to close applications rather than escaping from it.

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How to Save Power and Cooling

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Economizing electricity has always been a worthy goal. It becomes even more in the summer season. People use to reduce the amount of power that desktops and servers eat up. This thing not only reduces the heat but it also reduces the overall cooling load. Power supplies, CPUs, CRT monitors, hard drives and high-quality graphic cards are not major energy pigs, but if all things are running simultaneously they can add up consumption.save-electricity

The Kill-A-Watt cumulative Kilowatt-hour monitor is a fast and cheap method to calculate how much electric power one PC or monitor is eating up. The Kill-A-Watt sells for approximately 30-USD. It measures volts, amps, watts, Hz and VA (volt-amperes). It is interesting to analyze the differences between a working system (under load), an idle system, and a system that is purportedly “off”. Today, off doesn’t mean off, but rather “on a little bit”.

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15 Cool Tips for Google Doc Power Users

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A summarized practical guide is mentioned in points below regarding how to work with Google Office. Some of the major points are as follows:


  1. To upload Microsoft Office documents  to the Google Docs, you can use the List Uploader  of Windows and drag files from your desktop to the Google Doc, using the right click menu. The MAC OS X user can use the GDocsUploader by dragging files from the desktop directly to the Uploader icon. Another option is GDocsBar, simply drag files in the Firefox side bar and it will be automatically upload in the Google Docs.

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