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The Great Big List of 75 Budgeting Tools

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It is very important to know about the details of your income and expenses. If you want to know about yourpersonal finance, you should keep an eye on your expense records. Define your expenses in bullets and categorize your income according to your expenses. Also try to save some amount of money that you can use in emergency situations. Fix some portion of your income for your expenses and for some saving account.

 Budget and daily expenses

Maintain Your Family Budget

Now it is very simple to maintain a budget for your family because there are many advance software available in the market to support you. With the help of these soft-wares, you can easily manage your expenses. You can also save a lot of amount from your monthly income.

Availability of Such Programs

These programs are easily available in local market in form of CDs and DVDs. These programs are available online on internet and you can download such programs from different websites. Some of these programs are free and some are available on trail period. You can use your credit card as well to purchase these programs.

Supported By

You can use these programs on your home PC. They are accessible on both MAC and windows. These are very easy to use and any one can use them and can manage the monthly income according to the expenses.

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Best Car Apps for Iphone

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Smartphone’s have become quite the rage. The main reason for this is that these Smartphone’s feature ever kind of applications possible. The most popular Smartphone is the Apple iPhone.

The Apple iPhone has many great features. It gives you full internet access, GPS and great music as well. Additionally other companies have created new applications for Apple iPhone’s which include fantastic games. Below we shall consider the top 5 iPhone Apps that one should have in their cars.

1.  Dynolicious

Dynolicious is a performance meter which can measure braking g-forces, times and speeds, horsepower, elapsed time and trap speeds.

iphone car apps

The in-built accelerometer of the iPhone will convert your vehicle’s information into real time data. The app has been rated as four stars and can be used on the original iPhone, iPhone 3G and the iPod Touch. Dynolicious will however only interest people who are conscious about the speed and performance of their vehicles.

2. TripAlyzer

TripAlyzer plays the role of an onboard data center and calculates the vehicle’s fuel efficiency and its average speed. It can be bought for $5.99 and will help users calculate how to use your fuel more efficiently.

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Twitter’s Brand New iPad App

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The twitter app for iPad has been released and its official. Twitter has just announced the service’s official iPad app. This app is free cost and comes with a slew of touch interface bells and whistles built right in. The basic purpose of this app is help seamless navigation between all its tweets, photos, webpages etc. This app could also be accessed by those who don’t have an account yet.

Twitter's iPhone App

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How to Hunt for Free Wi-Fi

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If you are out and you need an internet connection so here are some known and absolute ways to get a free Wi-Fi.


Simple: Common places where a Wi Fi exists

Wi Fi is found at many places like universities, hotels, restaurants and offices. Some Wi Fi’s are there to use free of cost and for some of them we have to pay. In some wi-fi’s you have to provide a user name and password to acces it. So before selecting any place to use wi fi just confirm once is that free or not so u may not get dis appointed with that place.

In colonies like residential areas a little effort can tell you that is there a wireless hotspot or not and you can easily set it up with little knowledge of how to use it. Instead of turning on your laptop or other wi fi detection devices just switch and search on wi fi connectivity in your smart phone or a wireless detecting key chain. It is as smple that you can get notification of wi fi hot spot even through your pair of shoes if you are that smart how to use them.

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Buy a new PC rather than upgrading to Windows 7

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The Windows XP users who are considering for upgrade to Windows 7 for them best advice is that don’t do it.

The main disadvantage about upgrading XP to Windows 7 is that upgrade requires reinstalling applications and moving personal data around and as matter of fact no one like to do that.


Because of some good technical reasons Microsoft make it in hard form but for average XP users and many businesses such difficult upgrade makes Windows 7 a hard task for ordinary users. Only the expert or adept users can upgrade their Window XP to Window 7 at their own peril. But for that handy install disks will be needed.

Now the question is that “ Windows XP can be upgraded to Windows 7 so is it right to upgrade XP”?  For that answer is very simple and short NO! Read the full story

3 Important Things to Look in a Mobile Phone

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The Start of the new millennium gave a big boost to the mobile phone industry. The users touched the count of millions in just a few years, even the big companies like LG, Samsung etc which are well known their big jobs like skyscraper constructions and ship building fascinated towards the growth of mobile industry and they plunged themselves into it. mobile phone

Now days we see Mobile industry as a massive platform with an immense competition. Every month we have hundreds of new mobile phone designs that come with updated features and elevated utilities, which make it very hard to choose among the diversity of designs and features offered by different mobiles. So here are 3 worthy tips to help you out in choosing an appropriate mobile phone for you.

Determine What Feature You Required

The first step is to find your need regarding the utilization of phone. Under the shadow of this tip you need to figure out for what major purposes you will be using the mobile phone. A few orthodox functions are provided by all the mobile phone like Send/Receive SMS or initiating/terminating call sessions, yet there are so many other features that makes it difficult to decide. Phone Features

But your priorities can solve this dilemma, if your priorities are to listen quality music and to maintain a large database of music right in your pocket then you need to be going for a music phones with good Media facilities (Sony Ericsson W-series, Nokia Express Music etc .. ), and if You are more business oriented person and you want a complete control over your business right in your palm then go for the business phones with latest Connectivity features (Black Berry, i-mate etc).

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Office 2010 For Mac: What’s The Reasons

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Office 2010 version is announced recently for the Mac. Mac user are growing day by day in corporate environment and now Microsoft has to go forward to take its share out of money-making Apple. office mac 2010

ITIC/Sunbelt Software group has conducted a survey in the fourth quarter of last year and got that more than 2/3 of corporates were available for Mac into IT field and greater than 50% of survey respondent want to have Mac with iPhones.

Due to less development of comprehensive application by PC software maker and desktop virtualization we do not have much to get Windows application to execute on Mac. Such application like Parallels Desktop for Mac provide enable us to have Windows and its desired software up and running.

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Someone Else is Using My Computer; Problem Solved

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Some user might have came into contact with following error and we have discussed here and suggest here some of troubleshooting tips.

Tune UR PC


My PC some time says while I shutdown “Other people are logged onto this computer. Shutting down Windows might cause them to lose data. Do you still want to continue shutting down?”


There are many reasons which can cause this specific problem and it is difficult also to diagnose it. There is lot of information a doctor solving this problem will ask you like

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Apple Introduced Anti-Glare Displays on MacBook Pros

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Apple has launched it line of 15-inch MacBook Pros that has lusterless display. The new changed line of MacBook Pros is available by placing order at Apple’s Web site in $50 addition.NewMacBookProOctober14

The new changed model of MacBook Pros has the antiglare display that will be helpful for photographers and those who are in print-based art work. The antiglare display of MacBook Pros will be helpful in calibrating accurate color, as in previous version it is difficult to to match the screen color with printed copy.

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Search Google, Yahoo and Bing at Once

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Did you try out this blind search tool? It comes with results from Google, Yahoo and Bing. You will see them in three separate columns without search engine’s name on them. You are the man to tell which one is showing the best results and then it will tell which results were collected by which search engine. I checked it many times and keep choosing Yahoo for showing me the best required results.

blind search

I talked to the search engine experts many times and they always use to say that people mostly consider Google results best among all and you know why?, because they are from Google. Take any search engine and insert Google logo on top of it, and you will see it will go successful. Therefore, Yahoo results with a Google logo on it will test better than, suppose, Google results having Yahoo or Bing logo on it. People around the world are just used to rate Google as the best search engine.

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