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Three New Mobile Phones By Nokia

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Finland’s Nokia Corp. has recently announced the launch of three new mobile phones. The mobile phones have been designed specifically for providing quick messaging and good social networking tools, all to be made available at a reasonable price.

c3 c6

The three new phones Nokia C3, C6 and E5 have been created keeping in view all the requirements that the users want nowadays.

Nokia C3 has been created on the basis of the series 40 platform. The phone has a QWERTY keyboard, Ovi mail and chat, Wi-Fi, 8GB of data storage and allows users full accessibility to all social networks. The phone is said to come in the second quarter.

iPhone OS 4.0 To Bring Multitasking

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Good news for iPhone lovers, who love to spend endless time playing around with their iPhones. We always want some multitasking for the iPhone and just now, it seems that our wish has become true.


To explain further, multitasking refers to the operating system’s ability to run more than one app at a time allowing you to switch between them whenever you want, just like you can do in Windows or Mac OS.

Currently, the OS on iPhone offers limited multitasking. This means that although you can keep a phone call active while browsing in Safari, but that’s about it. It doesn’t offer much more multitasking.

Experience Games With Wireless OLED Screens

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Screens are changing revolutionary, there are no limits for screen improvements and this is gaining the climax in gaming experience. And I am so sure that the fans of D&D (Dungeons and Dragons) will sure love this improvement and these are called OLED- Screened Playing Cards. And now I am showing that how board games are going to improve and will look like in the near future:


We are supposed to thanks Queen’s University in Ontario Canada, because they are the developers of this stunning technology. These OLED Screens will let us to deal with them like we deal with paper and this is going to be done in the near future. They are trying to make these wirelesses OLED Screens to amaze you. There is also a video to show that how it works.

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Improved Mobile Phones With 97% Less Energy and Less Health Hazard

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Mobile phones have gained increased importance in the sector of Information and communication technologies and effectively started to reach the bottom of economic pyramid, in 2000’s.mobile1

Mobile phones are considered to be the most popular gift. It facilitated every one due to its feature and convince. A revolutionary invention made by Engineering department of University of Warwick, and made it so convenient that it was estimated that everyone will be in hurry to buy those extremely safer and more efficient mobile phones. This is actually the invention of Professor Roger Green, by which the size of the cell phone will be smaller then ever because of the reduction in the size of battery. Green’s invention decreased the size but, increased the battery life, and also made it safe because he cut the energy which passed through consumers head by 97%.

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Top 10 Technologies Of 2010

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The New Year has finally arrived, bringing some new technologies along which are ready to make a big impact this year.

Here is a list of the top ten technologies that will definitely rock 2010, leaving their marks in history.


1. The Tablet

Probably the biggest anticipated product of the year, the tablet computer will definitely be dominating 2010. The launch of iSlate, which is a mix between the iPhone and a computer, tablets will enter a new dimension.


2. Geo

Geolocation is increasingly becoming an essential feature due to the combination of GPS chips in mobile phones, social networks, and increasingly innovative mobile apps. The arrival of Geo APIs from Twitter , SimpleGeo, and hopefully Facebook will change the overall functioning by adding layers of geo-related data to all sorts of apps.

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How to Hunt for Free Wi-Fi

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If you are out and you need an internet connection so here are some known and absolute ways to get a free Wi-Fi.


Simple: Common places where a Wi Fi exists

Wi Fi is found at many places like universities, hotels, restaurants and offices. Some Wi Fi’s are there to use free of cost and for some of them we have to pay. In some wi-fi’s you have to provide a user name and password to acces it. So before selecting any place to use wi fi just confirm once is that free or not so u may not get dis appointed with that place.

In colonies like residential areas a little effort can tell you that is there a wireless hotspot or not and you can easily set it up with little knowledge of how to use it. Instead of turning on your laptop or other wi fi detection devices just switch and search on wi fi connectivity in your smart phone or a wireless detecting key chain. It is as smple that you can get notification of wi fi hot spot even through your pair of shoes if you are that smart how to use them.

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Watch Live Webcam With the Help of Google

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A webcam is the loosely used term for any camera that produces images that can be regained by and displayed on the world wide web through a server. Webcams are one of the oldest technology on the Internet. Webcams have high usage percentage. it can be use as Quick cam, Flex cam, as a security cam, in internet chatting, Video telephony, in video conference call and so on.


Listing thousands of free webcams, aerial map views and Google street views from around the world Enjoy viewing many thousands of live webcams around the globe .You can view web cams by continent, country or by webcam category. By using simple Google Search, any user that has approach to the net can logon, access and watch many unprotected cameras and webcams around the world.

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Top Technological Trends Of 2009

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Here are some of the top technological trends that remained in focus during 2009.

1. Smartphones

These recently launched mobile phones have the capability to work as a computer as well, allowing users to plug in anywhere. Smartphone sales increased 24% worldwide in 2009, irrespective of the poor economic conditions.

Top Ten Tech Trends

2. Facebook

Facebook went through a significant demographic shift, becoming the most favorite social networking website for all age groups.

3. Blogging

Blogging gained much popularity in 2009 with the help of Twitter. This helped people to publicize certain issues, such as the protests in Iranian elections, which cause significant turbulence in the politics.

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Apple’s Shares Hit New High On Tablet Excitement

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Recent news is that the technology company, Apple, is ready to launch a new, touch-sensitive mini-laptop, probably named as the iSlate, possibly as soon as next month.


There are hopes that the launch of the new device could do the same for the ebook and netbook, what iPhone did to mobile phones, i.e. become the sole leader of the market.

This anticipation has pushed shares in the company to a record high of $209.06 on December 24, up 3.4pc on the day alone. The shares have more than doubled in the past year.

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Sony Ericsson To Release Xperia Pureness In US

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Sony Ericsson Xperia Pureness handset is all set to be launched in US. This little technology wonder will cost you just over $900 and comes with a Concierge service as well.

sony ericsson xperia

Although the price may be a little high, but this might just be the cheapest way to get a concierge service of your own. The concierge service is the only truly localized global concierge service in the world, which will provide the potential owner comprehensive support for all lifestyle requests through a 24 hour service in cities around the world for almost any type of need.

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