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Risks of Experiments With Protons And Particle Accelerators

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The large hadron collider (LHC) is the world largest and highest energy particle accelerator, lies in a tunnel 27 Kilometers beneath the franco-swiss, border near Geneva. Principle of LHC is to accelerate two beams of particles and the beams are directed each other so that the particles collide while flying in opposite directions, this process can be used to make strange and anti-matter. LHC was built by European organization for nuclear research with the intention of testing various predictions of energy physics. It will revolutionize our understanding, from the minuscule world deep within atoms to the vastness of the Universe.


LHC experiments are based on synchrotron technology. A synchrotron is a cycle particle accelerator in which the magnetic field (to turn particles so they circulate) and electric field (to accelerate particles) are carefully synchronized with traveling particle beam. The ability of this device to accelerate particles is limited by the fact that the particles must be charged to be accelerated at all, but charged particles under acceleration emits photons, thereby losing energy.


In particle physics knowledge about elementary particles by accelerating particles to very high kinetic energy and letting them impact on other particles, which result in a reaction that transforms subatomic particles into other particles. Operational time line occurs in stages, first hadrons are accelerated in order to gain energy and this acceleration continues till the hadrons reach up to colliding energy level. Experimental collision energy of 7 TeV has been achieved. Experimental analysis is obtained through detectors which provide relevant data relating to anti-matter and conditions produced after big bang.

Particle Holes

During LHC experiments particle holes are produced, which comprise of strangelets and monopoles. Staranglet is a hypothetical particle consisting of bound state of roughly equal numbers; its size would be a few femtometers to macroscopic. Stranglets have been suggested as a dark matter candidate, while monopoles are hypothetical particle of magnet with only one pole. Also micro black holes are also produced which are very small in size and have expected to have high velocity.

Safety & Risks

The outcome of several studies predict that hypothetical micro black holes evaporate by Hawking radiation and according to LSAG, even if micro black holes were produced by LHC and were stable, they would be unable to accrete matter in a manner dangerous for earth. In another scenario Ultra high energy cosmic rays are impacting earth’s atmosphere over billion of years with energy higher than those of LHC does not have any hazardous effects.

LHC experiments have the potential to create low velocity micro black holes that could grow in mass or release dangerous radiation leading to the destruction of matter. Other claimed potential include the creation of theoretical particles called strangelets and magnetic monopoles are basis for any conceivable threat.

VAIO J Touchscreen PCs

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Sony has released J touch series of all in one touch screen PCs for home users. There are different prices and price range is 900 to 1200 dollars. These PCs have three hardware buttons to control the features, music and maintenance. They are with Intel processors of different speeds, NVIDIA graphics and a real key board is also available.

The J series touch screen PCs are offering 21.5 inch 1920×1080 displays for full HD, an optional Blu-ray drive, 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi, and a built-in webcam. With its multi-touch interface, users can scroll, zoom and rotate images with finger movements.

Three hardware buttons on your PC

Sony is providing three hardware buttons to make the use of these PCs simpler and user’s friendly. The VAIO button helps the user to control media gallery through which you can search and enjoy your music collection. You can create twenty-one unique channels of music in the gallery. You can search your old and favorite songs on this channel just by following the name.

ASSIST button

You can control and maintain the maintenance procedures, including a VAIO care software program. You can run your desire application for a long time by clicking DISPLAY OFF button to save energy. You can also select the option of hibernation for your PC. Read the full story

Make Your Cell Phone Go Green

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Mobile phones have gained the status of one of the most important necessity of life in the 21st century, but still mobile phone technology is not considered as environmental friendly.

Smartphones Energy Consumption

Firstly, the materials of which mobile phones are made are not environmental and human friendly. These materials include: plastic, metal tantalum etc. Secondly, the issue that has always been closely associated with the mobile phones is the usage of energy. Smartphones require more energy than simple mobile pone. Some models consume even more energy without any type of energy-saving strategies.

Apart from the amount of energy that is used to charge cell phone (smartphones or other) the power to transmit calls, text/media messages and data via wireless carrier networks such as Bluetooth, infrared etc require extra power. Furthermore, all the wireless data sending networks transmit a remarkable volume of signaling traffic in order to route calls and other data to the relevant customers. Read the full story

Cheap Gadgets As Christmas Gifts

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Previously we gave you a list on the top gadgets of 2010 as Christmas gifts. The list did have some pretty expensive stuff, so today we thought to give you a review on some gadgets that are just below the range of $200. This means that you can still give a good gadget, at a budgeted price. Here goes some of the best Christmas gadget gifts, just below $200.



Got a bookworm friend? Then you can make their Christmas memorable by presenting them with the Kindle eBook reader. Yes! An eBook is the technical way to read books! Read the full story

Enable Fingerprint Logon

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Keeping so many passwords in your mind at a time is not an easy task at all. Many times we enter passwords for the account while it does not belong to it. And we check one by one password for it, which is very time consuming. This is the reason we forget our windows password too.  We can not think about removing Windows password as worried about computer security. With the advancement in technology, the line of defense is getting stronger and stronger as the time passes. Now unauthorized access is just not limited to password which is comprised of letters, numbers and symbols. You can use your fingerprint as defense line. This possible if you use fingerprint biometric devices to log on to computers, it will make you free from lost windows password.

Windows 7 Fingerprint Logon


Do you know anything about biometrics? Actually biometrics is an increasingly popular technology that provides convenient access to systems, services and resources. Biometric devices measure unique biological traits like fingerprints, voice prints and retinal images and compare them or match them with the stored profile while passwords do not facilitate you with anything like this. The PC can only be used when biometric data matches the profile of the only rightful user. Read the full story

Edit Google Docs On Smart Phone !

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Smartphone uses were way long fed up of limited functions of Google Doc applications. Limitations that can allow seeing documents but not to edit or create them. Smartphone users had paid  costly ways to be creative while on the move. This will be not same again.

Google Docs editing

Google has launched the facility to edit Google Docs on Apple iOS and Android platforms both.  The step is present to furnish value of Google Docs and can ultimately conclude in free-based service that can lead Google’s bottom line troubles.


Mobile productivity

Major cause for the limited use of Smartphones in business is the hurdle of lack of creating or editing Microsoft Office applications on these phones. Read the full story

Unbelievable Latest Portable Technology!

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Experience the latest portable technology by Japan.

Pen Technology

Take a look at this revolutionary invention.

Confused ? Look Again !

Guess what ! You have just experienced The worlds Latest portable PC……

No more Laptops or Minicomputers all you need is a pen !!!!!!!!


Believe it !!!!!! Read the full story

Toshiba’s Folio Tablet – A Response to Apple’s iPad?

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Major companies lash out products in a frantic struggle to be the one ahead of technology. Sometimes its Apple, sometimes Google, sometimes Microsoft and now Toshiba. Electronic and mobile companies too have ventured into the world of hardware and software, inspired from the success of Apple and Microsoft. What we have to see is, are these companies really living up to the mark and can they really take on the super powers of the technology world?  One of the companies is Toshiba, which launched its Android tablet with the name of Folio 100, in a competitive edge with Samsung’s Galaxy Tab and Apple’s iPad. The point is can Toshiba’s Folio Tablet make the necessary mark?

The Toshiba Folio Tab looks quite similar to Apple’s iPad and comes in a 3G as well as a non 3G version. This device will be a fully functional tablet like the iPad and not a phone cum pad like the Samsung Galaxy and will be officially released for sale in Europe by next year.

This device has a price tag of $511 for a non 3G version but has options for Wi-Fi and if you prefer the 3G version then it would cost you around $639.

Read the full story

Top 10 Amazing Gadgets From Future

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Technology changes day by day and everyday brings something new in the market. I was searching on the internet and found some amazing gadgets. I have compiled a list of these amazing gadgets. Many of these won’t be in the market today but may be later they will be actually adored by thousands of customers.

So here is the list of amazing gadgets:

1 – Rubber Mobile

Rubber Mobile

This mobile have simple shape, it’s a brick but it’s so thin like a candy bar. Its body is totally rubberized in a bright color. Keypad is slightly angled and haves 4 mega pixel camera. It has stereo speakers also, so that you can enjoy your favorite music tracks.

2 – Optimus Tactus Touch Keyboard Should Be Called Optimus Retardus

Optimus Tactus Keyboard

Optimus Tactus is having extruded shape, touch surface keyboard concept. Though yet it’s not released but it will be liked by musicians, artists and video editors. It possesses solid LCD tablet displays. Read the full story

Nokia May Launch a Windows Mobile

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Nokia, which is still the world’s largest mobile phone manufacturer, is said to be working on a new device that might run on Microsoft’s own operating system. This was disclosed in a recent article in Times Online, which stated some facts about Wolfson Microelectronics, which is a British microelectronics and fabless semiconductor corporation that specializes in signal processing chips. The same company has been selected to provide the required chips for the new mobile phone.

windows mobile

Read the full story


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