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New Lenovo Multitouch Netbook Tablet

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The 2011 CES (Consumer Electronic Show) was held on Jan 7, 2011. Even before the CES, the companies have started to exhibit their merchandise. It was therefore, predicted that the Touch Tablet drift would steal the show this year. The Lenovo Ideapad S10-3t was also one the prominent products.

Lenovo Ideapad S10-3t

The Lenovo Ideapad S10-3t is fundamentally a netbook tablet with multi touch resources and a capacitive monitor. It does not come as a surprise to learn that net book tablets are well liked by the production companies, especially if we talk with reference to transferring the equipments to tablet Pcs. The net books are available at an inexpensive initial rate. With the addition of rotating touch screen, the cost will be enhanced by a little amount. For that reason, net book tablets are considered to be excellent products, if make comparison of price against the characteristics.

Competition for Lenovo Ideapad S10-3t

In fact Ideapad S10-3t is the not the only available netbook tablet in the market. It has competition with couple of other brands, like ASUS EEE PC T91 MT, Gigabyte TouchNote T1028 and Acer 1420p. Now in the year 2011, the Ideapad  S10-3t will mark an Atom N470 CPU. It will be with a 10.1 inches HD (High Definition) and a vast 320 GB hard disk (good enough for running multiple programs). It also contains a battery cell with the facility to improve it further for eight cells.

Multimedia Features of Lenovo

Lenovo also have made an endeavor to make addition of couple of multimedia characteristics to the Idealpad S10-3t. This includes a HD monitor and dolby digital sound system. You can use this device ideally for watching movies and listening to songs and other music. It has excellent means to communicate with other devices, like Bluetooth, WI-Fi 802.11N, 3G and Wi-Max. The initial purchasing expense for Lenovo IdeaPad S10-3t is US$459.

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Toshiba’s Folio Tablet – A Response to Apple’s iPad?

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Major companies lash out products in a frantic struggle to be the one ahead of technology. Sometimes its Apple, sometimes Google, sometimes Microsoft and now Toshiba. Electronic and mobile companies too have ventured into the world of hardware and software, inspired from the success of Apple and Microsoft. What we have to see is, are these companies really living up to the mark and can they really take on the super powers of the technology world?  One of the companies is Toshiba, which launched its Android tablet with the name of Folio 100, in a competitive edge with Samsung’s Galaxy Tab and Apple’s iPad. The point is can Toshiba’s Folio Tablet make the necessary mark?

The Toshiba Folio Tab looks quite similar to Apple’s iPad and comes in a 3G as well as a non 3G version. This device will be a fully functional tablet like the iPad and not a phone cum pad like the Samsung Galaxy and will be officially released for sale in Europe by next year.

This device has a price tag of $511 for a non 3G version but has options for Wi-Fi and if you prefer the 3G version then it would cost you around $639.

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