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Motorola Vs. Apple: Battle is On!

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As soon as new technology is introduced in the smart phones, sales war starts among the competitive companies. Now is the time for online sellout for Motorola’s Droid X. Although the companies do not reveal their actual sales data, the Droid X seems to be sold out in advance on internet sales and soon it will be short.

Droid’s Sale

Droid X and iPhone

According to research, the Verizon version of Google’s smart phone is doing great sale and in short supply at Verizon stores. Soon it is will be the same with retailers. So everyone wants change, other than Apple’s I-phone, whose sale is now reduced due to its reception difficulty. Verizon also promoted the Droid a lot, which is offered by other carriers too. Droid has not very quick sale now and it is unfamiliar to many but it is said to the potential to catch the sales of Apple’s iPhone.

Droid’s Advantage

The droid promoters say that apple is only at the top for its sales not for its usability. According to them Droid is more user friendly than Apple in many applications. In Droid the users are being able to create their own applications without having to submit them to Apple. It has multiple carriers, including AT&T, Sprint, Verizon and T-Mobile.

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Samsung Epic 4G

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Samsung Epic 4G will be available in the markets from 31st August while its reservations will start from the 13th August. Therefore if you wish to have the phone in your hands on the day of the launch, it would be advised that you reserve a phone for yourself rather to wait for it.

Samsung has struck a deal with mobile operators Sprint who have announced the selling date of the phone, which would be aviable for purchase through their website, stores, retail partners like Walmart, Best Buy and Radio Shack for just $249.99 after a $100 mail in rebate along with a two year service warranty. Therefore this is why they have keep the reservation date earlier prior to the launch of the phone in the marker on its launch date so that you could grab your hand on the phone earlier than those who would purchase it from the market.

This phone is partially different from the Galaxy S smartphones which Samsung offers and are Android based. This difference is that Sprints Epic 4G offers you a slide out qwerty keypad for help in messaging, mail, text entry and it supports WiMax radio so that it can easily accesss the Sprints high performance WiMax network. However in areas where the WiMax facility isnt available, the phone would drop back to the 3G facility.

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Sprint and Google

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Sprint Nextel is a wireless communication service provider and is the first in the US to provide users with 4G service meant specially for the latest smartphones. It has paired up with leading telecommunication industries of the world and has provided users with exceptional services. It had first paired up with HTC to give 4G service to a smartphone and now it has paired up with Samsung to provide internet service on the latest mobile OS of the world; “Android”.

Sprint and Android will be collaborating together to provide a unique, revolutionary platform of communications for smartphone users. One such innovative device is the Sprint Samsung Moment released in November 2009.

This device is the first Android powered handset available in the market and it has some sparkling features that is bound to leave customers amazed.

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Sprint To Launch HTC EVO 4G On June 4

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Sprint Nextel has announced recently that it will begin the sale of HTC EVO, the most advanced high-speed wireless phone so far, from June 4 for $199. The low price has been introduced specifically to win back the subscribers that the company has lost during the last few years to its bigger rivals.

Being the first in the region to support fourth-generation (4G) high-speed data speeds, the EVO has all the capability to compete well against Apple’s iPhone. Moreover, it is expected that the EVO will arrive in the market long before the iPhone 4G, which is also expected to come this summer, so most users waiting for a 4G phone might go for it instead of waiting for the new iPhone.

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Samsung Seek Mobile By Sprint

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Sprint together with Samsung will be launching a new mobile phone, Samsung Seek, which is a compact device featuring a full-QWERTY slide-out keyboard, a well responsive touchscreen along with Sprint’s 3G network.

The phone will be available in three different colors, having an easy to use, customizable menu system that provides instant access to several different features and applications.

The Samsung Seek has the capability to provide smooth messaging, including threaded text messaging, picture messaging, instant messaging and shortcuts to a number of social networking apps such as Facebook , Twitter and MySpace.

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Sprint to Launch Palm Pixi on November 15

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Palm Pixi, which is soon to be launched by Sprint in this month of November will contain a lot of useful features. According to the third largest U.S. carrier, Palm Pixi consist of Palm’s Web OS software in order to enable multi-tasking.

Through this you can access different features like messaging, email and internet browsing simultaneously.

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Samsung Moment (M900)

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Samsung Company has recently launched a Samsung Moment (M900) Phone (Sprint) that works on Google’s Android operating system and enables access to many applications like Google Search, Google Maps, Gmail and YouTube and others present in Android Market.

For a good quality display and view it also provides a 3.2-inch AMOLED responsive touch screen. Moreover, their handsets incorporate an 800MHz processor with Wi-Fi facility and incorporated GPS navigation.

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