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Top 10 iPad Apps for Social Networking

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Since social networking has become much of our daily routine, like our morning coffee and our evening hang out. People around the world have different social networks to operate on. Most of us are on more than one. Following are the 6 best apps for social networking that we could find. These are based on productivity, user-friendliness and also on how much they are being used around the globe.

1. The AIM for iPad

The AIM for iPad

It is a solid app for those that primarily use AOL’s messaging service, since you can import them directly. It has some social networking issues, e.g. you can’t re-tweet or reply friends when using the built-in Facebook and Twitter clients. It is rated with 3 stars.

2. Oecoway’s Friendly app

Oecoway’s Friendly app

It is a simple social networking app. It is easy to use and light on the machine. Its main feature is excellent layout. It keeps the social net-worker to his/her rudimentary purpose. It is rated with 3.5 stars.

3. Hootsuite

HootSuite for iPad

HootSuite enables users to build many social network streams on one interface screen. Hootsuite app offers a different feature for all you people who operate on different social networks simultaneously. But it is kind of difficult for people who aren’t good at classifying information. Read the full story

NookColor: eReader Game Changer

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Nook eReader from Barnes and Noble is considered to be the only competitor for Amazon Kindle DX and Amazon Kindle 3rd generation readers in the market. Without wasting time, the company has launched the 2nd generation Nook eReader named NookColor. These eReader are based on different approach and are a big step ahead.

When we compare the previous model of Nook and different models of Kindle with the latest NookColor we observe that the screen is big 7 inches and fully touch sensitive. The software is also improved and upgraded to Google Android Os 2.1 éclair. Although you cannot install ordinary Android application still some applications which are provided by Barnes and Noble are supported. Honestly that doesn’t make much difference because it is only a dedicated media reading device.

Reading Materials

As it is clear from the name that the eReader is related to reading which means that library is essential. Barnes and Noble have provided us almost 2 million reading different reading materials which cost $ 9.99 at maximum. They have also provided us ease of selection. We can read the books for some time before making our choice and purchasing the material. You can also subscribe magazines. A trail period of 14 days is provided for any magazine you like. This a great feature because now can check whether the book or magazine is suitable for you or not. The company has also promised his customers that they will provide downloadable Enhanced Nookbooks including illustrations.

What’s It Good For?

Although the main feature of eReaders is reading stuff still it provides its users entertainment like surfing on internet, get connected online through social networks, listening to your favorite music and playing many games. NookColor is closer to IPad and many tablets to some extend but the eReader is not a replacement of your notebook. You also have to carry a notebook along with any eReader device.

We easily understand the difference between models and devices by considering few stats such as:


The screen size of 1st Gen Nook, iPad, 3rd Gen Kindle and Nook Color are 6” diagonal, 9.7” diagonal, 6” diagonal and 7” diagonal whereas Touch screen size of 1st Gen Nook, iPad and Nook Color are 3.5” color, 9.7” diagonal, and 7” diagonal correspondingly. Read the full story

Facebook Chats Added To Your IM Client

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Who hasn’t dreamed of having our Facebook chats added to our favorite IM client? Ever since it has started it has made a tremendous recovery, keeping customers satisfied and fulfilling wants and needs of security and better development. And now it has done it again, the once promise made one year ago of supporting Facebook Chat over XMPP/Jabber, has finally come true. Facebook has partnered off with AIM to bring your own chats with close buddies to your very own desktop. However, not all of us are a fan of AIM and if that’s so don’t put on a gloomy face; there is a solution to having your Facebook chats displayed on to your choice of IM client. It not only has partnered with AIM but because its implementation of XMPP/Jabber, makes it possible to display chats on to other preferred IM interfaces. facebook

For those using the multiple protocol IM clients such as Pidign, Adium, or iChat, setting up is easy as ABC. First you have to add the new Jabber or XMPP account, where the username will be addressed as and your password will be as same as for Facebook. Once logged in you must be bursting with excitement but there might be some problems which will be sort of hard to adjust. For instance, it’s expected that all your friends will show up in your buddy list, however, the organization may seem a bit messy and hard to grasp. Why so?

Samsung Corby S3650 Review

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The Samsung Corby S3650 attracts many with its diverse range of colors, creating an enjoyable color contrast against the buttons located on either side.

Apart from the one that comes in the box, you can additionally purchase a panel according to your own liking.

The Samsung Corby has a capacitive 2.8 inch display. The device is quite compact, designed specifically for kids and youngsters. The good thing about it is that although its an affordable phone, it doesn’t feel cheap in your hand.

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Top 10 Technologies Of 2010

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The New Year has finally arrived, bringing some new technologies along which are ready to make a big impact this year.

Here is a list of the top ten technologies that will definitely rock 2010, leaving their marks in history.


1. The Tablet

Probably the biggest anticipated product of the year, the tablet computer will definitely be dominating 2010. The launch of iSlate, which is a mix between the iPhone and a computer, tablets will enter a new dimension.


2. Geo

Geolocation is increasingly becoming an essential feature due to the combination of GPS chips in mobile phones, social networks, and increasingly innovative mobile apps. The arrival of Geo APIs from Twitter , SimpleGeo, and hopefully Facebook will change the overall functioning by adding layers of geo-related data to all sorts of apps.

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Facebook Offers All Members Free Security Software

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In order to fight off the increasing threats of hackers and computer viruses on the social network, Facebook has announced that it will be offering free computer security software for six months to all of the network’s 350 million members.

facebook software

To do this, Facebook has signed a deal with the famous anti-virus maker McAfee Inc. of Santa Clara to supply the security software.

The Software will be available for free for the first six months, after which it will be available with a special discount subscription. The later subscription amount has not been defined as yet, though Facebook has claimed that it would not receive any profit from the subscriptions.

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Top Android Apps

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Most of the phones, including the Motorola Milestone, the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 and the HTC Tattoo. Although there aren’t many apps around for Android as compared to the iPhone but Android Marketplace is catching up fast. Here is a list of some of the top apps available for Android.

Photos and Video

Photo Effects
A great little toolbox to put some effects and filters in your pictures, as soon as you capture them, right on your phone.

If you find Photo Effects too complex, then go for PicSay, as it provides much simpler functions for resizing, color adjusting and rotation of pictures. You can also add some fun captions and speech bubbles for MMS postcards.

Snap Photo Pro
If you wand to get some better results from your camers, then get Snap Photo Pro as it offers various filters for image stabilization using the phone’s accelerometer to detect and correct wobbly hands.

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Samsung Launches M5650 Lindy

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Samsung has recently launched a new music handset, named as M5650 Lindy. The phone is said to be the successor of the Corby S3650 and resemble a lot to the phones that Samsung included in the Corby line.

The new Samsung M5650 Lindy comes with a touchscreen display, along with some specific features for a music handset, including external control keys, MP3 player, FM radio, and a 3.5mm headset jack.

Some of the other specifications include:

  • 2.8 inch QVGA display
  • 3-megapixel Camera

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Top 10 Entertainment Apps For Nokia N900

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Any smartphone is truly useless unless you explore the multiple ways in which it can be used to provide entertainment as well as do business. Nokia N900 is no different. It’s about keeping in touch, expressing yourself and enjoying media of every kind.

Here is a list of the top 10 entertainment apps that you can find on the Maemo Select app store.

1. Fring

Fring is one of the best apps available as it brings together the best in instant messaging and VoIP in one package, allowing you to use services such as Skype and MSN Messenger from your N900’s 3G or WiFi connection.

2. Bounce Evolution

If you want to experience the graphical power of the N900, then bounce evolution is a wonderful game to do so. Utilize the N900’s fantastically sensitive tilt motion control to guide a ball down a perfectly rendered track, against the ticking clock.

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