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7 Cool Chrome Extensions for Twitter

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It is a well-known fact that Chrome is very fast. This is the reason for its huge fan following. However it is also possible for Chrome to be social now.

Chrome has designed extensions, specifically for Twitter. There are seven free tools that you can install. For people who use Twitter’s web interface, these extensions are definitely worth it.

All the extensions are very different and diverse in nature. Some of the extensions help keep you productive, while others, just let you have fun. All seven extensions will now be examined.

Twitter Share This Page

This is a sure shot way of sharing your URL on Twitter. This extension is very fast and quick. You will not go wrong with this extension.

First of all, you must install it. All you have to do is hit the “t” icon. This will appear on the right-hand side of your browser bar.

The extension will load the relevant URL.  It will load it in your “What’s happening?” Twitter box. It is quite simple to follow.

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Digg App For iPhone

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Bored with twitter and Reddit? Good news is that Digg has finally made it to your iPhone, allowing you to share your links with other contacts.

The greatly anticipated app was released last week, allowing Digg members to submit and vote on links to content. This app was long due as its biggest rival Reddit had released its iPhone app more than a year back.

The Digg app, which is currently free, is meant to allow users to read content and comments from the site. The app utilizes an integrated Safari mobile browser, allowing the users to view the content.

Facebook Chats Added To Your IM Client

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Who hasn’t dreamed of having our Facebook chats added to our favorite IM client? Ever since it has started it has made a tremendous recovery, keeping customers satisfied and fulfilling wants and needs of security and better development. And now it has done it again, the once promise made one year ago of supporting Facebook Chat over XMPP/Jabber, has finally come true. Facebook has partnered off with AIM to bring your own chats with close buddies to your very own desktop. However, not all of us are a fan of AIM and if that’s so don’t put on a gloomy face; there is a solution to having your Facebook chats displayed on to your choice of IM client. It not only has partnered with AIM but because its implementation of XMPP/Jabber, makes it possible to display chats on to other preferred IM interfaces. facebook

For those using the multiple protocol IM clients such as Pidign, Adium, or iChat, setting up is easy as ABC. First you have to add the new Jabber or XMPP account, where the username will be addressed as and your password will be as same as for Facebook. Once logged in you must be bursting with excitement but there might be some problems which will be sort of hard to adjust. For instance, it’s expected that all your friends will show up in your buddy list, however, the organization may seem a bit messy and hard to grasp. Why so?

What is Google Buzz?

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Recently, Google announced about the launch of Google Buzz, which is basically a semantic approach to social status updates that live inside Gmail. A number of features have been added with Buzz, but what seems really exciting is what Buzz can do in your pocket.

google buzz

If you go to http://buzz.google.com from your iPhone or Android phone, you’ll be taken to a WebKit- optimized interface in order to use and connect with Google Buzz.

Then, after logging in to your Google account, you’ll be taken directly to the main Buzz screen. Here you can see Buzz from the people you follow and from nearby locations, view your own posts, and find other people.

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Dell To Offer Location Features On Mini 10 Netbooks

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Dell while indication that the GPS and location features that have gained popularity on smartphones and navigation devices are now migrating to netbooks, said that it has made plans to start offering a location service-enabled application for its Dell Mini 10 netbook family.



In a blog, it was said by Dell that it will offer its Dell Wireless 700 location solution that will begin from next week. A combination of technology is being used by the system, from Broadcom A-GPS and Skyhook Wireless’ Wi-Fi position applications.

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