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Yahoo Messenger And Its Key Features

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Messenger is defined as the person or device which conveys messages from one point to another point.  This message can be in any form including verbal, written or electronic.  Now days, there are sundry electronic messengers which provide such services. Some of them are Yahoo, MSN and Google talk. Yahoo messenger has its own place among all of them.

Yahoo Instant Messenger

Yahoo messenger is easy to download and quite simple to install. Free chat has replaced the phone calls to a great extent. Now you can chat with your family, love ones and friends, while performing other tasks as well on your personal computer.  All messenger servers allow to chat with multiple friends at the same time and also provide with facility to check whether contacts are offline or online. Some people think that it sounds impersonal but actually there is a lot of fun and enjoyment in sending and receiving messages throughout your contact list.

Web Based Yahoo Messenger

Web based yahoo messenger is also a supplementary support to the clients. It allows the user to chat with their love ones directly from online page. This web based version further solves the problem of downloading and installing messenger. It is also free and the interface is similar to yahoo instant messenger. The user simply requires a unique ID. Read the full story

List of all Cydia Apps

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The Cydia apps are being updated at such a great rate that it is easy to lose touch. New themes and apps are appearing that will make the experience better. Here is a list of all the apps that you could hope to have. Also added is a little description of each app.



It is a predecessor to tar. Tar is used by RPM.


Cydia for your iPhone

It is a conversion tool. It converts compressed dmgs to HFS+.


It is a counterpart for a Java app. It is a faster native alternative to Java’s Jar.


It is a backend library. This app is for working with tar files.


It is a compression algorithm. This algorithm is the best there is.


It is a decompression tool. It decompresses files in rar format.


This is also a decompression tool. It decompresses files in zip format.


It is an easy archive format. This format is extensible.


It is the standard compression tool for Windows. It provides compatibility.

7-zip (POSIX):

It is yet another compressing tool. It claims to be a good one.



It is for App Store’s WeDict. It is an add-on dictionary.


It is for translation. It translates German to English.


It is the basic dictionary. This is the universal one for iPhone and iPod Touch.

English Etymology:

It provides etymology knowledge.

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Complete List of iPhone Business Applications

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The iPhone platform has a lot of new applications available now. Below are different applications given, which are representing different categories like, Tools, Social, Entertainment, Travel, etc. This list will surely help you to find out the best iPhone applications.

1. Accept Credit Cards

This is one of the most amazing applications. This application is also known as a virtual credit card processing application which allows business people to perform credit card transactions using mobile phones.

2. BizExpense

This application gives you a track of your business expenses. It also facilitates you to store all of your business records on a mail server.

3. Box.net

This application works like an online file sharing server. Not only this, it also allows you to view all of your Office documents and spreadsheets. It also allows you to upload various documents.

4. Bump

This application facilitates you to share different photos and contact information with your friends.

5. Documents

Using this application you can edit and manage your word and excel documents and can also work on them by connecting with your PC.

6. DocViewer

This is a Word and Excel file reader and you can easily access to your important word and excel files using an FTP server.

7. Evernote

This application allows you to take your notes in your mobile phone. You can also store and manage your files and can store and share images as well.

8. eWallet – Secure Password Manager

eWallet allows you store all of your personal information in it and then make it password protected. You can protect all of your personal information by password.

9. Facebook for iPhone

You can easily log on to your Facebook account and can easily access to your connections by using this application.

10. FedEx Mobile

This application gives you a very easy approach to your shipment and to track your shipment till your shipment being delivered to its destination.

11. Fuze Meeting

It provides you the environment of your office and gives you the opportunity to chat with you co-workers and attend meetings via web conferences.

12. Google Sync

You can easily synchronize your Pc with your mobile.

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50 Free iPhone / iPad Apps

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There are different kinds of apps introduced as soon as after the launching of iPhone 3GS in market. Some of these apps are free and some are paid one. Most of freely available iPhone 3G / 3GS applications can be obtained from various resources. One can easily enhance the functionalities of his iPhone without any cost. These free iPhone 3G apps can be selected according to choice and requirement.


1. A Personal Assistant

It gives an assistance to manage the personal online accounts. This app provides facility to monitor credit card transactions, banking and investment accounts. It is working well with most of the banks including Chase, United, Bloomberg, Bank of America and many others.

2. AllRecipes.com Dinner Spinner

This is an important iPhone version of a well known food site All recipes.com. This site contains a lots of easy and quick food recipes. It includes with number of food expert reviews. One can easily find a recipe for a selected food.

3. Action Method

This is an important task management app. It gives facility to control the tasks on iPhone. Tasks entries can be easily and automatically synched with desktops. This app can also be utilized to manage and organize the contacts into various groups.

4. AIM (Free Edition)

This is freely available version of social networking iPhone app of AIM. It allows someone to connect with friends through EDGE, Wi-Fi or 3G networks. It has many useful features including an optional notice on every SMS receiving and multiple screen configurations. One can be stay connected at every time to view the status, updates and expressions.

5. Balance

This app provides an electronic edition of a paper-based document record. This iPhone app allows someone to monitor the account balances for various transactions. It can be synched with computer through a password protection feature for transactions of an account.

6. Beam Catcher

It is another freely available iPhone app that allows someone to share photos with friends and family.

7. Bump

It is included in the billionth downloadable apps from App store of Apple. It is very simple iPhone app that provides a facility for transfer of contacts from one iPhone to another by somewhat synchronizing two iPhones.

8. Backgrounds

This iPhone app provides a daily cool background on iPhone. One can be searched out over 5, 00 backgrounds from daily added backgrounds. There are more than 30 categories of these backgrounds including Cars, Animals, Models, Space, Sports, Beaches, Messages, Hearts, Explosions, Cities, Sunsets, Flowers, Movies, Funny, Christmas, Guys, Cute, Games, Water Night, Swirls, Buildings, Fantasy, Technology, and much more.

9. Bloomberg

This is nice iPhone app generally used to check the share prices. It facilitates with long and short termed stretched graphs for iPhone users. It provides all the information about each share. One can also get price information of indices, commodity and oil.

10. BBC Reader

One can browse the BBC News streaming using this important iPhone app. It provides a slide show of top story images on iPhones. One can easily access the BBC even in the low reception of a 3G spot.

11. Currency

This is a useful iPhone app generally used for conversion of various currencies. It provides helpful information about rates of different currencies.

12. Comic Touch Lite

One can easily give the comic touch to his photos using this iPhone app. It gives a text editing facility in different balloon shapes for different subject thoughts.

13. Dictionary.com

It is a free iPhone app of Dictionary.com. It provides world-class reference content from Thesaurus.com and Dictionary.com sources. It has more than 80,000 synonyms and 275,00 definitions. It has also an audio punctuation feature, which spell the correct words and pronunciation.

14. Dog Whistler

This is a freely available iPod touch or iPhone app. It is included in the top 10 free iPhone apps. It provides a useful feature for training a dog through different tricks available in this iPhone app.

15. Discover

It is helpful iPhone app for file management. It lets someone to view, manage, transfer and store files through other iPhone or computers in the same Wi-Fi network. It provides a facility to access the public and local servers on internet without or within a Wi-Fi connection.

16. Dictionary

Everyone looks for a dictionary app on iPhone. This is considered a best freely available dictionary app for iPhone users. It has many interesting features including voice and thesaurus.

17. Easy Writer

This iPhone app is certainly helpful to compose emails. It facilitates with a landscape view of alternative interface for typing in the iPhone. It provides a functionality to zoom and pinch the text for adjusting its size. One can easily keep track the text of every incoming text message, call and email.

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Best Ipad Apps

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Applications in a mobile phone determines the worth and use for that mobile phone. This is the reason that many mobile companies are introducing many useful and advance applications for the users. Due to the expansion of markets and competition in the markets, mobile companies like iPhone and iPad are introducing many interesting applications to make their company more famous in the market.

Best iPad applications

You can modify your Apple iPad by uploading a lot of applications to it.

You can use an iPad for many reasons. It all depends upon the type of applications that you are using in your iPad. There are more than thousand Apple iPad applications for the iPad users to make an iPad best in the market. Out of those thousand iPad applications, following are the best applications for the iPad users. These applications are interesting as well as beneficial for an iPad user.

Are you left-brained of right-brained

This is a free iPad application. This application is especially designed by the psychologists and scientist to determine that weather a person is right-brained or left-brained. This iPad application provides an iPad user a quiz with different questions. The answers of these questions determine the mind of the users.

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100 Free Useful Mac Applications

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Mac is one of the best operating system in the world. It provides you different useful applications, so that you can do any type of work on your Mac. Following is the list of Mac applications that will help you in your daily work.

Free Mac applications

Following are some useful free Mac applications according to their usage.

1. Productive applications

Mac is providing you some productive applications like;


It provided you a channel, through which you can add your daily tasks in it. You can also check all of them at once in a list on your Mac. It shows the task on the background at the time of call.

Appointments alert

You can keep records of your costumers with their contact numbers, email address, official address and residential address. You can also keep the important events related to specific costumer.

Back ground

It helps you to collect notes and tasks.


It hides all the icons on desktop and shows the pure wall paper on your screen.

Ever note

It helps you find out your specific information in any environment, by using any platform or device. This will provides you an access to your desired information.

Event Sync

You can sync your facebook events with iCal, by using your Mac.


This application provides you a quick access to your installed applications in your Mac system, such as local, user, network and developer applications.


You can track your time according to your location by using this Mac application.

Mind Note

By using this Macintosh application you can make a to-do list and can arrange your tasks on your Mac system. You can draw a sketch according to your mind to follow your plans.

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Five Changes That Will Come With The iPhone 4 OS

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According to reports, Apple’s iPhone 4G is about to come out this summer, bring along a number of features that have been long-awaited for.

Apple has given the developers a preview of the changes that will be present in the new iPhone OS. Some of the major changes include:

1. Multitasking

Exactly what we all wished for! Finally, iPhone users will be able to work and play together. This means that users will be able to switch to another app without having to shut down the first app entirely to start off with the other one.

Nokia N97 Vs Apple’s iPhone, Which is Better?

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The iPhone has successfully dominated the mobile phone market for a long time now. While many other smartphones have tried to come up to that level, they have not been able to match the users requirements in the way that the iPhone does, except for the Nokia N97, which has its own large share in the market.

Lets take a look at what features do the iPhone and the N97 have in common and what are different.

Overall, both the phones share a similar look, having curved edges and big screens that enable the user to view movies easily on the phone.

Although the N97 is a little longer and narrower than the iPhone 3G S, but the iPhone is thinner. This is basically because Nokia has a full slide-out QWERTY keyboard which is absent in the iPhone.

Now Video VOIP Calls Over iPhone 3G

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Apple focused its attention on iPad at Wednesday’s press event, and it was not an ordinary announcement only, but was affected immediately. Apple surrendered its restriction from VoIP calls over 3G data network on the iPhone, and to reflect the allowance also changed the SDK. So now your carrier also has to allow Voice over-IP calls to work over 3G in supplement to Wi-Fi. And AT&T got the board first in U.S.

The iCall application got the ground and they are first to announce the 3G compatibility news to its VoIP users. Fring, Skype, SIP with voice and chat applications, and also video calls application soon will follow iCall. To check the Fring reliability we turned off the Wi-Fi and then made few calls.

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7 Ways N900 Is Better Than iPhone

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Recently, Apple has taken over a large portion of the smart phone market, making the iPhone king of the all the smart phones. Several mobile phone manufacturers like Nokia have released different phones in competition to the iPhone.

Out of these, Nokia’s new N900 phone has all the capabilities, and more functions than the iPhone, making it a better choice.

Here is a list of 7 ways why N900 is better than the iPhone:

1. N900 Cheaper Than iPhone- With No Contract

You can get Nokia N900 for $500 from amazon.com, whereas the iPhone 3GS 32GB is for $300. Although iPhone may seem cheaper at first glance, but as N900 is an unlocked GSM phone, you’re not stuck with a single mobile provider.

The $300 iPhone 3GS is offered by AT&T and locked to their network, i.e. you must agree to a 2-year contract when you buy the iPhone, which will end up costing you thousands of dollars in the long run.

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