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How to Grab More Bandwidth in Internet Cafe

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You are in an Internet cafe or stuck in any other shared network environment  and there are like 10 other people sharing the same bandwidth with you.  No body likes sharing, especially when its bandwidth and the page you are trying to load up is not opening fast. I also had a shared DSL Line, It was shared with like 20 other people. There were times when the connection speed got so low that It was impossible to load a web page like facebook or gmail.

I eventually got my own dedicated T1 line installed as my blogging earning started to permit that.  But back then, I used to search for a software or technique that could let me grab a bigger share of that DSL router’s bandwidth.

A question at yahoo answers revealed that best of all techniques is to gain access to router and use QoS or bandwidth shaping to keep providing your IP or MAC address a reasonable amount of bandwidth consistently. Second option is to unplug all other cables :) . sounds stupid but works every time. On a serious note, most of the time none of the above solutions are possible. The router or switch distributing the bandwidth is normally out of our control in most situations.

There are many ways to do this in my opinion but tech people don’t share such information for the general welfare of themselves and people at large. People who grab and use more bandwidth are called “Bandwidth Hogs” and these people are hated by system administrators and ISPs. The more bandwidth hogs are on your network, more difficult and expensive it is for other users and system owners. price for each megabit/sec goes up for everyone.

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