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Future Of In-Car Cloud Computing

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Ford jump had initiated the development of apps for the SYNC system of the company. They created a 12 -week course for the students from the University of Michigan called cloud computing in the commute. Recently student teams have submitted their apps before the judges from ford, U of M and Microsoft. The winner on the whole is Caravan Track, which has supported in maintaining jointly a group of cars on a road tour. Other apps have offered crowd-sourced information on points of interests and road conditions and facilitated real-time fuel-economy tracking and ride sharing. Students have carried out research and create applications which are based on the entry to ford’s developmental platform. These applications are built on widows 7 and Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio. Below is given the information about the functioning of the different apps:

Information About And Connection With Group Of Vehicles:

Caravan track has been announced as the winning app. Because of the software, group of vehicles during the same visit can connect each other along their journey. With the help of recognition on the main website, users can come to see their fellow travelers. They can also observe vehicle telemetry which includes track each vehicle, map routes, fuel level and speed, intimation about the alerts along the way and can also provide about conditions of the road and other perils which they may experience along their way.

Acknowledgment About The Experience Of Past Drivers:

Fuel Tracker gives acknowledgment about the understanding of the past drivers on that specific road and provides real-time feedback to the drivers. Read the full story

Most Amazing Robots

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A robot is an electro-mechanical machine which can be guided by electronic programming, and thus be the owner of his own tasks. A robot is a virtual or mechanical artificial agent.

ASIMO; Humanoid Robot

The official name is Acronym, this robot is introduced by Honda. And ASIMO is abbreviated as “Advanced Step in Innovative Mobility”. Honda claims that the name of the robot is not a reference to writer of science fiction and also the the inventor of Three Laws of Robotics, named Isaac Asimov. As the name suggest it is like a human robot. Its height is 130CM, Standing , approx. 4feet and 3 inches and weight is 54 kilogram(114 pounds). The robot resembles a small astronaut with a backpack and can walk and run on two feet at speeds up to 6Km/h. This robot was developed in Japan’s research and development centre, “Wako Fundamental Technical Research Centre”

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