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How to Update Your PSP Firmware

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Are you interested in playing games without homebrew or want new features in your PSP? For this you all have to update firmware of PSP.An exclusively upgrade firmware introduce by Sony for PSP. But you have to upgrade your device yourself.Here we are telling you some steps to upgrade your device. Before updating, make sure that battery of the device is not low and don’t do it if your are working in homebrew.

1. Need a wireless internet connection

wireless internet

Direct download to the PSP over Wi-Fi.Go to the home screen of PSP and then click on to the”Network Update”. There comes a new window to set your WLAN settings. Click on to the “Scan” and give accession to PSP to discover network automatically.”Network Update” should be emphasized. Then click on to “X” button. PSP will save configuration as your new access profile appears.

2. Select connection

Express your desire connection for use and click on to the “X” button.PSP will connect to the internet and tell you if there is any update available.

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Facebook’s Stalker Button-Get To Know Who’s Stalking YOU!

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Facebook is currently testing out a new feature which would allow you to keep a closer look on what your loved ones are up to. This at the moment hasn’t been made public yet, however experiments are being carried out with a certain number of people to check on how the response w0uld be.

What this feature does is that it lets you subscribe to other people’s profiles, so the minute they do anything you will receive a notification on the top left of your homepage showing what that particular person has done. This could be a status change, a change of profile picture, writing on someone’s wall etc. This notification would also be sent on your mobile device if you have subscribed the mobile services for Facebook. What is uncertain is whether you can use this feature for people who aren’t added as your friend yet. If this is allowed then this would classify you as a stalker.

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