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Want to Rent to Own a Laptop?

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If your laptop is dead and you need a new one, there are a couple of choices besides going for a new one. The best way to get laptop is on rent bases. You won’t have to pay for the new one and your work will also successfully be executed.

Many people think that they can only rent the furniture, cars etc. but you can also rent your TV, computers, PC, and laptops etc. This would be a handsome way of earning as well.


By getting a laptop on rent, you don’t have to spend money on buying a new one. Moreover, if your laptop stops working, you can even ask for another one, because you are paying for the one that works and not for the one which is broken. This is not possible in the case of buying a new one. If your job demands a laptop, you can definitely have it on rent. There is no issue of credit card, loans and stuff. Just go for having a rent-to-own contract for a laptop of your choice.

Laptops on Rent

Getting a Laptop on Rent

It is probably the best option, you chose for yourself. But you must also keep in mind the following issues while having one.

1- Getting All the Accessories

First of all check out if the laptop is new or used one. Make it sure that you are provided with al the required accessories and equipments that may include cable, speakers, charger etc.

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EA Sports FIFA 10; Review

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EA Sports released FIFA 10 and it is getting the public’s appreciation world-wide, Fifa 10 includes many new features which were never been used in the previous parts of FIFA.

EA Canada changed the way of FIFA, it was considered the moderate type of football game till FIFA 09, but now they changed the style of FIFA 10. There is a new gameplay style and FIFA 10 is getting the attention of its old players and also attracts the new audience. It owns 30% of innovation and 70% of evolution, there are now an improved way to controls, much improvement in the player’s movement and style.

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The Sims 3; World Adventures Review

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EA’s Maxis introduced a new concept in gaming some 10 years back, and they got that idea which is one among the hits of EA’s work. Firstly they started Sim City in which the player was able to control the whole city and build it, then they made a game named The Sims, in which we can control a family and assign them everyday works, they will lead their lives according to our wish, then many expansion packs were introduced.

Then after few years a sequel of The Sims released known as The Sims2 that part also have many expansion packs that game was improved in every aspect, then in 2009 Maxis gave another best seller hit The Sims3, it is the more improved part of The Sims and The Sims2, there is versatility in the action and tasks we can assign to our sims.

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Army Of Two: The 40th Day; Review

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I was thinking that I’ll never buy the sequel of ‘Army of Two’ after playing the original part of Army of Two. That part sold very well, and this is the reason that it got my attention and I wanted to write about that. But you can’t say that Assassin’s Creed 2 good than Assassin’s Creed, but there is surely a solid improvement in core co-op action idea, there is a great enhancement that while playing the game, you will experience the real strength of two-man fighting force.

In addition to all that there is a lot of attractiveness. The two man Salem and Rios, ‘Army of two’. In the new part of the 40th day you will have to decide according to “moral choices”. There is a great balance of dark humor, when you’ll face the tough time and a feel that “Am I really seeing this?”And this increases you tension in the game about the surrounding happenings.

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Assassin’s Creed; Review

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Experience what you were not imagining that you can experience ever in Gaming!

Assassin’s Creed stunned everyone after its release, its storyline its game play and all the unique features it introduced to the players. When playing Assassin’s Creed you’ll get a feeling that all this happening in real, a real environment with tension and suspense get a lot of your attention and you will be fully involved in the game.

Assassin's Creed Pc Game

But the whole gameplay is based on a scheme that everything is in some fluid surrounding, as it was the requirement of the story, doctors were inspecting protagonists past memory. This game is full of actions very beautifully created, protagonist walks in the streets, can climb roofs and run on the roof tops, the controls are so good and the feeling of controlling the protagonists is so calm that he is fully under your control.


The story is great and very different, a unique concept is introduced, and I’ll not tell you the story, because you’ll not like me to disclose the surprises, when you’ll play the game will enjoy it with all the surprises.

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Turn Your iPhone Into a Trackpad and Keyboard

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Although most Logitech products are quite boring, but this PC/Mac-controlling iPhone app will surely make your life more easier. Simple to use, it has the advantage of being free too.

In order to use, you’ll first have to download the app to your iPhone or iPod Touch, as well as the Touch Mouse Server software on your computer. The app makes use of Wi-Fi to turn the device into a wireless trackpad and keyboard.

This can be especially handy for those times when you’re lying

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LG Planning to Launch Around 10 Android Phones In 2010

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LG Electronics has recently disclosed its plans for the ongoing year, claiming to release around 10 smartphones that will operate under Google’s Android OS.

The company plans to sell almost 140 million phones during 2010, focusing mainly on the smartphone market, aiming to become one of the “top two mobile device manufacturers in the world by 2012.”

The company is striving to increase its presence globally this year. It has already opened about 100 mobile retail stores in the developing world in 2009, and has plans to push into the Korean and North American markets as well.

Nokia 5800 Navigation Edition Now Available in the US

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Nokia 5800 Navigation Edition has recently been launched in US. This phone is a modification to the existing very popular Nokia 5800 touchscreen phone.

It comes with the added feature of  a lifetime voice-guided navigation for North America, as stated by the Nokia Company. Moreover, this phone also provides a free car kit that allows easy mounting on a dash board or windshield.

Nokia 5800 Navigation Edition comes with Ovi Maps for mobile, providing real time turn-by-turn navigation both for car drivers and for pedestrians. In addition to this, it also consists of an improved safety features for drivers and provides pedestrian – friendly directions including park paths and one way streets.

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Acer Releases Android Based Cell Phones

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The second-largest PC manufacturer in the world, Acer has also entered the smartphone market. The company has already launched 10 handsets, this year, out of which, nine were powered by Microsoft’s Windows Mobile operating system.

The last one, Acer A1 Liquid, has just hit the market with Google’s Android platform on board.

Acer’s Aymar de Lencquesaing said that the company had not planned to use any other operating system, but the Android had 3.5 percent of the global smartphone market in September, which motivated the company to switch over to Android.

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Sony Ericsson Aino

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The new Sony Ericsson Aino can truly be called a true multimedia computer. The best feature about the Aino is that it can seamlessly connect to your PC or your PS3 and stream content from either device anywhere in the world.

This means that you can stream your music, videos, even live TV, with the facility to pause, rewind and record, anywhere in the world straight to your Aino over an Internet connection.

It also comes with an 8 megapixel camera, MP3 player, GPS and pretty much everything else you’d expect from a top end mobile phone. It also includes GPS, WiFi, HSDPA, video recording and Google Maps into the mix, making it seem more like a feature phone.

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