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Dangers of Playing GOD: particle accelerators

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It is considering that the entire matter on our earth is abruptly changing into an extremely dissimilar material. These are relatively major changes. At an instance, our bodies have now come to an end. There is no trouble in striking of any colossal piece of rock with our earth at this time. Moreover, there is also no prediction of divinity to end of this world. However, this danger is unseen and considered as very little hazard. Protons and neutrons consist up of quarks. These are tiny building blocks of matter.

Types of quarks

There are different types of quarks.

 Quark types

These may be ‘down quarks’ or ‘up quarks’ and ‘strange quarks’. It is suggested that matter is ultimately comprised up of ‘down’ and ‘up’ quarks. However, a mixture of any types of quarks can be present in a material according to the Big Bang model. Scientists are therefore recognized it as strange matter.

Experimental attempts

Recently, numerous quantum physicists have hardly tried to reproduce the very earliest event of the universe. It is considering very hard to find the exact result of head on collision of two rapidly moving particles. However, scientists are trying to accelerate and collide the particle in order find the exact reason of creation of this universe. This is basically doing at Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider (RHIC) at Brookhaven National Laboratory in New York and CERN in Geneva.

Ice-9 type transition

A very small strange matter is usually created with explosion in the experiment of particle accelerator. It was observed that this strange matter has negative charge.

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Black Hole Created By Swiss-France Particle Accelerator Will Eat the Earth?

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As final preparation for turning on the Swiss-France Particle Accelerator are underway, there is a growing concern among physics scientists and students that the collision of particles at near light speed can create a black hole that will start to suck-in the time and space around it. It will be matter of hours that the whole earth will be sucked into it.  This Particle accelerator is 3 story tall and 27 kilometers long. So far this is world’s largest and most expensive particle accelerator.

A Sliced Section of Swiss-France Particle Accelerator

This machine accelerates the PROTONS using a method similar to a bullet train. What these mad scientists are going to do is they will accelerate the protons to near light speeds (that is each proton will rotate more than 11,000 times around the huge tube in a second).  Read the full story


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