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Best Calendar Apps for Android

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Android is an operating system of the mobile device. All applications for Android platform using the Java programming language. It becomes very popular in small devices. The Android SDK provides the APIs and tools to develop applications for Android mobile devices with or without touchable functionality. By using these applications get your alert for important meetings, tasks, birthday, and more.

5 Best Calendar Apps for Android

There are numerous free applications for Android or any other system, like best five calender for Android system that helps you in every professional field. To get schedule your business life. Following is some famous calendar with different features according to different fields like, business, personal life, teaching, etc.

1. Touch Calendar (BETA)

Touch calendar is more interesting calendar application of all the Android apps. It takes advantage of the Android v2.0. interface. Touch Calendar includes a pinch zooming, avoiding for the long tap use double tap to enter events, allows scrolling horizontal or vertical. You can jump to any date from the menu, search calendar from menu or phone, and much more.

2. Smooth Calender

Smooth Calendar is very much easy to use. It is highly configuration screen for the built in calendar app. Smooth Calendar is not a very good application for you if you have more than one event in a single day. Smooth Calendar has one screen size of 4X2. At this size, your calendar only can display your event names if more than one or detailed one event at a time.

3. Cal Widget

Cal Widget, This Calendar application stands alone in Android mobile system. It is one of the best widget calendar applications.

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5 Best iPhone Cardio Apps

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iPhone is changing the world with its applications. The creators of this phone were genius, they just not created an iPhone they have change the style of living. It is the best gadget that you can use in your daily life. There are so many apps for this phone that you can use them in your daily life.


Exercise is most important for our body. We should do it every morning. It keeps us fit. Apple is having cool apps for Cardio. So, all you Cardio Lover’s Just go and buy an iPhone for yourself, because iPhone is having the greatest collection of Cardio apps for you.

5 Best iPhone Cardio Apps:

1. iHeartRate

iphone apps heart rateIt is a very simple iPhone application which will allow you to keep track of your heart rate. This app will also help you to know the amount of calories that you burn everyday through exercise. You can easily track your heart rate. What you have to do is that just tap your pulse on your iPhone until your heart rate is registered on your phone screen. Once your heart rate is registered, then you can also keep the track the amount of calorie you are burning. Through real time chronograph you can track your workout as well and can find how much energy you have burnt.

2. iTreadmill

iTreadmillThis is a very good application for runners and walkers. It measures the pace and distance. The iTreadmill uses the motion detector of your iPhone and turn the device into a pedometer that counts the number of your steps that you take. This application is outstandingly accurate and you can use it anywhere indoor or out door. With this app you can track your past sessions, and can see whether you have made any progress on daily basis or not.


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Top 5 Sports GPS Apps for iPhone

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GPS is most advance technology for the drivers. This technology helps a person to find out the location on a digital map. This technology also informs a user about the rush hours of the different locations. With the help of GPS system a driver or a pedestrian can reach the desired location in time and through shortest distance. To make this easier, many mobile companies are introducing GPS in mobiles.

Best five GPS applications for iPhone

IPhone is one of the best mobile phone company in the world. You can modify your iPhone by using iPhone applications.


This company is very famous as it is providing many useful and advance applications for the users. These applications are designed according to the use of iPhone users. The iPhone users can now locate their locations and the desired track through GPS technology on their mobile phones. These applications are very useful and famous, especially in taxi drivers. There are more than hundred of GPS iPhone applications. Out of those hundred applications, following are the best five iPhone applications.

1. Run meter GPS running stopwatch

This is a very useful and famous iPhone application that modifies your iPhone into a very accurate GPS stopwatch. This will help an iPhone user to track the locations within the city.

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How To Choose The Best Touch Screen Phones

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With so many brands available in the market, an individual gets confused about which one they should go for. However, today the touch screen technology has become famous and the is the in thing today. Before you sit down to think which product best fits your need, there are some specifications which you need to consider.

Before you buy a cell phone, first and foremost you would have to look for its storage capacity. This is essential because if you are a heavy user then you would need an adequate amount of storage. Nokia’s Tube offers you storage capacity of 8GB which can be further expanded with the memory card, same is the case with LG Renoir and Samsung Omina. Both the brands offer you storage capacity of up to 8GB but could be expand till 16GB maximum if you buy a SD card. However, Apple’s iPhone is offers you limited storage either 8GB or 16GB which cannot be expanded and should be adequate enough for any user.

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Google Plans To Release Chrome OS Late This Year

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Google intends to launch Chrome OS at the end of this year, the laptop users will be the target audiences. Sundar Pichai, Google’s Vice President of product management stated during Competex Electronics Exhibition in Taipei, that the Chrome Web Store will begin at the same time so that customers can download Web Applications that can run on Chrome OS.

It seems that the delayed launch of Chrome OS is meant to compete with other Operating Systems and Microsoft’s Windows 7. Vice President further added that Google Chrome OS is intended for laptops this year. Read the full story

iPhone OS 4.0 Beta 4 Preview & Free Download

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Apple has released iPhone OS 4.0 Beta 4 for testing. Since it is in beta testing stage, It is not recommended for general public to upgrade their iPhone until all its bugs are sorted out by apple developers. We at ixibo got a chance to review the new operating system at one of our testing iPhones. here is what we have learned about it so far.

At first glance, change is there. Home Screen got a makeover. It got cleaned up. Frequently used applications like clock, calculator, compass, vice memo etc are got their own “Utilities” Folder.

The iPhone OS 4.0 beta comes with a nice selection of non-distracting default wallpapers.

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Nokia May Launch a Windows Mobile

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Nokia, which is still the world’s largest mobile phone manufacturer, is said to be working on a new device that might run on Microsoft’s own operating system. This was disclosed in a recent article in Times Online, which stated some facts about Wolfson Microelectronics, which is a British microelectronics and fabless semiconductor corporation that specializes in signal processing chips. The same company has been selected to provide the required chips for the new mobile phone.

windows mobile

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LG GW620 Review

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With the launch of the LG GW620, LG Has stepped into the race of mobile phones by releasing its first Android handset, making an effort to please those who wish to buy an affordable smartphone.

The touchscreen mobile comes with a sliding physical qwerty keyboard, and has a display screen of 3 inches. Having sharp colors, the screen provides great image quality, although the screen could have been made larger to increase its usefulness.

The GW620 looks quite similar to the Motorola Dext. But the LG handset is a little shorter and slimmer, measuring 109mm by 54.5mm and 15.9mm in thickness.

HTC EVO 4G Review

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A new Phone, HTC EVO 4G, has been launched from the HTC company. It has been claimed by the corporation that HTC EVO 4G is going to become the most famous smartphone in the market.

This claim also suggests that it has the capability to overcome the popularity of other phones that are currently dominating the phone market such as the iPhone and Droid.

According to the company, the phone will be the most powerful phone amongst the ones that are currently present in the market.

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Seven Reasons Why The iPhone Is Better Than Windows 7 Mobile

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Three years back, Apple launched its first iPhone. But even after three years, we are still waiting for a few essential features that are required to make the phone perform even better.

The iPhone has been a blessing for Apple and the carriers who partnered with them. It has been the king of the smartphones for a long time. Although many smartphones have appeared in the market and disappeared, but the iPhone has managed to stay in the picture for a long time now.


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