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Wonderful Features Of Website Hosting Packages

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You can find a number of website packages for the hosting services on the internet Anderson these website packages might vary due to difference in bandwidth, disk space and other choices worth considering. Online companies that offer web hosting services offer space on a server hence the website will appear on the World Wide Web and can be used by users.Website packages that are presented free on the internet do not normally have much disk space and do not comprise many other attributes and choices that may be obtainable. Packages that can be purchased often contain services such as database, email, technical support, and multimedia services.

Price Of Web Hosting Packages

Website hosting packages are generally priced based upon the size of disk space, the level of management support, bandwidth, and whether they are using a clustered, dedicated server, shared server, or reseller hosting. There is minimum limit of five email addresses in email options.

Importance Of bandwidth And Disk Space

The measurement of disk space can be measured in gigabytes or megabytes and the bandwidth is the data transferring rate that can be measured in bits per second. Website owners must recognize the importance of bandwidth and disk space, because these things are necessary for best website page loading.

Features Of A Dedicated Server

If a website is using a dedicated server, it means that it is running on its personal server can be autonomously rebooted without disturbing anyone else’s website. These kinds of servers are expensive than other options. Its cost may also differ depending upon the management services by the hosting company. Also, a fully managed dedicate server might be costly than a normal dedicated server.

What Is Server Management?

Server management usually includes database monitoring, restoration to software or hardware, any backups, antivirus updates, security auditing, firewall services, technical support, application updates, operating system updates, configuration issues or software updates, security attacks or intrusion.

For more management, you are required to pay more. Different choices are offered to the clients by the dedicated service providers. These choices include unmanaged, self managed, manages, and fully managed.

Features Of A Shared Server

These websites will be shared by a number of customers if you are using a shared server. It is the most suitable option obtainable with website hosting packages.

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The Best Cell Phones of 2011

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Mobile Phone technology has rapidly evolved in the last decade. Since the introduction of pagers and simple fax smile, a lot of changes have been recorded. Mobile Phones do not only help us connect but make lives easy for us.

Cell Phones That Amaze – A Human Touch

Have a look at some of the most brilliant and fantastic mobile phones of the year 2011 and the Mobile World Conference held in Barcelona, Spain. The conference is one of its kinds and features the latest advancements of the cellular technology on the planet.

1. Sony Xperia – Gaming For Life

The Sony Xperia Play may just seem like the PlayStation Portable at first sight. It is an extremely compact yet classy tool to play games just about anywhere and anytime. This device will be available in the summers of 2011 and is an Android phone as well which supports excellent gaming features.

2. Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 – Cosmic Havoc

The Samsung Galaxy Tab is a giant of its kind. This extremely sophisticated device is powered by Google’s Android Operation System 3.0 and is available in 16GB and 32 GB version. The device features two webcams and a Dual Core processor which makes processing extremely fast and easy. This device will surely faze you.

3. Bring the Salsa – HTC

HTC Salsa is one of the latest developments of this emerging brand. The World Mobile Conference featured the HTC Salsa. It is a touch screen Android Cell Phone with a dedicated Facebook key. The Cell Phone has received positive reviews and is recording a growth in its sales.

4. The Optimus Prime – LG Gone 3D

The LG Optimus 3D is one Cell Phone that has literally shocked the world with its bizarre and excellent features. The Cell Phone will run on the Android Operating System 2.2. It is capable of capturing videos in a 3D format and they can be directly uploading onto YouTube and other services. This touch screen monster is amazing.

5. HTC ChaCha – Facebook Crazy!

The twin brother of HTC Salsa is this amazing device. The HTC ChaCha is a brilliant Cell Phone which also comes with a dedicated Facebook button. This Cell Phone is brilliant for working and online chatting. The keyboard like keypad ensures quick typing.

6. Samsung Galaxy S II – The Monster

The Samsung Galaxy S II is a marvelous piece of technology. This Cell Phone is brilliantly designed keeping in mind the fast paced life style. Read the full story

Some Facts About Web Conferencing

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Strong communication is highly important to run big companies effectively. For this purpose, many companies are using web conferencing services. There are some factors that need to be discussed.

How it works?

When you are in an online conference, you can do video chat. This is off course, a formal interaction, not one that you usually do with friends or relatives. People sitting in one corner of the world can easily see and talk to others sitting far away. Different offices stay in touch with one another via web conference. After signing in, you make call and invite all people that are going to be a part of conference. Then it is a mutual call.

Where it is used?

Business, schools and other educational institutes smartly use it to communicate, perform online tutoring and studying. Lectures are given, assessments are carried out. You can edit or type a document or surf internet together with your online partner.


Two main types are:

1. Web based conferencing

2. Network video conferencing

Internet is used as primary means of web based meetings or educational sessions. It requires using internet browser and high speed broadband connection. It transfers video from one PC to another. Read the full story

Ways To Detect Spyware

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Everyone must install some kind of free spyware detection software on his/her PC, laptop, or any handheld device. More and more, companies and individuals are looking for to learn more about the personal habits of the customers who visit their web pages or buy their products. It is true that such information can show the way to increased profits. However, when this leads to the making of spyware or adware which is placed on a customer’s computer without his or her permission, the line has been drawn and it is time to search for some kind of protection.

Merits And Demerits Of Spyware

Spyware is a program which a corporation or website installs on a computer or laptop to gather personal information. The program may trace a person’s browsing practices, access files without permission, and even take a home page. Some programs even maintain a record of a user’s keystrokes. Not all programs of this kind are malicious. Occasionally, a user may let a company to install software which shows its ads because the organization is providing some kind of service which is of interest. However, if the software is installed without a person’s permission, or is doing things without his or her knowledge, one can want to at least check out the many free spyware removal software programs which are accessible.

Adware-Another Kind Of Spyware

Adware is software which manages what kind of advertising a user watches. Information about browsing practices is gathered and then used to find out the types of related products which may be of interest. Adware is generally kept on the computer without asking permission for such interruption. In this way, adware is basically just another kind of spyware. As with spyware, not all adware is bad. Few may be there because a user has requested the program. For example, when a patron of some bookstores needs more information about a certain title, he or she may be provides additional choices of same reading material.

Keen readers or those looking for research certain topics may actually welcome this service. The problem comes in when the adware reports certain information to others without the permission of the client. Also, such unwanted software can slow down a computer’s processing. At that point, spyware detection software becomes a requirement.

Look For The Best Software

An Internet search will expose a great number of software which can identify and remove spyware and adware. Do not be deceived by sites which provide this same information for a price. If a person chooses a few of the items which are presented and does a bit of reading in the useful articles which are often part of these websites, he or she will soon begin to get a sense of the best kinds of products. Additionally, most computer magazines run recurring update articles to analyze the latest offerings in the area of spyware detection software or free spyware removal software. These magazines are often accessible at the local library. Read the full story

Blackberry Playbook Review

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Blackberry has launched new BlackPad tablet along with their new operating system. But there is a minor fault that we don’t know the real name of this product we call it so because RIM have announced it. As they have announced it they called it professional tablets this means that it has established for the users that are already using the BlackBerry smart phones. This combination means the transfer of data on the bigger screen. This can be done using Bluetooth connection. Through all this we can’t say that playbook is only for the users of Blackberry. By its specifications we can know that it contains a 7 inch screen, 1GHz core CPU etc. Here are some more specifications of this product of Blackberry:


BlackBerry Tablet OS

  • BlackBerry Tablet OS with support for symmetric multiprocessing
  • 7” LCD, 1024 x 600, WSVGA, capacitive touch screen with full multitouch and gesture support
  • 1 GB RAM o 1 GHz dual-core processor
  • Dual HD cameras (3 MP front facing, 5 MP rear facing), supports 1080p HD video recording
  • Wi-Fi – 802.11 a/b/g/n
  • Audio playback: MP3, AAC, WMA
  • Video playback: 1080p HD Video, H.264, MPEG, DivX, WMV
  • HDMI video output
  • Connectors: microHDMI, microUSB, charging contacts
  • Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR
  • Measures 5.1”x7.6”x0.4” (130mm x 193mm x 10mm)
  • Weighs less than a pound (approximately 0.9 lb or 400g)
  • Open, flexible application platform with support for WebKit/HTML-5, Adobe Flash Player 10.1, Adobe Mobile AIR, Adobe Reader, POSIX,  OpenGL, Java.


We can’t say that it is only a business tablet but it is in the competition with iPad on the basis of its specifications. But not on the battery life which is not explained by RIM’s. But it should be nearer to iPad’s battery life that is 10 hours. Read the full story

I/O Kit Tools for iPhone and iPad

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IO Kit is used for interfacing the different devices just as you are working on the particular operating system. In fact it’s a sort of trainer on which you work for your applications. In this way you can program different devices to work the way you want for the purpose of developing different applications. Mostly we develop the device drivers in a high level language like objective C. To follow are some of the important tools for iPhone and iPad which might be of help to you for developing the device drivers.

Prerequisites Required

Before you start developing device drivers you should have a know how of C++ and kernel programming. You have to be more creative in your approach towards programming using I/O kit tools.

Salient Features

The I/O kit is provided with plug n play, sleep mode, separate memory banks for kernel and user applications, parallel and symmetric multiprocessing and it provides a lot of room for code reusability.

The kernel features supported by these drivers are objected oriented programming framework, primitives for communication, data management and threading. It is compatible with all bus types. Instantiated objects that belong to different classes are tracked through I/O registry. Layering of client and provider objects can be done without a fuss; no matter how complicated the order is. There is a great room for code reusability in the latest model of the I/O kit.

Blueprint Philosophy

The latest model of the I/O kit is different to its predecessors in a lot of ways. The available models before this were deficient in one way or the other. Many features of a modern operating system for example power management, driver stacking, automatic configuration etc. were absent in the previous models.

The crux of the design philosophy lies in the fact that object oriented programming model was developed. This architecture supports many devices with a way that is common among them. In the earlier versions this kit software development kits were separate entities but now the hardware is so much sophisticated that there is no requirement of complex codes. Application programming interface is open to all, resulting in facilitating the developers to use the source code for developing new drivers.

Provision of Namespaces

Name spaces are always helpful in identifying the classes. Therefore you should always try to use them and a reverse chronological order is preferred. Be cautioned never to declare an I/O subclass in namespace.

High Level Language Used

The programming language used is C++. However not every feature of this language is usable.  There were many features in C++ that don’t suite a multithreaded environment resulting in their exclusion.  As a programmer you cannot play with exceptions, templates and multiple inheritance. The I/O kit possesses its own runtime typing system so no need for C++ to provide that.

Different parts of the I/O kit are described as below:;

Libraries Provided

Three C++ libraries are used by I/O kit. These are cloaked by framework. There are three frameworks used in all. These are IOKit, kernel IO kit and kernel libkern. Read the full story

10 Things Google has to Change in Android 3.0

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There is good news for all the Android fans, “Android 3.0 has been released in the market” and it is the most beautiful device ever. This incredible operating system has been released for the Motorola Xoom tablet. This is a marvelous system that has given life to the Android smart phones first and now it is going to make larger touch screens like Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 lavish.

Android 3.0 is expected to be a big hit for tablet PCs of different manufacturers like Acer, HTC, Dell, LG, MSI, Asus and Toshiba. The much enhanced operating system of Google has boasted the number of upgrades.

Android 3.0 Release Date

The release date for the marvelous system named Android 3.0 is not finalized yet and is a bit unclear. The manufacturers of Motorola Xoom have already released it in the United States of America but others are waiting for Google to ensure that they can put their devices for sale in the market.

According to some of the most authentic sources the release of Android 3.0 is expected in just few weeks. People are looking forward to the huge supply of Android 3.0 tablets in the PC market at the time of its release. It is assured that the final launch is going to happen in next few weeks.

Tseng is a senior marketing manager at Google. It is reported that in the year 2008, he didn’t mentioned tablet PCs, but he did revealed a bit about an operating system that is expected to work on different computing devices. He also declared that he was a proud owner of Android prototype phone.

Android 3.0 is an Open Source

Android 3.0 is considered as a project by Google that is open source. It is observed that Google has not managed to make an extraordinary income so far from the operating system and they have planned to generate revenue through their traditional way of ads that show up while you are searching something.

The developers of this operating system have got full access to the base code. They have also gained an access to the search-able documentation.

Flexible Base Code

The only drawback of Android in the past was that its code was really flexible that made easier for it to run on various different kinds of devices. However, the interface of Android is specially designed for smart phones. The Android 3.0 is very incredible in looks as it has been observed that it has made a much better use of the tablets’ screen size.

You can understand it better with the example of Gmail. It runs best on the smart phones in the vertical orientation as it is easy that way to scan through the emails. You can run a preview pane on the right side of your tablet and your messages on the left with the help of Android 3.0 if you are an email client.

The screen size of the tablet is often accommodated with the Android 3.0, but sometimes there are some apps that still run in the smart phone mode. Android 3.0 is supposed to be much sleeker for the tablet PCs in comparison with the iOS 4.3 that is currently running on the iPad 2. The preview of the open apps is shown by the pop-ups that resemble with the thumbnail views. On the other hand the settings are also more advanced along with the status overlays.

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Jailbreak – Unlocking Apple iOS devices

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Do you need unlocking your iPads, iPhones and iOS devices for installation and use of applications?

This can be done now with a technique called “jailbreaking” on the website “jailbreakme.com” by following easy steps listed below:

Jailbreaking? What is it?

Jailbreaking is a process of getting into file system of your iPhone, iPad or any iOS device to make changes inside operating system of device.

It looks amazing that you can install more applications in your device and enjoy the stuff in your own way. Isn’t that???

Now what you have to do is exactly follow steps below. This method will work for iOS 3.2.1 version iPads, iPhones and iPhone 4 also.

Procedure Of Jailbreak:

  • Navigate to website  “www.jailbreakme.com” on your iPad, iPhone or iPhone4 device
  • Slide the unlock button on main page to unlock the device.


The Jailbreaking Laws:

You will need to plug in the iOS device which you want to JailBreak. The process seems to be quite simple and easy and no doubt it is.

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Top 10 iPhone 3G Apps

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The iPhone has made significant progress since it was introduced. Although the interface is brilliantly designed, fast and has an overall feature not found on other mobile operating systems. The most impressive thing is the great number of applications currently exists on the relatively new operating system. The Top 10 apps which are a must have for an iPhone are:

1. Top iPhone Video Game

Super Monkey Ball is one of the most intriguing games for the iPhone. The gameplay is very simple and smooth. The levels are very precise, while being an overall fun game. The point is simple, navigate your Monkey in his Ball form through various navigated levels without falling off the mazes open sides. Priced at $10 it is right for Super Monkey Ball and is worth your money.

2. Best iPhone Streaming Music Application

Pandora.com is one of the best music streaming channels. The program lets you select your favorite band and start streaming their music, along with other bands considered to be close a companion. The best thing about this app is that you can block a song to be never played again if you don’t like it

3. The Most Innovative iPhone Music App

Shazam is a free application with a very simple but quite handy function. If you hold your iPhone to any music source, be it a stereo, TV, etc. Shazam will tell you within seconds about what song you’re listening to, who the artist is, and where to buy it. The users will also be able to view related YouTube videos.

4. Best iPhone Internet / Mobile Search App

The Google App for the iPhone is a very dedicated search app, while searching the internet users can also search their phone for items such as Contacts, Applications, etc. This app also features smart search, essentially as you enter letters the available programs that match those letters will appear first in search results.

5. Best iPhone Location Based Software

The app developed by The Omni Group is an example of a perfect “Location Based Organizer.”

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Will iPad Kill TV?

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The iPad is actually an enhancement to the previous tablet computers. These are premeditated, expanded and promoted solely by Apple. Principally, it was produced as a stage for the audio-visual medium that comprise of multiple things, like books, magazines, games, web material and movies.

How does it look like?

Its dimensions and mass is something amid the modern smartphones and laptop. The iPad also uses the operating system that is being utilized by the iPhone and iPod Touch. You have dual advantage of running not only its own application, but also of the iPhone applications. With no further addition and with the exemption of web applications, the only programs functions on it are the one endorsed by Apple and dispersed through its online store.

Multi touch Display

Likewise iPod Touch and iPhone, the iPad is also a multi touch presentation. It is distinctive in that manner from the tablet computers.

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