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Best Selling Mobile Phones of All Times

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In this era of technology mobile phone is requirement of every person and also has positive effects on society. Mobile technology enables you to get connect all over the world through internet and get information of any part of world (breaking news) when it happens. Mobile technology enables you to make fast and informed decisions.

Mobile technology is very useful in many departments of social life and smart phones with capabilities of browsing the internet, audio/video calls, and sharing large files, mobile technology has made it more efficient to communicate and conduct meetings and business. Some Top Selling Phones make good effects on economy of mobile companies.

In these competitors Best Selling Phone gets more benefit due to its sharp and smart features. Mostly mobile phones with highest sale having balance in their prices with features, so they are affordable for every class. Here we are introducing some Best Selling Phones.

Nokia Series:

  1. Nokia 5310:

Nokia 5310 is an express music phone. Main body color is grey, red, black or white and about a centimeter thick. It was released in 2007 and it features many music specific features as well as a 2.0 megapixel camera. It comes with 30 MB internal memory, 32 MB system RAM (2MB of heap memory for apps).Its weight is 71 g, it comes with a dedicated audio chip, which delivers better audio quality, as well as video. It has basic organizer functions including a calendar, to-do list, and notes and it can play FM Radio and receive call with the headset’s button.

2. Nokia N97:

It is a smart and stylish model of nokia series with sharp features. It is actually category of those phones which are in highest sale. It made good repute in Top Selling Phones. It is a touch screen mobile phone in the N series by Nokia. It was released worldwide, on 26 June 2009. It comes with a slide-out QWERTY keyboard. Its talk time is 9.5 hours; LCD size is (640×360 px) 3.5 inch. Its weight is 150 g for original. Its Video recording: Up to 3.6 hours (offline mode) and Standby time: Up to 17 days (3G), 18 days (GSM).

Another version on Nokia N97 is Nokia N97 Mini, having some features of N97 but some differences for instance it is downsize than Nokia N97, another difference is top left the big D-pad has been replaced with four arrow keys at right side. Space between keys is also more than original design. It has some similarities with original model i-e 3.2 inch touch screen, 8 GB of storage memory, removal of FM transmitter, and a shorter battery life. Its LCD size is (640×360 px) 3.2 inch. Weight: 138 g for mini .

3.  Nokia N95:

The phone was released at the end of March 2007. This is a portable device is a Smart phone produced by Nokia as part of their N series. The N95 has built-in Wi-Fi, with which it can access the Internet, audio/video chat, it also has built-in Blue-tooth and works with wireless earpieces. The N95 includes a built-in accelerometer. Its weight is 120 g and comes with 160 MB Memory, 240×320 px, 2.6 in, TFT LCD display, USB 2.0, Blue-tooth 2.0, Wi-Fi b/g, Infrared and Rear Camera of 5 Megapixel.

Its capabilities include video recording and video conferencing, a FM Radio tuner, multi-tasking to allow several applications to run simultaneously, MMS and e-mail and a web browser with support for Adobe Flash, HTML and JavaScript.

Its different versions are:

  • N95 NAM (N95-3): designed specifically for the North American market
  • N95 8GB (N95-2): N95-2, internally known as RM-320, comes with 8 gigabytes of internal storage and a larger display
  • N95 CHINA (N95-5): the N95-5 is targeted at the Chinese market
  • N95 8GB NAM (N95-4): with support for North American
  • N95 CHINA (N95-5)
  • N95 8GB CHINA (N95-6)

The lower cost N95-5 and N95-6 for the Chinese market.



Nokia 1100:

This is also including in phones With Highest Sale. This is a very simple mobile in nokia series. It was launched in late 2003; 250 million 1100′s have been sold since 2003. The Nokia 1100 was designed at Nokia Design Center in California. Its style is not too much modern but it gets popularity among more modern cell phones with more features. It was target among those users who a simple use of cell phone only related to a phone call or SMS just text messages, alarm clock or calendar. Its display is 96 x 65 Monochrome.

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Is N9 is better Than N8?

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Nokia is one of the best mobile companies. With each model it comes up with, it has new and improved features. Technology changes day by day and Nokia also enhances and launches its products according to the needs of modern era.

Nokia N8 Smart Phone

alt="Nokia N8" width="300" height="300" />

This model is one of Nokia’s hottest mobiles. The N8 has been released. It seems to be doing quite well.

The first great feature of this mobile is that you can shoot things in HD version. It has a large 12 MP sensor and Carl Zeiss optics. This allows you to capture great images. Also the Xenon flash lets you take great pictures in low-light conditions.

Secondly, it is powered by Symbian. This means you can enjoy over 250 exciting new features. This includes things like HD video playback on your compatible TV. You can do so much without sacrificing your battery life.

This great phone features an HDMI connection as well. This means that you can see all your images, music and videos on compatible televisions and projectors. It also features premium-quality, “Dolby Digital Plus Technology.” Movies look so much better on it.

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Mobile Car Apps for the Future

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Sometimes ago, apps were only dominated in the smart phones. But apps are now become an important part of driving due to smarting up of cars as well. Smart phone apps are usually attached with the electric vehicles. These apps can track the level of charging and control the different functions of vehicle.  Vehicles can able to communicate with the mobiles using built-in software for apps. It can change the way of driving using available car apps as describe here.

Leaf iPhone App of Nissan

Nissan is introducing the Leaf iPhone app along with its application. People can easily check the battery life of the cars using this app. Moreover, it can also inform about the required time and cost to recharge the battery. Leaf owners can able to detect the internal temperature. It can also be used to remotely turn on the heater and air-conditioner. It is similarly operated as a remote control. However, people can easily detect the extra heating and cooling spends with the added temperature information application.

alt="Leaf iPhone App of Nissan" width="306" height="223" />

OnStar Mobile App of General Motors

Mobile app idea of Nissan was greatly inspired the General Motors. Now, apps of GM will also be available for Android, iPhone and BlackBerry. It allows the users to track the battery level and provide remote control functions.Moreover, it can send the alerts about recharging of battery. Its users can also remotely open the locks of car doors.

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Top 10 Best Apps for Nokia

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Nokia is an amazing brand that provides its customers, with all the attractive, useful and unique features that a smart mobile phone should have. Though Nokia provides a number of applications but here are top 10 applications specifically useful for Nokia Symbian 60 v5 based phones like Nokia 5530, Nokia 5800, Nokia X6, Nokia N97 and Nokia N97 Mini.

1. Y-Browser

It manages files of your phone to the next level, accesses your inbuilt files like system drive of a Symbian phone, gives you an ability to open and exit files from within Y-Browser etc. It is developed by Dr-jukka.

2. Google Maps

Google maps help and guide you to find the desired locations accurately. It has also got some attractive features like street views and layers etc.

3. Handy Task man

It has an ability to show the free RAM amount, and can execute the background processes that may get hanged; it has also got a tab “favorites” where you can make a list of the applications that you use frequently.

4. Nokia Messaging

It provides you with the kinetic scrolling, HTML mail display etc. but it can not view your mails in full screen. But it is expected that this feature will be added in the next models. Read the full story

Best Video File Converter Tools!

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Since film viewing has been digitized, there are millions of file formats software and devices use for their video clips. Nowadays no matter which file format your clip is using, it never seems to be compatible with the software or device where you’d like to use it. This could mean anything from, not being able to read, unsupported format missing or out-of sync audio, to picture problems, and sometimes the movie won’t play at all.

There are various solutions to this problem, but the simplest and best solution is, to gear yourself with a video file converter.

A video file converter tool is software that will re-encode your file into the format you require or even for the exact device where you’d like to play it on, such as you cell-phone, mp3 player, etc.

This doesn’t cost you a dime, as there are a host of excellent free software tools that provide all the functionality you’ll ever need, and the 5 best of those are as follows:



SUPER (Simplified Universal Player Encoder & Renderer) uses several open-source tools to support a huge collection of file conversion functionality, for considerably ubiquitous file formats.

Output file formats include all the main PC video and audio formats, and the program also supports creating 3GP and 3G2 files for mobile phones, along with clips for most of the popular mp3 players and mobile devices. Read the full story

Tablets: Fastest Growing Technology

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Mobile phones, iphones and other communicating technology are used by every age and gender and that is the reason it is also the fastest growing technology where the market is competitive and every next week we hear about latest tablet either from Apple, Acer, Hp, Nokia and etc.

Apple’s latest iPad is the talk of the town and receiving all the attention.


iPad represents elegant hardware, fast processor, responsive multitouch, extremely vibrant application store, large selection of games and long battery life which makes it the ideal for this generation where life is in fast pace. The low price of this technology have caught everyone’s attention and made it lead the tablet category. Read the full story

How To Choose The Best Touch Screen Phones

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With so many brands available in the market, an individual gets confused about which one they should go for. However, today the touch screen technology has become famous and the is the in thing today. Before you sit down to think which product best fits your need, there are some specifications which you need to consider.

Before you buy a cell phone, first and foremost you would have to look for its storage capacity. This is essential because if you are a heavy user then you would need an adequate amount of storage. Nokia’s Tube offers you storage capacity of 8GB which can be further expanded with the memory card, same is the case with LG Renoir and Samsung Omina. Both the brands offer you storage capacity of up to 8GB but could be expand till 16GB maximum if you buy a SD card. However, Apple’s iPhone is offers you limited storage either 8GB or 16GB which cannot be expanded and should be adequate enough for any user.

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Get The Latest Nokia N8 in September

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It would be wrong to say that Nokia N8 is an iPhone killer, however this is a very attractive phone which has come out after a long time from manufacturers like Nokia. This phone is definitely going to sell like hot chocolate cake in the market, hence you should start placing your orders from now onwards only.

The specifications for this phone is that it is powered by Symbian ^3 and an ARM 11 680MHz processor. It has the best specs available in the market such as 3.5-inch amoled capacitive touchscreen, internal storage only comprises of 16GB, a picture perfect 12MP camera with 720p HD video recording facility, secondary VGA videocall camera, microSD expansion slot, HSDPA 10.2Mbps, HSUPA 2.0Mbps, WiFi, Bluetooth 3.0 with A2DP, stereo FM radio with RDS, HDMI-out, Dolby Digital Plus, digital compass, video/photo editor, and Flash Lite 4.0. This in other words could be said that it’s less of a mobile phone and more a digital tool.

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Nokia Booklet 3G

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Announced in February 2009, the Nokia 3G netbook is the first stepping stone of Nokia into the word of computing and finally the details of the netbook was launched in September 2009 and was later shipped out.

The Nokia Booklet 3G is an exceptional netbook with a sleek aluminum body and a glossy black finish, which makes the netbook a combination of beauty and stability, something which very few netbooks are actually capable of. The netbook weights just 1.25 kilograms and yet it is something that is very durable and reliable. It has a remarkable 10.1 inch screen, with a display of 1280 x 720 pixels display and provides users with an enriching visibility. The keyboard is also something that is smooth, easy to use and flexible.

The Netbook 3g has a 1.6 gigahertz Intel Atom Z530 processor and a GPS, with  Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and the old beloved modem, which makes this device’s connectivity an all rounder. Not only this, but the netbook has SIM card support, HDMI 1. out for HD video and 3 USB 2.0 ports. The only setback to this beauty is it’s limited hard disk which apparently comes in just 120 GB and a mere 1GB RAM, thus making the netbook not very effective for any other work besides the regular spreadsheet, word files. Read the full story

Samsung Wave Now Offered By T-Mobile, Orange and Vodafone

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The Samsung Wave is one of the first two new phones featuring the new ‘Super AMOLED‘ screen technology, the second being the Samsung Galaxy S which is now being launched in the market.

Measuring 118 mm x 56 mm, the Samsung S8500 Wave is only 10 mm thick, providing smart phone technology through ARM Cortex A8, 1GHz processor and Bada operating system, offering excellent levels of reliability.

The phone boasts a colorful 3.3 inch super AMOLED touch screen, having a resolution of 480 x 800 pixel. The Samsung Wave comes with both accelerometer and proximity sensors to automate certain functions such as image orientation and battery saving functionality.

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