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Sony Ericsson Spiro and Zylo Mobile Phones

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Two new mobile phones have been launched by Sony Ericsson, called Spiro and Zylo. Sony Ericsson is famous its music phones with the sale of over 130 million walkman phones worldwide.

Some of its famous phones include the Xperia X10, X10 Mini, Mini Pro X10, and Vivaz Pro, but now Sony Ericsson is going to upgrade its aging array of Walkman phones with the launch of Zylo and Spiro. The two new music phones will also be used for social networking.

By incorporating the finest features of Walkman together with numerous applications dedicated to social networks, Spiro and Zylo provide excellent communication and entertainment features.

Samsung CorbyTXT B3210 Review

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With the success of the Samsung Star S5230, the manufacturer has taken another step to conquer the market of affordable handsets by releasing the Corby S3650, which is a cell phone aimed specifically at youngsters, who want to be trendy but can’t afford to pay a large sum of money for it.

The device proved to be successful, motivating the manufacturer to come up with new members of the Corby family. Most of the new additions, such as the CorbyTXT B3210 phone have been targeted at people who prefer texting to verbal means of communication, which is the latest trend these days.

The Samsung CorbyTXT B3210 has a design that is similar to the BlackBerry and feels pretty comfy in your hand. The overall dimensions of the phone are also pretty much the same as these of the BlackBerry Curve 8520 phone.

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Coolest Mobile Phones

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Now-a-days there is a vide variety in mobiles phones, every phone has something new in it, and it is difficult to decide what model one should buy. Because some features are available in phone and some are missing. So no one can get the perfect phone of his choice ever. Many mobile phone companies emerged in these some years.Mobile design

The mobile phone companies which are working from the very beginning are Nokia, Motorola etc. And now every company has started to make mobiles, even the watch companies like Tag Heuer, they have released there Mobile Phone named ‘VERTU’, a really expensive set.

Nokia Surv1: Waterproof Outdoor phone


This phone by Nokia, is especially made for those who spend their time outside, its scratch less body, always shines, this phone includes GPS and MP3 player for music lovers. It is easy to handle in rough environment. It can be worn as a belt clip or as a big pendent, touch screen feature is available and whatever you want to open can touch and open(Except for emergency).

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Complaints Greet Google’s Nexus One

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After launching the touchscreen smartphone on 5 January, Google is being flooded with complaints about its Nexus One phone, which can be bought directly from Google and used on almost any phone network.

However, there is a lot of confusion over who is responsible for answering customer queries, which has led many customers to file complaints on support forums.

People are also unhappy with Google responding to questions by e-mail only and are asking for a phone-based support system to be set up.

In America, customers can buy the Nexus One directly from Google for $529 and on a contract with T-Mobile for $179. The phone will be available in UK via Vodafone, but the price and the launch dates have not been released as yet.

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