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VoIP an Innovative Technology

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VOIP that is Voice over Internet Protocol is set of protocols used for communication purpose. Transmission of voice over internet is procedure consist of multiple steps. These steps include signaling, conversion of analog signals to digital signals, encoding, packet transmission, over networks. This is one technology which has evolved in short period of time and change the face of communication all over the world.


Initially the VoIP based system was developed in 1990 by Israeli company named Vocaltec for the purpose of communication with the help of internet. After that by 1998 some commercial companies launched their PC to PC and Pc to Phone software based on VOIP technologies. As primarily these services were introduced as cost free services thus, large numbers of people were attracted and used these solutions. According to the statistics VoIP based calls were 1% of telephone calls by 1998 however this percentage increased up to 25% by 2003.

VoIP Technology

VoIP is real time broadcast of voice with the help of internet connection. Voice signals are basically analog type of signals. With the help of VoIP technology these analog signals are converted to digital signals. The digital signals are transmitted over long distance with the help of internet protocols. These digital signals are in form of packets. Voice packets contain source and destination information along with voice data. The address of destination helps the packets to detect right network. When reach to destination these voice packets are decompressed. VoIP technology has reduced the cost of long distance communication and revolutionized the industry of IP Telephony.


It was first realized by Corporations the importance of VOIP technology and its potential advantages to global business. Free online communication has been one of the biggest blessings of technology. Telephone was used as only quickest means of communication over long distance for long time. Due to the reason it had cost hundreds of dollars monthly to people. With the introduction of computer technology along with IP telephony this cost is reduced to great extent. Why should people pay extra money for telephone services when computer along with DSL can serve the both purpose.

VOIP technology is not only beneficial for home users but it is also of great advantage for business, corporations and industry of technology. Industry related to VOIP technology has earned huge profits by releasing software and hardware required for IP Telephony. One such example is VOIP based software SKYPE which has been recently bought by Microsoft worth 8.5 billion dollars.

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Email Hosting Companies for Business Firms

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Email hosting services are provided by many reputed companies all over the world. These firms offer personal domain named email addresses to their clients for professional purposes. The involvement of Email hosting services in any business is beneficial. It not only brings a lot of advantages to the owner of the firm but helps to establish a professional attitude. Brand recognition is important and attractive email addresses help achieve it.

Email Hosting Companies

Small and medium sized business companies make a lot of use of Email hosting services. This utility can be availed at a very economic package and understanding of this aspect can help develop Information Technology experience. The customers may purchase as many email addresses as they like. This ranges from a few email addresses to many hundred. All email addresses are unique and provide with a lot of help while communicating.

Features of Hosted Email

Pop3Access is the prime tool which is functional in almost all email addresses which are hosted. Most of these emails can be linked to Microsoft Outlook in the personal computer or Laptop. Email hosting also provides a very effective solution to the Spam that accumulates in the Inbox. Any hacking or Virus attacks are also monitored.

Benefits of Email Hosting

The clients can benefit greatly by resorting to Email Hosting companies. These companies keep all the data on large and secure servers accessible to authorized personal only. Many of these companies offer advanced and latest features for their customers. Mobile accessibility is also an issue which is addressed by such firms greatly.

Save Money & Time – Email Hosting

The financial burden on any business majorly reduces when email addresses are hosted. The clients get attracted to the style of work of the people in the firm. Many individuals are attracted towards the infrastructure and dynamics of a certain department. Each company differs in its requirements and needs.

Different Packages – Email Hosting Firms

The firms which provide Email Hosting solutions vary and their price also differs from each other. Several packages and plans are available to facilitate small and large business owners.

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Google Desktop

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Many individuals have worked brilliantly towards developing new and better means of organizing life. Life must be arranged in a systematic order otherwise the dynamics of even the smallest issues may be damaged. Many people face a lot of problems in sorting out files and folders on the internet. With Google Desktop, everything is simple.

Technology On Finger Tips – Google Desktop

Over the past years, Google has been the ultimate and most powerful search engine. Literally anything can be found and described through Google. Google has been the most wonderful powerful search engines in the world. Google Desktop is another of Google’s venture. The newly made Google gadget allows users to revolutionize their way of researching. Things have been made elegant and simple owing to the complexity of life and daily routine.

Search Made Easy – How Google Desktop Works

Google Desktop is primarily research software made available on the internet for free download. This software can be categorized in the “Desktop Search Software” category. Google Desktop is quite simple and easy to use. Millions of people from all over the world have downloaded this instrument and facilitated themselves completely.

Computing Is Interesting – Tools and Gadgets

Google Desktop gives one a chance to freely explore the horizons of computing. Worrying about files saved in distant folders is now no big issue. Google Desktop easily manages files and searches for them. It has several tools and widgets attached to it. These widgets enable one to keep themselves updated and accurate daily.

Some Specific Tools – Google Desktop Has Them All

Google Desktop has all the necessary and most brilliant gadgets available. The weather forecast tool enables one to keep up to date with all climate changes. The Climate Tool displays all conditions regarding weather. It is quite accurate and very interesting to use. Similarly, the Picture Display tool gives a slide show of all images on the disk.

Release History – Latest Version

Google Desktop has been redesigned and worked upon several times. The tool was first released in August 2005. Read the full story

Most Strange Games

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Video games play a very important part in one’s life. These video games give the gamers a chance to experience real life situations and work effectively. Many individuals love gaming as gaming industry is their bread and butter. Games are extremely important and contribute much to the daily lives. However some video games are strange.

Bizarre Video Games – Strange Content

Many video games have been developed which are regarded as unbelievable. However there are some video games which completely surpass the boundaries of being bizarre. Have a look at some of the most bizarre video games of all times. These games have completely redefined the gaming industry with the new theme and gaming play. These games have received criticism by some and appraisal by many.

1. Metal Wolf Chaos – Rogue Politicians

Metal Wolf Chaos is one of the most fantastic yet bizarre video games ever released. The Microsoft made “Metal Wolf Chaos” is available on Xbox and came out in 2004. The theme of the game is unusual and surrounds a couple of politicians and army against one time president Woodrow Wilson. The fictitious storyline is appealing.

2. The Great Giana Sisters – Mario Has Competition

“The Great Giana Sisters” was released on Commodore 64. The video game features three sisters on a hunt. The story of the game is quite similar to “Mario Brothers”. The tagline of the video game made it much more controversial. The Giana Sisters is available to play on the Mobile Phone as well as Nintendo DS.

3. Monster Party – Rock & Roll

NES is the holder of this bizarre video game. “Monster Party” is one game that will definitely enthrall one with the strange story line and mode of action. The video game features many characters through which one has to complete the game. Medusa, Dragons and Grim Reaper are some of the monsters featured in this video game.

4. Penn & Teller’s Smoke and Mirrors

“Penn & Teller’s” was originally intended to release in 1995. The video game was released on Sega Platform. Although a bit outdated, yet it never failed to amaze. The entire game is made up of miniature version of video games. These video games feature the most prolific and famous due of Penn and Teller.

5. Revolution X – When Army Goes Berserk

“Midway” is one of the most famous video game developers. The “Revolution X” was released in the year 1994 and had a complete arcade like game play.  Read the full story

Innovative Technology of Wireless Headset

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There are new discoveries and inventions taking place in world of technology with every passing moment. One such innovation in world of technology is headset. Headset is device comprises of headphones with which you can receive voice and microphone with help of which you can record your voice in device. The wireless headphone headsets are innovative invention in headset device where there are no wires with headset and you do not need to keep your phone holding in your hands. With the help of theses headsets people are free to perform their work during their calls.

Reason For Using Wireless Headsets

Wireless headsets can be used by different people for different reasons some are as follow:

  • One of the biggest reason for which people are looking for wireless headsets is for driving purpose. As mobile phones are not allowed while driving, therefore using wireless headsets for mobile can allow the drivers to drive and make important calls together. They can access calls with one touch system on wireless headsets.
  • Mostly people do not like to sit at one place to make calls. Wireless headsets provide complete freedom for them to do other tasks during their calls.
  • During office work wireless headsets can be beneficial. It will allow they workers to do their manual work with free hands during any conversation or voice related job.

Important Features Of Wireless Headsets

A good wireless handset should posses features like:

  • Most important feature that should be possessed by wireless headset is clarity of sound. They should have ability for reducing noise and reduce echo.
  • Wireless headset should have one touch system for turning device on and volume. 
  • These devices should be comfortable when used. As they can irritate user if not comfortable. 
  • The wireless headset should be compact and should not secure much place while carrying. 

Bluetooth Wireless Headsets

The latest popular technology available in devices of wireless headset is Bluetooth wireless headsets. As we know Bluetooth is used for data transfer. Therefore, in Bluetooth wireless headset Bluetooth technology is used to transfer sound data between devices. Read the full story

Pay Per Click System

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In a very competitive and fierce world, advertisement is a primary tool brands use to promote themselves. The most popular and brilliant of advertisers use effective and brilliant techniques to promote products.

The Magic of Click – Pay per Click

Pay per Click is a new revolution in the advertising industry. Companies sign agreements with the service providers. These Pay per Click Agreements are extremely beneficial to both the Brand and the Promoter.

Earn at a Single Click – Life is Easy

Pay per Click is actually an advertising model. These models are stimulating the real time experience of as many as a million users surfing through various websites and coming together. These websites carry several banners and links to advertisements which can be viewed. The viewer in turn gets paid for his/her efforts at the very end.

Internet Advertisement – A New Industry

Pay per Click service has bonded together the dynamics of Internet Advertisement. Search Engines from all over the world focus on primary keywords which can redirect the searcher to the most relevant of terms. The content viewed has a large price range. Usually the price of an advertisement is fixed but some pay more than others.

One Man’s Trash – Another Man’s Gold

This unique and wonderful industry is the sole bread and butter of many individuals. Pay per Click can be easily accessed to from various websites. Read the full story

Wireless Keyboards For Easy Working

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Have you seen the bunch of unorganized wires on or under the office tables? Well that can be said as a story of past. The invention of wireless keyboards has greatly helped to clean that ugly mess. Now the wireless freedom gives the choice to move the keyboards on the table without any tension of tangled wires and their length and physical connectivity. You can either put your keyboard on your even lap or on the table as you desire comfortable.

Types of Wireless Keyboards

If you start counting the types and brands of wireless keyboards, it is endless. But there are some main types and brands which enjoy the top ratings based on their product quality, design, signal length and other features. In fact everyone has different aspects while choosing a wireless key board; hence, they are also available in different shapes, designs, etc.

The integration of Bluetooth technology in wireless application has now freed the users to keep the hardware in the line to operate. Anyhow an infrared keyboard will require that, hence, you should be very careful before selecting a keyboard for your use. Read the full story

You Can Run Chrome OS On iPad

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iPad is one of the most interesting gadgets in the market. It has been developed by Apple and is officially released for public all around the world. iPad is a line of tablet computers which have proven to be a breakthrough. The iPad is controlled by a MultiTouch system and can only plant and work with programs approved by Apple inc.

The Chrome-Pad

However, by using a little imagination and modification the iPad can easily run many of the more interesting programs. The Chrome Operation System can also be easily run on the iPad. “Jail Breaking” is a term most of us are familiar with. Through Jail Breaking, expert hackers can bypass all precautions and download content and install it.

Cydia Is Ideal For Downloading

Some of the most famous sources of downloading content for iPad and iPhone have been the Cydia. Cydia applications are easy to access and free of cost. All of these applications are available on the internet for one to work with and enjoy. iPad can be easily Jail Breached and the Chrome OS be installed on it.

What Is Chrome OS?

Chrome OS is a computing platform which was has been released by Google. It is exclusively compatible with all Personal Computers and Mobile devices.

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Future Of In-Car Cloud Computing

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Ford jump had initiated the development of apps for the SYNC system of the company. They created a 12 -week course for the students from the University of Michigan called cloud computing in the commute. Recently student teams have submitted their apps before the judges from ford, U of M and Microsoft. The winner on the whole is Caravan Track, which has supported in maintaining jointly a group of cars on a road tour. Other apps have offered crowd-sourced information on points of interests and road conditions and facilitated real-time fuel-economy tracking and ride sharing. Students have carried out research and create applications which are based on the entry to ford’s developmental platform. These applications are built on widows 7 and Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio. Below is given the information about the functioning of the different apps:

Information About And Connection With Group Of Vehicles:

Caravan track has been announced as the winning app. Because of the software, group of vehicles during the same visit can connect each other along their journey. With the help of recognition on the main website, users can come to see their fellow travelers. They can also observe vehicle telemetry which includes track each vehicle, map routes, fuel level and speed, intimation about the alerts along the way and can also provide about conditions of the road and other perils which they may experience along their way.

Acknowledgment About The Experience Of Past Drivers:

Fuel Tracker gives acknowledgment about the understanding of the past drivers on that specific road and provides real-time feedback to the drivers. Read the full story

Best Calendar Apps for Android

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Android is an operating system of the mobile device. All applications for Android platform using the Java programming language. It becomes very popular in small devices. The Android SDK provides the APIs and tools to develop applications for Android mobile devices with or without touchable functionality. By using these applications get your alert for important meetings, tasks, birthday, and more.

5 Best Calendar Apps for Android

There are numerous free applications for Android or any other system, like best five calender for Android system that helps you in every professional field. To get schedule your business life. Following is some famous calendar with different features according to different fields like, business, personal life, teaching, etc.

1. Touch Calendar (BETA)

Touch calendar is more interesting calendar application of all the Android apps. It takes advantage of the Android v2.0. interface. Touch Calendar includes a pinch zooming, avoiding for the long tap use double tap to enter events, allows scrolling horizontal or vertical. You can jump to any date from the menu, search calendar from menu or phone, and much more.

2. Smooth Calender

Smooth Calendar is very much easy to use. It is highly configuration screen for the built in calendar app. Smooth Calendar is not a very good application for you if you have more than one event in a single day. Smooth Calendar has one screen size of 4X2. At this size, your calendar only can display your event names if more than one or detailed one event at a time.

3. Cal Widget

Cal Widget, This Calendar application stands alone in Android mobile system. It is one of the best widget calendar applications.

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