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Best Laptop Deals

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In a world that is rapidly growing, the need to stay connected with other individuals in quite intense. Individuals purchase home based computer systems which are economic and durable. However, the Personal Computer is not compact and cannot be carried anywhere. Laptops are used by people as an alternative solution to this problem. The popularity of Laptops is increasing greatly. Best deals have now emerged at many places in different towns.

The Best Laptop Deals

The most successful Laptops are those which have a longer Battery Life. The Laptops can be of many kinds and range in their price category. The best place to search for ideal Laptops is by starting the journey from Internet. The Internet is one commodity that may indicate the best deals and requirements for any user. Apart from the Internet, a person may travel to a local town shop. The price of a Laptop depends upon several factors altogether.

Realizing Needs – Used or New Laptops?

When people look for suitable Laptops, they first have to realize their needs. A new Laptop is relatively expensive then a used or refurbished Laptop. The benefits of purchasing a new Laptop are countless. It has a longer Battery Life and features which are not found in used Laptops. Refurbished Laptops may come handy as well.

Shops Which Sell Used Machines

Some shops and websites are completely dedicated to selling equipment that has been used previously. If a person wants to purchase a used Laptop, these are the places which must be checked. Apart from this, websites also offer special discount deals on used Laptops. Bargaining may be done if contact is made to the seller.

Avoid Fraud – Contact Legitimate Laptop Sellers

It is important to avoid frauds or cheating in online transactions. Hence, it is ideal for one to completely check a used Laptop before bringing it home.

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Must Have iPad Applications

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The App Store has brought out a bunch of apps for the iPad. While there are many that were already available for the iPhone, they will look much better in the larger iPad. There are many new ones too. The costs are a bit high to what you would usually find in the App Store.

1. News and Social

News and Social

NYT Editor’s Choice:

This app shows you what the ‘New York Times’ looks like on the iPad. It is free. There may be hidden subscription charges.

USA Today:

This app shows you how the ‘USA Today’ looks like on the iPad. This is free but there may be hidden subscription charges.


The Wall Street Journal has launched an app to allow its followers on iPad to read the paper. It is a free app. There may be hidden subscription charges.


This is a really good app. It includes video, image and text content as well. It has an unorthodox design. This is another free app.

NPR for iPad:

This is a digital version of the NPR. There is text and photo news along with the audio. It is a free app.

Popular Science:

The tease at the App Store hints that this is not only a magazine scan. Rather it has been influenced by the amazing concept that surfaces in December. This app costs $5.


This old broadcaster is now on iPad with its very own app. There is all the BBC’s news coverage. This includes print, video and radio.


The app for all of you with a business sense. Your iPad can become a finance terminal with this app. It is free for now.


You can use your Stumble Upon account for simple link sharing and discovery. It is a free app.


The app that lets you save anything that you have come across online in a cleaned-up format for later use. It costs $5.


NewsRack worked great for the iPhone as an RSS reader. The great news is that if you have already paid $5 for the iPhone version, then the iPad download is absolutely free.


Feeddler is a free app that will cover all the basics if you do not want to spend money for a feed reader.

Fluent News:

Some of you might not like the RSS readers. If that is the case, then Fluent is your thing. It will make your daily news to be a little guided into a single interface. This app is free.

Accuweather Cirrus:

The app that will make you an expert weatherperson. It includes prediction and reading. It is free.


Tweet deck worked great with the iPhone. It takes the column-based desktop app, and adapts it to the iPhone’s screen. The end result is in either two column (a portrait) or three column (landscape) modes.


AIM is the AOL’s instant messaging app. It looks pretty stunning. This app is free.


The app that will let you do some serious multi-protocol messaging. That includes Live, Facebook and Yahoo, among others. This app is for $10.

Loopt Pulse:

This app provides localism. Find out what is going on around your sofa, right from your sofa. It is free.

Dash Four:

Foursquare on the iPad might sound like a strange idea now. Yet it won’t seem so strange the next time you are in Starbucks, with your iPad. This app costs $2.


While the Craiglist website is a disaster, the Craigslist iPad app looks great. It is free.

2. Entertainment and Video

Entertainment and Video


An app that provides Netflix streaming over Wi-Fi. You should first have a NetFlix account that costs around $9 a month these days. After that, you can have thousands of brilliant TV shows and movies in your hand. The app is free.

ABC Player:

ABC Player is one of the first TV apps available in the store. It has made a promising start. It provides an amazing slick interface for the ABC video content that is available on their website. This app is free.

Marvel Comics:

An app that turns your iPad into a comic book for real. It provides a free reader but the comics have to be paid for.


iBooks is the Apple’s ebook store. It is the best thing yet for iPad ebooks. There is no competition for now, but Amazon and Barnes will be hoping to change that soon.

NBA Game Time Courtside:

An app that provides you with a full and interactive dashboard for all the basketball games that you watch. It is a joy for all the basketball fans. It is absolutely free.

MLB At Bat:

It is an app that enables you to watch the live games like the iPhone version. The extra bit added is that it simulates the games you are unable to watch due to blackout or licensing issues. There are also statistics at hand. It costs $15.

ESPN ScoreCenter:

For all of you out there who like to eat, drink and sleep sports, this is the app for you. It provides a constant feed of sports information. There are the specific game scores like on the iPhone app, but the iPad app has been enhanced to include scores of columns, frames and panes. If you love sports, it costs a mere $5.

Yahoo Entertainment:

Yahoo Entertainment pulls info from the vast network of Yahoo sites. It has complete TV listings, videos and entertainment news. It has been amazingly designed, and it is free so it is definitely worth a download.


SoundHound is a song recognition app with a difference. It has an immensely fast recognition engine. It does not only ID any music that is playing, but also provides lyrics, charts, music discovery and full playlist playback. The charts are based on what people are Idling and not based on buying statistics. It is for $5.


It is an app that provides song recognition. Still, it will not recognize your own singing voice or humming like SoundHound can. Also, the song recognition ability is not as good. Still, it is a free app so you can try it.


The Pandora’s iPad app is sticking to its basic customized radio feature. It provides artist info along with your playlists. Read the full story

The latest Windows 7 Tablet

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Windows 7 PC Tablet is not worth only for its appearances. It is  Windows 7 enabled  which  makes it a total new device  for use. You will choose to adopt for personal use once you check out its features, functions and usability. If you are not feeling comfortable using old netbook, this one will give you an entire new touch using windows 7. You may replace your netbook with this window 7 Tablet PC.



Display: 9 inches 1024×600 resistive touchscreen display

Operating System: Available with or without Windows 7 operating system.

CPU Processor: 1.66GHZ Atom N280

Memory: 2GB 667MHz DDR2 RAM

Hard Drive: 32GB SSD (16-64GB available, 128GB coming soon)

Connectivity: 3G modem (use your own SIM)

Ports: 3xUSB, SD slot (includes 8GB card), combo RJ-45/VGA slot

Camera: Front webcam

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How to Use Winamp to Sync iPhone Without iTunes

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A good way to listen to music is through the Apple iPod or iPhone. The media player that is used by Apple is the iTunes. Apple does not allow any other media player to be used in its iPod’s or iPhone’s.


Syncing iTunes

iTunes plays another very important role in Apple iPod’s and iPhone’s. It syncs your iPod or iPhone to your computer as well. However many people do not like using iTunes.

Linux Users

iTunes seems to be supported in MAC and Windows. Therefore Linux users face a big problem.

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How to Use GtkPod to Sync iPhone without iTunes?

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Apple iPod’s and iPhone’s are an addiction for music lovers. However many of them dislike the media player that is supported in the iPod’s and iPhone’s. This media player is known as the iTunes.iTunes is the only way people can sync their iPod’s and iPhone’s to their computers. This can be frustrating for many people.

alt="How to Use GtkPod to Sync iPhone " width="346" height="267" />

The first reason for this is that they don’t like the media player itself. The second reason is that they use software’s which don’t support iTunes.

Linux Users

A disadvantage is that iTunes is only supported in MAC and Windows.  Therefore other users such as Linux users can face problems. They will have to find another way to sync their iPods to their computers.

Other Media Players

There are other media players available for Linux users. An example is the Winamp media player. Most people dislike certain things about iTunes.

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Best Business Iphone Apps You Want

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IPhones can also be used for small business along with fun and entertainment. With the help of iPhones, we can keep tracking our customers, finances, and projects, and stay connected to the office no matter where we are. It is a very useful tool for every business.

Some applications that are titled best for it should be there in your iphone for seeking maximum advantage from it. Use them wisely and get yourself benefited through a single devise in many ways. Below is the list of those best features and applications.

Shoe Boxed application

With the help of it, you can capture images of a receipt and store them online. It is free application provided on iPhones. You can use those pictures in your business. It also provides you editing option for the pictures.

Mini books

It allows you to track your several projects at once and bill your clients, even if it is turned off. You can deal your clients through this device. You can also track and take decisions about your running projects.

Contractor, freelancer, small business tax calculator

It can tell you about your monthly rate that how much of it you will owe in taxation and getting to take home, simply by typing in your hourly or weekly rate of tax that is applied on your business. Read the full story

Basic mistakes Linux Newbies Make

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Anyone who is new to computers can make a lot of mistake; this can be very frustrating to the new user. However new desktop users can prevent a lot of unwanted frustration by knowing which mistakes to keep away from. Here are some basic mistakes Linux newbies make.

1. Working exe files

Applications made for windows will not operate for Linux. End users may download windows applications on a Linux operating system and when they click on the exe file in order to run it, it will not work. This will frustrate the new user who is not aware of this fact. Make sure you inform the new user that applications created for windows will not work for Linux unless they use a software called WINE.

2. Finding softwares

Because of new users jumping from windows to Linux, they expect softwares that run on the windows OS to run on the Linux operating system as well, however most softwares do not. Linux newbies have to get used to linux’s package management tools, tools like Ubuntu software center, packagekit and synaptic. These tools contain a host of softwares. A Linux newbie can find the application he requires from these tools. Read the full story

Transfer Music From Ipod to Itunes

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Sometimes, you lost your iTunes library, or your computer crashed and you have to format your computer, but the songs and movies are still on your iPod, you may want to copy them from iPod back to computer. And this part will help you. Follow the following Steps:

Connect your ipod to computer with USB cable. Computer may open itunes and ask you that you want to sync your ipod. Select NO.
Open my computer. Your ipod is detected as a one of the drive may be as a G: drive on your computer.
You need to unhide file and folder. Here are the steps:

Windows XP:
Open ipod drive
Click on tools folder options
View tabs and select show hidden files and folders.
Apply ok.
Windows Vista:
Open the ipod drive and click on organize
folder and search options
View show hidden files and folders.

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Buy a new PC rather than upgrading to Windows 7

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The Windows XP users who are considering for upgrade to Windows 7 for them best advice is that don’t do it.

The main disadvantage about upgrading XP to Windows 7 is that upgrade requires reinstalling applications and moving personal data around and as matter of fact no one like to do that.


Because of some good technical reasons Microsoft make it in hard form but for average XP users and many businesses such difficult upgrade makes Windows 7 a hard task for ordinary users. Only the expert or adept users can upgrade their Window XP to Window 7 at their own peril. But for that handy install disks will be needed.

Now the question is that “ Windows XP can be upgraded to Windows 7 so is it right to upgrade XP”?  For that answer is very simple and short NO! Read the full story

Wyse Releases PocketCloud For iPhone

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Everybody wants to keep him connected all day and night in today’s world. Now an ultra-modern innovation introduced by Wyse by a name “PockeCloud” enables all the iPhone and iPod Touch users to access and work on their PC as well as virtual Windows desktop through their Apple devices from anywhere around the globe.

PocketCloud runs on a high-tech, secure, and highly optimized Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) and VMware View 3.1 client. It is compatible with 3G connections and Wi-Fi. Users will enjoy ‘super fast’ web browsing while using its new Thin-Browser.

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