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Best Ten PSP Games

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There are thousands of people who love PSP games. These games are available with very good graphics and sound effects and hence are very famous in children and youngsters. Each year there are hundreds of PSP games introduced by many companies. This year there are also many good and interesting games introduced by the game maker companies. Out of the hundreds of PSP games, following are best ten PSP games.

1. Metal gear solid

This game is very famous and is introduced by Peace walker. This game was released on 28th May, 2010.

metal gear solid

This game is especially designed for PSP2 games. This game is a single player game and in the game the player has to find tracks in a jungle of South America. The player has to fight against many enemies and animals in the jungle. There are different difficulty levels available in the game.

2. Silent Hill

It is one of the best game of 2010. This game is introduced by Shattered Memories. Silent Hill was released on 19th January, 2010. This game is very famous and is considered to be the best collection in PSP.

This game has many versions and the first version was introduced for PS1 game. This game has different levels for the players so that even beginners can play this game easily.

3. Duke Nukem Trilogy

This famous game is introduced by Critical Mass Company. Duke Nukem Trilogy was released in May, 2010.

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How To Carry Your Mobile Causing Least Radiation Harm?

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By now, we all are aware of the fact that mobile phones generate electromagnetic radiation, which can prove to be harmful.

wireless phone

However, thinking of living your life without your cell may seem impossible for many. What do you do then? In this article I will discuss how the mobile phone causes harm to humans and some tips to help you decrease the effects caused by mobile phone.

How Does It Happen?

When the mobile phone is being used, it transfers the radio waves to the base station. These radio waves will also be absorbed by people, more or less. These radio waves are basically mobile phone radiations.

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List of Black Listed Domains: Known Scam Sites

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You can find below a list of all know scam (online fraud) websites that should be black listed on all servers. Scam is a slang widely used for fraudulent activities. Its a pattern of activities some one knowingly engages in to con some one either for money or just for the fun of it. Phishing is one of the largest Internet related scams. Other scams can include advanced fee frauds such as fake lotteries and 419 scams – where individuals are sent notification that they have either won money or will obtain a percentage of a large amount of money belonging to a dead or missing individual sharing the same name. Individuals are tricked in to paying large sums of money to help facilitate the transfer of funds. The term 419 is derived from the number in the Nigerian Penal Code corresponding to this type of fraud.

If you know about a site that should be listed here, please leave us a comment and we will update this list.

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Top 7 Water Powered Calculators Running on H20 Batteries

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Water Powered Calculators and other devices have been around for quite some time now. Practical or not, these devices have been selling quite well as novelty products and business around the world have come up with innovative ideas and designs for them. I thought, It would be a great idea to make a list of all water powered calculators available in market. I did and then selected the top five of them for our readers. It has been a great 2 hour journey full of discovery and learning.

How does water powered calculator work?

Generally Two different metals have difference in electronegative charge. If we immerse them both in a fluid which has free floating ions (not pure water) then one metal electrode will preferentially attract ions causing a potential difference. If these metals are connected to an external circuit the process will  create a very tiny amount of current in micro-amps range(Most calculator chips only require one or two micro-amps to operate). The process will run perpetually as the metal will continue to draw more ions from the solution until the fluid is exhausted or metal is fully oxidized. ( similar to a lemon battery)

The water is in fact not the source of the power. The electricity is produced by the difference in electrode potentials of the anode and the cathode which are inserted into the water (or potato/lemon). It’s just a battery, it looks a little bit different, but the clock draws a very small amount of current anyway. So in other words: the water powered calculators are actually powered by a dissolving of metals like zinc.

EMC’s Water Powered Calculator

This one is most elegantly designed calculator. It has a futuristic shape. looks like an alien on your desktop. can only be ordered in bulk and you can get your logo/name printed on it. min order qty is 25 and will cost you around 15 British pounds each. You can request a free sample here. It indeed makes a great business gift. Although I hate the small keys, over all it’s the best around. More Details here

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