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List of all Cydia Apps

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The Cydia apps are being updated at such a great rate that it is easy to lose touch. New themes and apps are appearing that will make the experience better. Here is a list of all the apps that you could hope to have. Also added is a little description of each app.



It is a predecessor to tar. Tar is used by RPM.


Cydia for your iPhone

It is a conversion tool. It converts compressed dmgs to HFS+.


It is a counterpart for a Java app. It is a faster native alternative to Java’s Jar.


It is a backend library. This app is for working with tar files.


It is a compression algorithm. This algorithm is the best there is.


It is a decompression tool. It decompresses files in rar format.


This is also a decompression tool. It decompresses files in zip format.


It is an easy archive format. This format is extensible.


It is the standard compression tool for Windows. It provides compatibility.

7-zip (POSIX):

It is yet another compressing tool. It claims to be a good one.



It is for App Store’s WeDict. It is an add-on dictionary.


It is for translation. It translates German to English.


It is the basic dictionary. This is the universal one for iPhone and iPod Touch.

English Etymology:

It provides etymology knowledge.

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100 Free Useful Mac Applications

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Mac is one of the best operating system in the world. It provides you different useful applications, so that you can do any type of work on your Mac. Following is the list of Mac applications that will help you in your daily work.

Free Mac applications

Following are some useful free Mac applications according to their usage.

1. Productive applications

Mac is providing you some productive applications like;


It provided you a channel, through which you can add your daily tasks in it. You can also check all of them at once in a list on your Mac. It shows the task on the background at the time of call.

Appointments alert

You can keep records of your costumers with their contact numbers, email address, official address and residential address. You can also keep the important events related to specific costumer.

Back ground

It helps you to collect notes and tasks.


It hides all the icons on desktop and shows the pure wall paper on your screen.

Ever note

It helps you find out your specific information in any environment, by using any platform or device. This will provides you an access to your desired information.

Event Sync

You can sync your facebook events with iCal, by using your Mac.


This application provides you a quick access to your installed applications in your Mac system, such as local, user, network and developer applications.


You can track your time according to your location by using this Mac application.

Mind Note

By using this Macintosh application you can make a to-do list and can arrange your tasks on your Mac system. You can draw a sketch according to your mind to follow your plans.

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iPhone & iPod Backup Management And Security

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iPhone user mostly relies on their iphone and their important data remain in danger constantly. But now it’s a time for them to know about iPhone backup. Following tips will help you to create backups while sync your iTunes on your iPhone or iPod. These tips are applicable on windows, Mac OS X.

Speed-up Backups

iPhone users probably use camera for stills and to make videos. But when it comes to sync then it takes a lot of time because of automatic backup process. To speedup things you have a solution to regularly sync your camera, and then delete these contents and next time it will not take a lot of time.

Secure Your Backups

If you will set up iTunes, it will encrypt the backups and they will be password protected. So if your computer is even lost or stolen then no one can use your data.

You can configure it with following steps:

Top 5 Free Linux Games – Download Now

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Why should you pay hundred of dollars for expensive PC games when you can have all the fun with these free Linux games? These free Linux games are open source and you can easily and legally download from the sites mentioned below. Some of these games also have their windows ports available too so you can play them on your Windows PC as well.

RACER:The Real Deal

Racer is a free car simulation game, It is using real car physics to get a realistic feeling. Cars, tracks, scenes and such can be created with relative simplicity in mind (compared to other driving simulations). The 3D and other file formats are, or should be, documented. Editors and support programs are also available to get a very flexible and expandable simulator. It uses OpenGL for rendering.

It attempts to do well at the physics section, trying to create life-like cars to emphasize car control and doesn’t cut back on realism in the interest of fun. If you’ve played Grand Prix Legends from Papyrus, you’ll know what I’m talking about.

More Information on RACER

Download RACER game

Cube 2: Sauerbraten

Free & Open Source… single and multi player 1st person shooter game with some satisfying fast old school game play. A large variety of game play modes from classic SP to fast one on one Multi player and objective based team play.

The engine, though designed for simplicity and elegance as opposed to feature & eye candy checklists, still competes nicely.

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