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Bendable Laptops

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Technology never stops growing as there is still a long journey to go. If we talk about latest laptop technology then we can not say that which one is the latest because technology bring new products in a rapid manner that the one that was the latest yesterday, today it has gone behind the another latest.


A new concept in laptop technology is ready to take the lead in market; this new concept has been proposed by a designer Tommaso Gecchelin, this concept is a combination of notebook, netbook and tablet. Macbook Touch proposed by would have a basic screen, keyboard to a full size tablet on the two sided tabletop display. Don’t confuse this with the dual screen.

It is a bendable touch screen laptop that is not developed yet but it is under pipeline. And supposed to be out anytime, this amazing technology is called iSpine that will provide you working with amazing bend ability. Its designer compares his concept to have flexibility like human spine.

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