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20% Young People Own an eReader

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Books are called the best friends of human beings. They not only help us in passing our idle time in a productive way, but also increase our knowledge about everything. People who have hobby of reading books have their brain activity levels higher than those who not. It provides their brains with stimuli, which increases their thinking powers. Previously, books were only available in a form of bundle of papers, bound together with information in scripted on them with ink. Now a days, the trend is changing. People are using technology to quench their thirst of reading in new and innovative styles. Electronic books, commonly known as eBooks are the biggest example of it.

E-Books And E-Readers

Young People Own an eReader

e-book stands for ”electronic book”, they are also known as digital books. They are basically the technological placebos of normal books. In eBook, the text is written in digital form so therefore it requires a medium or a device to read. Previously people used to read eBooks on their Desktops and Laptop personal computers, but now there are several new devices which evolved with the advancement in technology. These devices are known as eReaders, they are specifically designed for reading and are usually with a screen in front, with few keys for operation. One of the most famous eReaders is “Kindle”. eBooks can also be used on various different types of handheld devices like iPods, iPads, PDAs, mobile phones and etc.

Advantages Of E-Books Over Normal Books

Although most people say that they enjoy the classical way of reading books, but they cannot deny that eBooks have many advantages over the normal books.

1) Inexpensive

It has been observed that the eBooks are less expensive as compared to their normal versions available in bookshops.

2) Accessibility

They are easily accessible, for example if you order a book from website you will have to wait for it until it gets shipped to your place, but in case of eBooks you can instantly download it from website.

3) Portability

They are more easy to carry and can save great space. Read the full story

Cheap Gadgets As Christmas Gifts

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Previously we gave you a list on the top gadgets of 2010 as Christmas gifts. The list did have some pretty expensive stuff, so today we thought to give you a review on some gadgets that are just below the range of $200. This means that you can still give a good gadget, at a budgeted price. Here goes some of the best Christmas gadget gifts, just below $200.



Got a bookworm friend? Then you can make their Christmas memorable by presenting them with the Kindle eBook reader. Yes! An eBook is the technical way to read books! Read the full story

Top Technological Trends Of 2009

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Here are some of the top technological trends that remained in focus during 2009.

1. Smartphones

These recently launched mobile phones have the capability to work as a computer as well, allowing users to plug in anywhere. Smartphone sales increased 24% worldwide in 2009, irrespective of the poor economic conditions.

Top Ten Tech Trends

2. Facebook

Facebook went through a significant demographic shift, becoming the most favorite social networking website for all age groups.

3. Blogging

Blogging gained much popularity in 2009 with the help of Twitter. This helped people to publicize certain issues, such as the protests in Iranian elections, which cause significant turbulence in the politics.

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5 Reasons Why eReaders Make a Perfect Gift

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With new advancements in technology, book reading has taken a new turn too. The old days of carrying several books around while traveling are over. Now it is possible to travel light, get the latest books, and enjoy reading wherever and whenever you want with the new e-readers. Here are five reasons why e-readers are much better than traditional books, or your laptop.

1. Perfectly Designed For Purpose

Most of the e-readers are so perfectly designed for their purpose, that they serve you in every best possible way. Sony, and most other others are very thin, making them easy to hold and much simpler to use. Some of the e-readers also have a touch screen, that use a sweeping finger across the screen as a sign for turning the page. They are also much easier to carry around, you can carry them comfortably in your pocketbook, backpack or hand, which is not the case with a laptop or tablet.

2. Travel Light with All of Your Favorite Reading Material

Most of the E-books carry up to 1,500 books in their flash memory. Readers usually travel with three or four tomes of different sizes. You can also subscribe to different magazines and get them on the Kindle. This way, you can carry as many magazines as you want in your backpack, and not feel the weight at all.

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Barnes and Noble Nook Review

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Barnes & Noble’s Nook a device with multiple options like Amazon Kindle and Sony’s options is getting interest of people quickly. The eager readers and fresh gadget lovers welcome this new contender.

Barnes and Noble’s is not only a color touchscreen component but also run Google’s Android OS. The appearance of this device is just like rise of sun in dawn, which will set new ways for the technology on commercially viable e-reader scene.

Now when N & B is going to be launched soon, lets see that it is really according the wishes of the customers or only a boast. We had taken a long and hard look at the device and made a review for this gadget.

Lets check out its features and functions.


For Kindle users industrial look of the Nook will not be surprising. B & N haven’t made any breakthrough changes in the device, although the company had made some important design decisions to make it different from its competitors.

Nook is having smaller surface size but thicker and little heavier than Kindle. Its size is similar to a typical trade paperback, 7.7 X 4.9 inches, ½ inch thick and weighing 11.2 ounces.

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Barnes & Noble Launches Free Wi-Fi

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Barnes & Noble are hoping to sell more e-books so that they can compete with Amazon.com‘s Kindle.

On Tuesday free Wi-Fi has been launched by Barnes & Noble at its bookstores, which provides a convenient way to buy and download electronic books to its customers.

AT&T will provide the free wireless hotspots, by which Barnes & Noble’s paid Wi-Fi network has been managed since 2005. In 50 states 777 stores are being operated by the bookseller and it offers more than 700,000 e-book titles.

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