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iPhone & iPod Backup Management And Security

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iPhone user mostly relies on their iphone and their important data remain in danger constantly. But now it’s a time for them to know about iPhone backup. Following tips will help you to create backups while sync your iTunes on your iPhone or iPod. These tips are applicable on windows, Mac OS X.

Speed-up Backups

iPhone users probably use camera for stills and to make videos. But when it comes to sync then it takes a lot of time because of automatic backup process. To speedup things you have a solution to regularly sync your camera, and then delete these contents and next time it will not take a lot of time.

Secure Your Backups

If you will set up iTunes, it will encrypt the backups and they will be password protected. So if your computer is even lost or stolen then no one can use your data.

You can configure it with following steps:

Best iTunes Add-on

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iTunes is not so good, that nothing can beat it, and it is also not so fast music player, but because of its fame it is known to everyone. But if you are using iTunes as your basic music player then, there are some add-on which can improve your experience of iTunes. Here take a look.

1. iTunes Synchronization- Sync iTunes with Other MP3 Players

Now, if you don’t have an iPod and don’t wish to have it in future, then it is really helpful for you, because with iTunes Sync you can sync iTunes with any other MP3 player, it is a Windows only program, and it doesn’t matter if it is of any other brand, every brand is fully supported. If you wish to see Mac alternatives then iTunesMyWalkman will surely do your job.

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How to Install iTunes without Apple Quicktime

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Time and again Apple has come up with inventions which have helped them not only survive, but also take market lead. One of these inventions was the iPod. A small handheld device that had incredible sound and music to blow your heads off. iPhone was another such invention that turned heads. Both iPod and iPhone use iTunes, which is the official software interference for Apple inventions.

Whenever you download iTunes from Apple’s Website, you will automatically get QuickTime with iTunes. QuickTime offers iTunes with playback and encoding support. If QuickTime is not present with your iTunes then you will probably see an error message “Quicktime was not found. Quicktime is required to run iTunes. Please re-install iTunes.” But if you have installed QT Lite or QuickTime Alternative and want to save space installing a fresh copy of QuickTime, then here are a few tricks to download and install iTunes without QuickTime:

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