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How To Copy iPhone Apps From One iPhone To Another

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One gets excited to see any new app in someone’s iPhone, and the next question that pops in mind is “How can I get a copy of this iPhone app?” It is make sense to get app from other Iphone as you will not have to pay for it.

Another good news is that copying the licensed iTunes media from one computer to another is possible. The following process can be used to copy the software from your iPhone to iTunes, and then to the other iPhone. Simply follow the steps mentioned below and enjoy your apps!

Step By Step Guide To Copy iPhone Apps

1. Open iTunes on the computer that is used with the other iPhone.

2. Allow the iTunes to use your account information, that is different from the account that is currently used on the computer. You can do this by going to Store > Authorize Computer.

3. Submit your iTunes account credentials and click on “Authorize.” In case you have authorized too many computers (usually it allows upto 5) it will give you a message telling you to free one or more computer.

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How to Install iTunes without Apple Quicktime

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Time and again Apple has come up with inventions which have helped them not only survive, but also take market lead. One of these inventions was the iPod. A small handheld device that had incredible sound and music to blow your heads off. iPhone was another such invention that turned heads. Both iPod and iPhone use iTunes, which is the official software interference for Apple inventions.

Whenever you download iTunes from Apple’s Website, you will automatically get QuickTime with iTunes. QuickTime offers iTunes with playback and encoding support. If QuickTime is not present with your iTunes then you will probably see an error message “Quicktime was not found. Quicktime is required to run iTunes. Please re-install iTunes.” But if you have installed QT Lite or QuickTime Alternative and want to save space installing a fresh copy of QuickTime, then here are a few tricks to download and install iTunes without QuickTime:

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