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Best iPhone Apps For Travelers

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There are millions of apps available in the iPhone app store, and out of these, tens of thousands can be useful for travel, making things easier for you in the foreign land.

So, in order to help you pick out the most useful ones, we have made a list of the best apps that can prove to be really helpful for frequent travelers.

1. Next Flight

Did you just overslept and missed your flight? This handy app helps you find the next available flights you can take to get to your destination. The app can also be used to get an earlier flight from the one you’re booked.

2. UrbanSpoon

Use your iPhone to find nice restaurants that are near you! In order to refine your search, you can select the restaurant type you like and your preferred price range before giving the app a spin.

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Best Free iPhone and iPod Touch Apps

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You may be extremely excited to get your new iPod Touch or an iPhone, but may become bored of it very quickly. Well, this is a perfectly acceptable as a blank iPhone/iPod Touch is not much fun until you load it up with apps.

You can find various Apps having different prices, although there are many free apps available too. Here’s a list of some great free apps available on the iTunes Store.

Cricket T20 Fever Lite

 If you love cricket, then you’ll adore this game. T20 Fever Lite is the free version of the game that we have already seen.

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How To Arrange iPhone and iPod Touch Applications

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There are a lot of iPod and iPhone users who are facing a problem of arranging application in to folders. So now you don’t have to agonize any more. The by default arrangement of the iphone and iPod is not easy to handle. You have the option to arrange the application in alphabetical order, it is a one method but there is also a problem that you’ll not remember the exact name of applications. Now there is a way,it’ll solve your problems regarding any issue about application arrangement,follow these simple steps.

Step 1:

Before you will arrange your application into folders and in different categories, first you must have your iPhone and iPod jailbroken. If you don’t know the meaning of jail broke, then there is its meaning for you. Jail braking is to use any code with your iphone or iPod to unlock it, which is provided by its Company, after this you can install and download as many applications in your devises as you want. So after that you have to start the process.

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