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How to Use CopyTransManager to Sync iPhone Without iTunes ?

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ITunes is the media player used by the iPhone and iPod’s. To sync your iPhone, to the computer, you require iTunes. Many people want to know, how to, sync their iPhone’s without iTunes.

An Alternative Way

There are many Apple users who dislike using iTunes. They hate the idea of transferring their whole library to iTunes. There are many Windows users who are using other media players.

Another problem is that, only Mac and Windows support iTunes. Linux users, who have iPhone’s, face problems then. Fortunately, there are other alternative ways, through which they can sync their iPhone’s, to their computers.


This is only in reference to Windows users. Other users will have to find alternatives. CopyTransManager is a good alternative to iTunes.


Certain things need to be kept in mind, depending on the type of Firmware you’re using. If it’s Firmware 1 x, then CopyTransManager will work out of the box. It will work out of the box to sync your iPhone.

If you’re using Firmware 2.x, things will be different. You will be prompted to apply a fix to downgrade the iPhone database. The reason for this is, so that it can be read by the software.

The internal structure of your iPhone will be modified. If you are not comfortable with this, then think again. You can try finding other alternative media players, if so. Read the full story

How to Transfer Everything to iPhone 4?

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Recently, a support document for iPhone users has been published. This guide was published by Apple. It focuses on iPhone users, who are planning to upgrade to the new iPhone 4. For those users, who are wondering on how to replace their old phones, the Guide is useful.


The details provided in the Guide have caused concern. Those people who have already sold their previous iPhone’s are not happy. If they had known that they could upgrade to the iPhone 4, they would not have sold their previous iPhone’s.

IPhone Users in the United States

This information only applies to iPhone users in the United States. American users do not require their original Sim’s for the iPhone 4. The new iPhone 4 includes a Sim.

This is a welcome change. So now your original iPhone account information will be transferred to your iPhone 4. This will happen at the time of purchase.

IPhone Users in other countries

Different tips apply if you plan to use the same carrier or a different carrier. In the former situation, original Sim’s can be used. This is in regard to the iPhone 4.

For different carriers, there is good news. Apple has decided to move away from its single carrier strategy. So now, users will have the option to change their carriers.

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Five Things That Can Make iPhone Better

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Although the iPhone is the most popular phone in the market and it is definitely amongst one of the best cell phones available till now, but still there are many areas in which the phone lacks and has to improve in order to become truly impeccable.

Here are five things that need to be changed about the iPhone to make it better.

1. Have A Removable Battery

This might have happened to many of you, but for those who haven’t experienced this as yet, what will you do if your iPhone gets stuck? If your iPhone had a removable battery, you could easily take the battery out, and the phone would be fine once the battery is put back in place.

How To Copy iPhone Apps From One iPhone To Another

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One gets excited to see any new app in someone’s iPhone, and the next question that pops in mind is “How can I get a copy of this iPhone app?” It is make sense to get app from other Iphone as you will not have to pay for it.

Another good news is that copying the licensed iTunes media from one computer to another is possible. The following process can be used to copy the software from your iPhone to iTunes, and then to the other iPhone. Simply follow the steps mentioned below and enjoy your apps!

Step By Step Guide To Copy iPhone Apps

1. Open iTunes on the computer that is used with the other iPhone.

2. Allow the iTunes to use your account information, that is different from the account that is currently used on the computer. You can do this by going to Store > Authorize Computer.

3. Submit your iTunes account credentials and click on “Authorize.” In case you have authorized too many computers (usually it allows upto 5) it will give you a message telling you to free one or more computer.

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Best iPhone Apps For Travelers

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There are millions of apps available in the iPhone app store, and out of these, tens of thousands can be useful for travel, making things easier for you in the foreign land.

So, in order to help you pick out the most useful ones, we have made a list of the best apps that can prove to be really helpful for frequent travelers.

1. Next Flight

Did you just overslept and missed your flight? This handy app helps you find the next available flights you can take to get to your destination. The app can also be used to get an earlier flight from the one you’re booked.

2. UrbanSpoon

Use your iPhone to find nice restaurants that are near you! In order to refine your search, you can select the restaurant type you like and your preferred price range before giving the app a spin.

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Follow The Winter Olympics From Your iPhone

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The 2010 Vancouver Olympic Winter Games have already begun and if you are big Olympic fan, then you must be keeping a track of all the events.

But obviously, it’s always a challenge to keep tabs on the various events, especially if you are at work. But don’t worry, now you can keep yourself updates with the free NBC Olympics app on your iPhone. Along with a number of other things, it shows a complete interactive event schedule.

The schedule also includes a scrolling TV guide, so you can easily see what events are being aired during any given day, and on which particular station (whether it is NBC, CNBC, or Universal Sports), and plan your day ahead. Moreover, the app also provides online listings.

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Treat Your Acne With Your iPhone

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If you are sick of that acne and have become hopeless, thinking that no one can cure it, think again! You are holding the cure right in you hand!

Yes, now you can use your iPhone to help you get rid of your acne as there is an app that is designed to clear up your face. Dermatologist Dr. Greg Pearson has developed “AcneAPP’ claiming that it can be used to cure acne and even improve wrinkles.

Available for only $1.99, the app can be used to improve your skin while you talk, by covering your face with 420 nanometer blue light, having antibacterial properties, and 550 nanometer red light which is supposed to work as an anti-inflammatory to help your complexion.

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Your Lost iPhone is Just a Wistle Away!

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Every once in a while, we all misplace our iPhone and wish that it would answer back if we yell at it, “Where are you?”

Well, this might not be a wish after all now. A new app provides a similar way to find your missing handset. The “Where is my iPhone” app listens for the sound of your whistle and replies using a pre-selected sound.

There are multiple sounds available for this ranging from an explosion to a baby crying to more than one type of farting sound. The app also allows you to even pre-record a message that your phone will play when you call it by whistling.

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Best Free iPhone and iPod Touch Apps

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You may be extremely excited to get your new iPod Touch or an iPhone, but may become bored of it very quickly. Well, this is a perfectly acceptable as a blank iPhone/iPod Touch is not much fun until you load it up with apps.

You can find various Apps having different prices, although there are many free apps available too. Here’s a list of some great free apps available on the iTunes Store.

Cricket T20 Fever Lite

 If you love cricket, then you’ll adore this game. T20 Fever Lite is the free version of the game that we have already seen.

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iPhone Applications Of The Week

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As you know Apple release the big touch screen mobiles, and put a big challenge to the application developers for optimizing their offspring for the new and much bigger screen then ever. But it is more surprising which application developer did for iPad, they added processing power, superior graphics, and added screen real estate, and here we can fully understand Apples latest hardware power.

There are application already made by Apple for iPad, these include iBooks, with which the user can read, purchase and download eBooks directly from Amazon. But some said that this application got its basis from iPhone application called Classics. The creators of Classics are not annoyed by the similarity which iBooks adapt, and are offering their software for free for a limited time.

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