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Iphone,s Best Apps

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Today Apple iPhone is gaining popularity in gaming industry rapidly. iPhone is becoming portable gaming system. Games Developers are developing every kind of game, from basic puzzling games to most enhanced graphic games. Top 10 Games of iPhone of 2011 are following.

1. Cut the Rope

Cut the Rope is the brilliant game in the App World because of it’s extraordinary game play importance, magnificent graphics, accurate physics and sensitive action controls. It is one of the best puzzle games available today.

cut the rope

2. Sonic 4

Sonic The Hedgehog 4 Episode I is one of the most wanted games for the iPhone. It is released with enhanced features,
graphics and controls. It is one of the brilliant releases from THE HEDGEHOG.

3. Fruit Ninja

Fruit Ninja is a very interesting action game with amazing Arcade mode. It is a very simple but quite funny game Released by Halfbrick Studio. Fruit Ninja sums up all features which iPhone game needs.

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Best iPhone Games of 2011

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Every mobile company is providing many games each year to attract maximum users to purchase their brand. These games are loved by many children and youngsters. From many companies of mobile phones, iPhone is the best company that is providing the best mobile phone games to iPhone users. Each year iPhone provides thousands of interesting games for the iPhone game lovers. There are many exciting, adventurous and also horror games available at Apple App Store.

Best five iPhone games in 2011

Like every year, iPhone also introduces many interesting games in 2011 also. These games are loved and played by many people.

Many of these games are especially very famous in college students. Out of hundreds of iPhone games that are introduced in 2011, following are the best five games.

1. Doodle Jump

This is one of the most famous game in 2011. This iPhone game is also famous as a classic game of 2011. This game is considered to be the essential application in any iPhone mobile. Doodle Jump is one of the most downloaded game in 2011. In iPhone games ranking, this iPhone game is on number four in 2011. It is the best time killing game in sleep less nights and in long journeys.

2. Plants VS Zombies

This is the best game of 2011 and is very famous in game freaks.

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Top 10 Classic iPhone Games

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People are crazy about iPhone games and other such applications. iPhone introduces many amazing and interesting applications every year. Apple iPhone is becoming very famous among youngsters of America because of its interesting games and other iPhone applications.

Best Ten Games of iPhone

There are many games that are introduced by iPhone every year. Out of these games, following are the best ten iPhone games for the iPhone users.

1. Flight Control

Flight Control

It is an action game, introduced by iPhone. This game is loved by many youngsters and adventurous people. In this game you have to just touch your planes and control them according to the situation. This game has very good and energetic sound effects and also it is available with very good graphics.

2. Peggle

alt="Peggle" width="290" height="290" />

It is puzzle video game with better graphics and sound effects.  This game manufactured by Sukhbir Sidhu and Brain Rothstain. This game has 55 levels with different difficulty stages. There are also some magic powers in the game to help the player and to make the game easy.

3. Rolando 2

Rolando 2

This game is specially developed for iPhones and iPods. In this game, there is puzzle, action and adventure. This game is getting very famous in youth and children. In this game a player has to travel through different places like volcanoes, jungles and other ancient places.

4. Pocket God

Pocket God

This game is prepared by Bolt Creative for iPhones and iPods. The design of this game is by Allan Dye and it is sponsored by Dev Castelnuovo. In this game you have to find different ways to islands and jungles. The player has to protect his team from volcanoes and other hazards. This game is available with very good sound effects.

5. Enigmo 2

Enigmo 2

This is the best game by iPhone. It is puzzle game with excellent graphics and 3D effects. In this game the player has to build mechanism to direct lasers, water and plasma. This game is the second part of original Enigmo with more modifications and new effects.

6. Real Racing

Real Racing

This is a racing game and it is loved by those people who love racing. This game provides a player, five different game modes and races.

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Best iPhone Apps for Facebook

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The most famous and large social networking site is Facebook. Almost every person is a member of this social site. Iphone provides a variety of iPhone applications through which you can get access to Facebook. These applications are very easy to use and you can update yourself every day by using these iPhone applications.

Applications of iPhones for Facebook

Applications of iPhones for Facebook

iPhone is also providing many applications for Facebook. These applications help an iPhone user to use Facebook. Facebook is a social networking site. It provides a link between you and your friends. You can easily use Facebook on your iPhone and can also post your comments on different walls. It also provides you a facility to get notifications. You can easily update your daily status and can inform your friends about your daily life. Following are the top ten applications that are considered to be the best for Facebook.

1. Facebook

This is an official application and any one can use it for Facebook. By using this application, now iPhone users can share their daily life with their friends and social community. You can easily upload your profile pictures and can update your status any time. You can also receive notifications and alerts about the activities that take place on your wall.

2. Phone Book

It is a multi functional application. It provides an advance Phone Book to the users of iPhone. iPhone users can save contacts of their friends in this Phone Book. These contacts contain email addresses, residential and official addresses, and mobile and other phone numbers. This application is very useful to keep your social circle very strong.

3. Scramble

This application helps you to connect to your Facebook friends and invite them to your iPhone games. You can play iPhone games with your friends and other community members.

4. Top Friends

This application provides you an opportunity to check out the status of your friends on Facebook. You can also check the conversation details between your friends and other community members.

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Top 30 Best iPhone Apps of 2010

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The iPhone has been very successful all over the world. It is a good-looking, sleek and lightweight phone. Most importantly, it has fantastic apps, which we shall consider.

Angry Bird

This is a very good game to have on your iPhone. The basic gist of the game is to launch birds from a sling-shot. These birds will crush piggies and topple buildings. It is a must have.

Plants V Zombies

Its a creation by the PopCap. It is a game, where you have to protect your home from invasion. The Zombies will try to invade your house. To protect it you will have to place plants that will freeze, blow-up and crush your enemies.


One could claim that it is the best 3D arena shooters for an iPhone. It is very easy to handle. More importantly, it is an extremely smooth multi player.

Rhythm Spirit

It is a very unique game. It is a rhythm fighting game and is based on Japenese folklore. One cant say no to ninjas, music and fighting.

Fruit Ninja

It is quite a simple app. All you have to do is swipe when 3D fruit appears on the screen. It has great visuals and a good delivery.

Ragdoll Blaster 2

It is a sequel to the physics game. To hit the various targets, you have to blast ragdolls out of your cannon. It has many levels and puzzles to solve.

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Downloading of iPhone Apps

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Utilities, productivity, games and software are the most important applications used in the iPhones. How to find and download these applications for iPhone is the major issue regarding to their utilization and requirement. Apple introduced its first iPhone mobile in January 2007 which raised the revolution in the iPhone technology. Handy applications of iPhones like its attractive look, internet applications, data storage, data transfer and reliable communications makes it prestigious for the lives of people. These applications of iPhone also make it versatile and remarkably successful among the mobile technology communication.  It works similar to a laptop or pocket computer with the lot of similar handy and important application.

Special Features of iPhones

It contains the downloading capabilities of dozen of useful applications and data like entertainment, education, fun, communication, and messaging etc. These applications are available for prices as well as free. There are different sub categories of these applications as games, audio video music, movies, weather, education, finance, stock market, and traveling etc. Read the full story

Top 20 iPhone Apps for Christmas

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Winter started and this season is always exciting for me because you can have two great joys in this season first one is Christmas and second is New Year. So I thought to share something with you people for this up coming Christmas. Here I had put together 21 of the most popular and fun Christmas themed apps. Just pick up from the App Store to relish the joy of Christmas.

Here are the 21 most popular iPhone Christmas Apps:

1 – iTree

iTree is a similar like snowglobe in the palm of your hand. This app works all around the year and you can see your tree growing. Same like snowglobe just shake your iPhone to animate the snow and rotate it to make the snow fall different directions same as real time physics. Read the full story

10 Easter iPhone Apps For Kids

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Easter holidays bring a lot of excitement and fun for children, but they can prove to be hectic for parents who strive hard to keep their children busy during the ling break.

If you want to give your children some happy time, and wish for something that would keep them busy for a while, then here is a list of Easter apps for children to enjoy.

1. Sneezies Easter Edition

This is an Easter version of the game Sneezies. Having 24 levels and 8 mode levels, the player strives to rescue as many Sneezies as possible by bursting their bubbles with finger. The game has appealing graphics and good sound effects, something that attracts children a lot.

2. Dress Eggy

With Dress Eggy, you can decorate your egg, attach it to a postcard and send to your friends. The app allows you to decorate your eggs using various colors and shapes. You can also choose additional wallpapers and record your personal message or use a pre-recorded one.

Five Things That Can Make iPhone Better

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Although the iPhone is the most popular phone in the market and it is definitely amongst one of the best cell phones available till now, but still there are many areas in which the phone lacks and has to improve in order to become truly impeccable.

Here are five things that need to be changed about the iPhone to make it better.

1. Have A Removable Battery

This might have happened to many of you, but for those who haven’t experienced this as yet, what will you do if your iPhone gets stuck? If your iPhone had a removable battery, you could easily take the battery out, and the phone would be fine once the battery is put back in place.

How To Copy iPhone Apps From One iPhone To Another

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One gets excited to see any new app in someone’s iPhone, and the next question that pops in mind is “How can I get a copy of this iPhone app?” It is make sense to get app from other Iphone as you will not have to pay for it.

Another good news is that copying the licensed iTunes media from one computer to another is possible. The following process can be used to copy the software from your iPhone to iTunes, and then to the other iPhone. Simply follow the steps mentioned below and enjoy your apps!

Step By Step Guide To Copy iPhone Apps

1. Open iTunes on the computer that is used with the other iPhone.

2. Allow the iTunes to use your account information, that is different from the account that is currently used on the computer. You can do this by going to Store > Authorize Computer.

3. Submit your iTunes account credentials and click on “Authorize.” In case you have authorized too many computers (usually it allows upto 5) it will give you a message telling you to free one or more computer.

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